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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Elusive street artist Banksy caught in Melbourne

The urban “wall” painting mysterious Banksy is considered almost a modern classic, his paintings are famous and popular all over the world, but who is hiding behind a pseudonym is still unknown. His personality until recently was shrouded in mystery, but a resident of the Australian city of Melbourne claims that Banksy caught “red-handed”.

photo: pixabay.com

His unexpected meeting with him she was caught on video which has spread around the Internet. In the video shows how a man in the hood draws graffiti on the wall in the yard and signs it, at this point, the woman started to remove what is happening on the phone, approaches him, points the camera on the wall where clearly visible picture in the style of Banksy and his signature at the bottom. The action develops, as in the action-Packed detective: street arter runs away, the woman catches him, he turns around and, shielding his face with his hand, shouting “don’t shoot!”. This video ends. Whether it was actually known to the master hoaxer or not – is unknown. Skeptics write in the comments to the video that almost Banksy never signs his work, so it’s possible that it was just a fan of the artist and his successor, though why he hastened to escape…?

There are several assumptions, who is Banksy really is. Some say that his real name is Robert or Robin banks, others argue that it is a graduate of the public schools in Bristol Robin Cunningham, and some even believe he’s a member of the band Massive Attack, Robert Del Naya.

According to the official legend is that he was born in 1974 in Bristol. He started doing graffiti since the late 1990s and originally was an ordinary writer, but then his work became more interesting and bigger. Over time, it became harder and harder to escape from the police, and then speed of action, he began to use stencils. In 2006, there was a scandalous story when it quietly replaced in a few London stores albums of the singer Paris Hilton in discs of forty-minute songs of his friend Danger Mouse and his illustrations.

The images he creates, became very popular very quickly thanks to specific recognizable style and acute social topics, accessed by the author. In 2010 Banksy made a film “Exit through the gift shop” and even took with him participating in the Berlin international film festival, managing to go incognito on the red carpet. In 2011, this painting was nominated for an Oscar as “Best documentary film”.

Banksy also took part in the creation of the Intro to one episode of “the Simpsons” in General actively involved in the cultural and social life while remaining an unknown person.

Even Australian woman allegedly caught him in the alley of Melbourne, failed to see the elusive genius.

Watch the video on “Random passerby managed to capture on video the elusive street artist Banksy”


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