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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Alexander Vasilyev of Splin: “I Will write until fall,”

If the previous double album “Resonance” was a reflection of reality, a new “cipher”, — view, facing inward. In design it is somewhat similar to the recently released album confessions of nick cave “Skeleton Tree” (only there name — like letters on a black computer screen, and here — on the departure Board at the airport). Think one more step and “spleen” will repeat itself, as sooner or later it happens to most musicians, but while fans were again waiting for the surprise and discovery work is absolutely not what was “before”. The leader of the group Alexander Vasiliev told the “W.” what the bottomless pit is taken so much inspiration and what would happen if his team turned in a Symphony orchestra.

Photo: Lelka Koki

— Alexander, is the new album with the previous album “Resonance”?

— No, it’s a totally different story. Creating it, I wasn’t thinking about those works that were used. Someone told me at a press conference heard here echoes of “the Garnet album”. I was very surprised, because for me it is stage, which is already much higher. You know, when we rebuilt the Studio made repairs to it, there was so incredibly beautiful and atmospheric that I just didn’t want to leave. So during the year we recorded the album with great pleasure.

— The mood she is like a pendulum which swings in one direction and then the other. Is there a common leitmotif?

— It is to show how many-sided was the life in the XXI century. The record, as our modern life, can be compared to a patchwork quilt or mosaic. It has everything: from folk to hard rock, from psychedelic to Gregorian chorales. I wanted the whole world to fit in one album.

— Is there such a point, reaching which you will be able to say what I said all?

I this point do not even think. For me the whole creative process — an endless line, and I’ll write until the end until the fall. Constantly inside something is born, changing, manifested in any form. Now — in the form of regular published record.

— In one of the last reviews have called the master of mantras. How do you define this?

Mantra is the most ancient songs, some line or stanza that is repeated over and over again. I came to this form, intuitively, in that moment, when not even they knew, probably, what is a mantra. When you find some beautiful strings and melodies, I want to repeat them again and again, as in the song “Pyramid”: when I “came” chorus, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. He repeated the song seven times, because it just a great pleasure to sing it endlessly.

Photo: Lelka Koki

— Many Russian musicians, has long been located in rock culture, saying that music today is losing its influence. Do you agree with this?

— Perhaps it is because today in the life of many other spheres, addictive people. Time for the arts is just not enough, and someone is already it does not seem so necessary and important. But I think intelligent people feel that listening to music is not just a pastime and pleasure, it’s also self-education, like reading books. The person who seeks to expand your matrix will never refuse neither from music nor from the literature. Yes, these people have less time, and that’s why we try to make every next album stronger, concentrated, poisonous and “bombasity” to catch the attention of not just background sound, music and text transformative.

— The speed of life has really increased and now many musicians refused to release complete records, with mini-albums and EP. In this sense, on the contrary, the adherents of the old school. Why?

— The people themselves, if they need to, will cut yourself from our album, many singles and choose some things. But there are those who are interested to listen to it whole, from beginning to end. And I’m sure that they will not be bored, because every song is different from the previous one. If to speak about the disc itself, it’s a rare instance, like the print book.

— And you think, actually there is still the concept of “rock culture” in Russia? Or it disappeared in the genre eclecticism?

— May have dissolved, but it doesn’t scare me. People do not go on the genre and specific artists. If they feel a kindred soul, they don’t care what style he plays. Even if the members of the group “spleen” has now become classical musicians in tuxedos and with Symphony instruments in hand, I think the audience would have come to our concert.

— A in pop style, you can do something decent?

— I can not judge. To me it was never close. Pop, pop, pub, 50 grams — all this cannot have to do with art, it’s just a means for entertainment, not more.

Photo: Lelka Koki

— Why is so popular to mix different styles?

— It’s terribly interesting and very easy to do. If you have your song recorded, you can always find on the Internet a huge number of samples, cut either of them and connect it with his composition and fit the element to the tempo and tone. Work begins to sound in new ways, it turns out, “co-author” here is the computer, and you perceive everything as a listener. The whole composition “Requiem” from the album built on samples, and I like the way it sounds is quite unusual.

— By the way, it is believed that the experiment in this way often prevents musicians with academic education…

— I absolutely agree. Generally, academic musicians are the guys who learn to play by the rules, to fulfill someone else’s work. This is to some extent mechanical work, and I was never particularly interesting. I always liked to create, to try something, to think…

— Roque is also today a lot of young guys who play skillfully, but they have their ideas, comments. Why is this happening?

— It has always been. Some just have learned to skillfully perform some reefs, but they are totally empty, and someone else plays two chords, but they go crazy. It’s not about technique, but if you have anything to say or not.

— This year you became the only Russian group at the festival Park Live. How comfortable were you in the company of foreign teams?

— We felt that we face our audience, we are well met. If you talk about how does the festival history something in terms of promotion, I never thought of. Open-air I was always interested in the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air. Sometimes puts us in the most unexpected places, and everywhere, a beautiful nature. It is sometimes interesting to listen to someone who performs with us on stage. Of course, if it’s Scorpions, we are unlikely to go to their concert, but once we spoke with some Serbian metal — it was very interesting and unexpected.

— How would you describe the present time?

— I think now is a lull. People buried in their gadgets — smartphones, computers — and distracted from music, from literature. There is not enough good writers, unlike before. It is a recession, but it should be followed by lifting. There is no other way.


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