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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

70-year-old Entertainer from theatre distracted Moscow from the traffic jams

— What is the true puppet art? — takes my hand leading actor of theatre of dolls Robert liapidevskii. Is, like the musician, the virtuoso brush work. Want to see? Here one reed, but the second…

He takes the doll of the famous Entertainer from the play “Unusual concert”, which this year marks 70 years (staged by Sergey Obraztsov and the Seeds of the Tyrant, 1946). Another half hour and live artists with these same dolls-couplets, operationname, choristers from the “Concert” will climb to the upper deck of the two red buses and depart, followed by traffic police cars, on a tour of the garden ring to entertain in traffic people. And at the same time… calling on the just-opened international festival of dolls.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Robert Liapidevskii.

— Unfortunately, with some bitterness continues people’s artist lyapidevskiy — in the other theaters did not honor the purity of the genre, make simplified doll, where the viewer becomes visible to the cane… but the cane needs to be hidden! And the artist needs to be in the shade. Doll — on science is run by two people. One major, who leads the way, plays the voice. The second assistant, a catch-up movement… Hence the two canes. Not like other times — it all comes down only to the doll, put on hand… It’s not.

At this point, the girl from the workshops in haste robs us of the charismatic Entertainer: have breast popudrit him, and then smudge on a white tuxedo, the disorder. Very soon take the bus…

— Oh, if only it didn’t rain! — raises sight to the sky theatre Director Irina Korchevnikov.

— And in this idea, “I said,” to give concerts in Moscow, so to speak, alive in contact with the public, you are the pioneers?

In 2001 I was Hiking in 2008, went to the passenger cars. On the buses — for the first time. A good way to remind about yourself. And with us taking her doll will travel and our dear guest — artist-puppeteer Enrique Lanz: his performance of “Soul of the people” opens the festival, now in its eighth, by the way…

What is curious — it attracts all the best theatres of the world, but our regional programme is not submitted. Not be, because next year the theatre will hold a separate forum of puppet theatres of Russia, because they are the storehouse of tradition, which is so hard now to keep.

— Speaking of tradition, points to dolls from the “Concert” Mr. liapidevskii. — All dolls, of course, durable, but for all time of existence of the anniversary of the performance changed three times. The first “issue” almost all placed in a Museum… see for Yourself: head of papier-mache have very good care. Here hopit… Know what gopit? This support, control of the doll: there’s the cane, rocker levers, ball… of Course, to control it all, need training, training. Today, alas, a great shortage of these masters-puppeteers — all of life easier. But the doll is important every detail, every nuance…

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Before the marathon, the theater decided to show his premiere of “don Quixote” staged by Ekaterina Obraztsova:

— Please note — she comments, — what a doll, we don’t “iconic” and very detailed. Made in our workshops, but the author of them was made by people’s artist Sergey Alimov. Of course, in the play we took only a certain section, we are interested in, because to retell these two volumes as a whole is simply impossible…

Already sounded Spanish music — live guitar, drum, absolute immersion in Cervantes, however, is not without modern moves.

— It is important for us to convey to the audience, says Director Boris Konstantinov — that puppet art is not primitive, just a children’s genre. Our art has always been an art for adults. Take even the famous obrazovkou “Magic lamp of Aladdin” 1937 — imagine this time… And we have a doll sitting in a cage and said, “I’m not afraid!” Understand how people perceived this… in Fact, an “adult” story with Obraztsova and went first in the hall were only children, then adults began to appear, and then appeared an exceptionally Mature work — like, say, we are “the Marriage of Figaro”…

Before the festival as a whole, it will last almost a month, and it come to theaters from Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, India and China. Is considered to be very important to show the viewer it is the “big puppet form” — a full-fledged performances for two to three hours, demonstrated in a hall for 500 people… In this format performances show just succeeded in China and India, where puppet theater multitudes.

So — in a good way!

Watch the video on the “Doll theater Sergei Obraztsov took the bus on the garden ring”


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