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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The US state Department spoke about “the irritation, indignation and sorrow”

American diplomats at the UN who “clumsily played along with the British and Ukrainians”, he blocked the Moscow’s statement about the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus. In fact, to protect militants “dzhebhat an-Nusra”, the state Department admits to mixed feelings “anger, outrage and sadness” due to the rupture of the dialogue with Russia on Syria.

The US blocked a UN statement made by the Russian shelling of our Embassy in Damascus. The American delegation was “trying to bring the standard in such cases, the text of the extraneous elements (…) the Americans clumsily played along with the British and the Ukrainians. This shows their flagrant disregard for the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations”, said the diplomatic mission of Russia to the UN.

“Americans clumsily played along with the British and the Ukrainians”

In the Kremlin negatively related to blocking the US resolution in the UN security Council on the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus, responded the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Embassy in the Syrian capital came under mortar fire, nobody was hurt. The Russian foreign Ministry said that the shelling was carried out from the suburbs of Damascus – Dzhobara, which is controlled by factions “Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham” (extremist organization, formerly known as “dzhebhat an-Nusra”, banned in Russia) and “Falak ar-Rahman”.

This is not the first case of shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus. In October last year, the Embassy of Russia also came under a mortar attack.

Then, the United States also refused to agree on a presidential statement of the UN security Council condemning the terrorist attack against the Russian Embassy, and instead proposed to entrust the responsibility for what happened to the legitimate government of Syria. In September of the same year to the territory of the Russian Embassy in Damascus once again dropped a mortar shell. The U.S. state Department also refused to comment on the shelling of the Russian Embassy.

About the position of the US representatives to the UN recent statement by U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, who called called the actions of the Russian space forces and the Syrian government army in Aleppo “gift to terrorists”.

The state Department is in mourning

Simultaneously with the blocking of American representatives in the security Council of the Russian draft resolution, the state Department expressed “irritation, indignation and sorrow” from the rupture of dialogue with Moscow on Syria.

“We came from the agreement that we reached with Russia, as a certain irritation, indignation and sorrow, because we still think that the agreement, if it were implemented, it would be the best way forward – to the political process, political transition, political decision”, – said state Department spokesman mark Toner.

Earlier, state Department spokesman John Kirby said that the decision to break off dialogue on Syria was given to US it would not be easy, and it was allegedly caused by a violation of Russia’s obligations. And the press Secretary of the President of the USA Josh Ernest said that the dialogue with Russia on Syria “have exhausted all patience.” “Our President said from the beginning that Russia will not get the desired, yet not fulfill its obligations. Unfortunately, that never happened. The United States and Russia have nothing more to discuss terms of agreement on Syria. This is a tragedy for the Syrian people,” – said Ernest.

“Pretty rowdy”

Meanwhile, in this claim the United States to Russia are not exhausted. Earlier Radio Liberty with reference to the sources reported that two us diplomats in November 2015 allegedly mixed the substance in the hotel bar in St. Petersburg, where they stopped, then one of the diplomats was hospitalized.

Commenting on the incident on Tuesday evening, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: “back then, immediately responding to the relevant information of the U.S. Embassy, we asked to specify the claims, but received nothing, even the names of “victims”. The Russian side carried out the inspection revealed that in that time the Americans in the St. Petersburg medical institutions is not addressed. If they, contrary to expectation, was pretty rowdy in the hotel bar, you can not blame only themselves.”

“Outraged once again brought to light the state Department allegations that almost a year ago, two members of the American delegation allegedly nearly poisoned during their stay at the international conference in St. Petersburg,” – said Ryabkov.

“The worst relations since the cold war”

“Our relations are in a disgusting state. Therefore the Americans are trying to show their displeasure, you can say bitch in any way, even funny,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Dean of the faculty of world politics and Economics school of Economics Sergei Karaganov. He recalled that “the Americans have done such a shameful thing as torpedoed Paralympic games”.

In his view, now “all the petty nastiness that is the General state of Russian-American relations that are the worst with the worst years of the cold war”. Now “they (the US) are doing everything to hurt Russia”, the expert noted: “though We are very small things do not do, but also quite hard to them.”

Karaganov pointed out that there are elements of military-political tensions, ongoing conversations about what the Americans send us the aircraft and will block our in Syria, whether they’ll send their planes and we will try to intercept. “Everything can be broken into direct confrontation”, – has not excluded the expert. However, he expressed hope that reason and the and this side will prevail and the situation will not reach a “hot” war.

“On the surface is picked out all that lies in store”

“US spit on any opinion which disagrees with their opinion, any arguments that go against their direct interests, and any international mechanisms, which as yet is UN,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov.

Lately their statements are increasingly heard different anti-theses, because Russia is “the only one who tells ham that he’s a CAD, has this power of conscience,” said the source.

In this case, “Russia will not retreat from their positions, their national interests,” said the analyst. Attempts by the US to harm Russia at each step will continue until they hit a wall, said Martynov.

The claim States according to American diplomats in St. Petersburg – from the same series, said the analyst. “It is not important the name. It is important to say about it. On the agenda frantically pulled out all that they lay in store, even that is questionable. This suggests that this wall which they abut, getting close,” said Martynov.


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