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Monday, March 12, 2018

The state Duma introduces fines for the Mat in theatrical productions and film

The state Duma introduces fines for Mat in theatrical productions, movies and concerts

April 22, 2014, 18:45

Text: Andrew Carvers,
Denis Nizhegorodtsev


The state Duma adopted in the second – mostly – reading the bill on fines for offensive language in the plays and movie. Violators face fines up to 50 thousand rubles. Manufacturers will be obliged to put on CDs and books warning “foul language”. In the actor’s environment to the bill reacted ambiguously, while there were those who followed his requirements before entry into force.

On Tuesday the state Duma adopted in the second reading the draft law on penalties for a mate in theatrical productions, movies and concerts. In the first reading the document was adopted more than a year ago. The authors of the initiative made by the group of deputies headed by Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin (“United Russia”). As ITAR-TASS, the third reading is expected on Wednesday.

According to the text of the bill proposed fine for organizing “public performance of works of literature, art or folk art containing obscenities, through the holding of theatrical entertainment, educational, or entertainment event.” Fines for citizens will make from 2 thousand to 2.5 thousand rubles for officials – from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles, for legal entities – from 40 thousand to 50 thousand rubles. When re-offense monetary sanctions are increased, also provides for the suspension of business activity for three months.

The document also prohibits the use of obscene language “with screenings at cinemas”, in theatrical productions, at the opening of exhibitions, concerts, shows and so on. Here, according to law, may be used only in a literary Russian language. Identify the words and expressions that do not meet its standards will be “independent examination”. In case of acceptance the law will take effect from 1 July.

Film and theater actor, honored artist of Russia Andrey Fedortsov criticized the bill. He believes that in some cases the use of obscenities from the stage, even warranted. “You know, we were taught at the theatre Institute that the word *** – from blodite to direct beauty. And, for example, “bastard” – from dragging a barge. Here in the famous play “Kysya” where he played Igor Lifanov, eat Mat! But he served there very charming!” – Fedortsov said the newspaper VIEW.

According to the actor, the main question is not if the Mat from the stage, and how to sell it. “A mother of all, – said Fedortsov. – And if to impose a ban on the Mat, tobacco, etc., you can again walk up to the famous phrase “in the Soviet Union, no sex”. So this is a controversial issue”.

In turn, the actor, Director, television producer, Chairman of the Independent trade Union of cinema and theatre actors Denis Kiris supported the bill. However, he does not exclude that there may be disputes about what constitutes abusive language. “This is a difficult question. You need to contact the experts-linguists. Much can be questioned,” said Kiris VIEW newspaper, adding that he had not paid attention to such terms.

In his words, obscene language, “and so prohibited.” “A fine of 50 thousand rubles is not the money. It should be at least 300 thousand rubles fine, that people thought, how will it hit them in the pocket. If a million rubles fine, then it’s noticeable. If the management of the theatre will be fined a million rubles, I do not think that it will be thought to repeat the same thing,” he says.

In his opinion, the scope of the bill could be expanded. For example, a special expert group could assess the works of “art” when on stage the actors and illustrate sexual intercourse that is not “art”. “It can be done, but not for the masses and not for the taxpayers’ money. Unfortunately, there was too much pseudopostega and performances at theaters that receive government funding,” says Kiris.

We will add that last week with the comment about the bill was made by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. He said that the proposed rules will apply only to films coming out in wide release. “We are talking about the prohibition of the Mat in that movie that gets a distribution certificate for mass screening in cinemas. There is a Mat, according to our regulations, will “zapisyvatsya”. If it’s a movie festival – we believe that it is a platform for creative experimentation. If it’s using foul language in the book is individual although me personally, not acceptable language of communication of the author with the reader,” – said the Minister.

One of the most significant novels of the bill was the prohibition of issuing a distribution certificate, if the film is the Mat at the same time for showing movies without distribution certificates introduced fines of 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. Repeated violation threatens the amount of 100 thousand to 200 thousand rubles or suspension of activities for up to three months. In addition, according to the document, the domestic film if it uses obscene language may not be recognized as a national.

MPs have also proposed to require manufacturers to place on audio-visual products and books warning “foul language”, however, such products must be sold in sealed packaging. The lack of warning labels subject to a fine commensurate with the penalties for a mate in theatrical productions, on stage and in the movies. Separately noted that these provisions do not apply to products that are released prior to the effective date of the law.

Earlier, on the possible adoption of the bill responded to the artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov. On his request, from the play of Victor Ryzhakova, “Drunk” on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev (created in collaboration Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov and Center. Meyerhold) was removed from almost all profanity. Critics have pointed out that this abuse was the artistic reception, emphasized the hopelessness of the characters, but tobacco “heavily bleached play”.

Not going to risk the TVC channel, which was censored Soviet film Director Eldar Ryazanov’s “Garage” (1979). During the evening show on April 11 in one of the dialogues was “zapikali” the word “bollocks”, which is not included in the list of forbidden words, for the use which media can be fined.

Played a key role in the “Garage” people’s artist of Russia Valentin Gaft said about this “echo of Moscow”, that in some cases a mate in the cinema and other art forms is quite possible. “When a genius writes Leo Tolstoy, Dostoevsky when he writes, when Pushkin, – he said. – When this great something else to add mate, it’s all matchless strong expressiveness. No language that cannot reach. This is necessary to keep”.

In the forbidden list of Roskomnadzor included such obscene words as “the symbol of the male sexual organ, female sexual organ”, “process of sex”, “marking women slutty behavior”, and all derived from their language unit.


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