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Friday, March 16, 2018

The President urged the new Duma to immediately begin a responsible job

The seventh composition of the state Duma is characterized by the presence of deputies in single-mandate candidates responsible to the voters. New speaker Vyacheslav Volodin urged colleagues not to lose touch with those who elected them. Announced his farewell and Vladimir Putin, making it clear that light days the deputies will not.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the first plenary session of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, called upon the deputies of the lower house of the Parliament to immediately start work.

“During the election campaign, the people formed a request for substantial changes in the economy, the social sphere. You as legislators have a difficult, responsible job, and it is necessary to begin without delay,” stressed the head of state.

“The status of people’s representative, concern about the authority of Parliament, the responsibility for the fate of the country and its citizens is much higher and even personal and party ambitions”

“You can always count on the support of the President, and in close cooperation with the government of Russia”, – said Putin. In his opinion, “the ability of the branches of government to function coherently and effectively is one of the main conditions for shared success”.

Controversy has always been, but the status of the voter above

We will remind, on Wednesday, the State Duma of the seventh convocation started its first plenary meeting. According to the rule, enshrined in the Russian Constitution, the first meeting was opened by the oldest Deputy. This honorable mission met a Nobel laureate, a member of the Communist party faction 86-year-old Zhores Alferov.

We will remind that following the results of last September 18 elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation were representatives of six parties.

United Russia” received 343 of the mandate, the Communist party 42 mandates, the liberal democratic party – 39 mandates, “Fair Russia” – 23 seats, the “homeland” – one, “Civic platform” – one. One mandate given to the candidate in order of nomination.

For the Federal circuit the five-percent barrier overcome four parties: “United Russia” (140 mandates for the Federal circuit), the Communist party (35), LDPR (34) and “Fair Russia” (16).

Vladimir Putin said: “the Electoral campaign was conducted openly, in honest competition. The results are based on the will and choice of the Russian companies. See the unconditional legitimacy of the Parliament a pledge of strength and authority of the legislative power.”

The head of state assured that to get the economy on a “new growth trajectory it is necessary to remove the legislative barriers that stand in the way of promoting competition, investment, the introduction of modern technology, to ensure the balanced development of Russian regions, the Northern and far Eastern territories.”

“I appeal to the representatives of all factions. The current political controversy has always been, they are and always will be. This, indeed, is life. But the status of people’s representative, concern about the authority of Parliament, the responsibility for the fate of the country and its citizens are much higher and personal, and even party ambitions,” Putin said.

At the first plenary meeting of the faction “United Russia” has put forward Vyacheslav Volodin, who earlier held the post of first Deputy head of presidential administration of Russia on a post of the speaker of the State Duma of the seventh convocation.

“We’ve all been through the election campaign, received the orders of our voters. Ahead of important – to do everything necessary to fulfill them, to make Russia stronger, more successful, and improve the quality of life of people, – said, presenting the candidate, the leader of the Duma United Russia Vladimir Vasiliev. – I am confident that under the chairmanship of Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin we will succeed”. Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the decree by Vyacheslav Volodin from the post of first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration signed by President Vladimir Putin.

“All points of view should be heard and considered”

He Volodin said the Duma is supposed to raise the quality of adopted laws. “This requires that all viewpoints were considered, different variants of the proposed solutions examined, arguments heard. We need to create such conditions for work in the state Duma, which would allow all the factions, all the deputies actively participate in discussions, influence decision-making”, – he stressed.

According to Volodina, “the Duma must be a place for discussion, for dialogue, if you want a place where different social groups and the professional community will discuss the issues that are relevant to the adoption of legislative initiatives and decisions” – quoted by TASS. The politician added that “all decisions need to be made openly, through dialogue with each other in the first place… Then we will be protected from most mistakes,” says Volodin.

A priority for the state Duma Volodin called the socio-economic agenda and the implementation of “may decrees”. It seems to have made the most important strategic steps in the development of our country, economic and social policies, the development of the territory”, – he said.

Volodin stressed that “qualitative legislative support of further implementation of “may decrees” remains a key task of the state Duma”. “I see this as a priority,” he said.

The politician reminded that “the State Duma is not only legal, but primarily a representative body of government. Therefore, communication with people, to represent their interests – the basis of the daily work of the Deputy. Constant communication with the voters in any case should not be lost. We need to create conditions and additional possibilities for efficient work of deputies in constituencies and secured territories,” quoted Volodin, the press service of the state Duma. “The state Duma should be as focused on ensuring the work of the Deputy corps, including work in the regions”, – he stressed.

In conclusion, Volodin assured that the post of the speaker of the state Duma will do everything to Russia to live well and was stronger. According to Volodin, unprecedented pressure on Russia from the outside requires the consolidation and coordination. “Individual priority national security issues and international politics. In the state Duma of the previous convocation in this area has led to the consolidation of all political forces, regardless of party affiliation. We must do everything to ensure the continuity of this work on these issues,” – said Volodin.

Responding to a question from the representative of the Communist party about what laws need to be taken first in order, in particular, miners were paid in a timely manner, and for teachers to give children knowledge, but did not ignore the law, Volodin said: “We need to learn to obey those laws. They accepted, and they oblige some, not to throw papers, and others – to pay salaries”.

Volodin said that the presence of the constitutional majority in the state Duma does not preserve the “United Russia” from the need to publicly explain his position: “the Constitutional majority even more obliged to prove his innocence publicly and in an open discussion. Each party has its own program and support to its constituents and, therefore, requires continuous inter-party dialogue,” – said Volodin.

Responsibility to the voters and dialogue with society

Member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”, Deputy of the state Duma of the new convocation Pyotr Tolstoy said in comments the newspaper VIEW that the current Duma will differ from the previous in the first place a large number of deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies.

“I was elected on single-mandate constituency. This means that we must bear direct responsibility for their decisions to the voters. Talked about this in his speech the President of Russia”, – said the interlocutor.


“The Duma must be a place for discussion, for dialogue…”

Tolstoy also remember the words of the President about the need for dialogue with various social forces. “It should be a force as is represented, and not represented in the State Duma. The dialogue should be conducted in the public interest with the intention that the laws passed by Parliament, would cause controversy and would be subject to public consent”, – he explained.

MP from the Communist party Dmitry Novikov, who was nominated for the post of speaker of the state Duma, recalled that the lower chamber begins to work in difficult economic conditions. “The task of the state Duma is lawmaking, but it must be exercised for the development of the country”, – he stressed.

In turn, the head of the faction EP Vladimir Vasilyev pointed out that the new convocation started working together and preparation for the job was openly, with the participation of all factions. The most important issue of the meeting Vasiliev election of new speaker and noticed that it is ready the agenda for the next meeting which will be held on Friday.

And the Deputy from LDPR Vadim dengin stated that the President in his address to Parliament focused on the budget. “The President focused our attention on the budget, especially pre-election program was part of promises about distribution of budgetary funds”, – said Diggin.

According to him, relations between parliamentarians wonderful, but that does not mean that they will not be hot in the framework of the debate. “It’s important for each of us to be decent and well-mannered man, moral and spiritual,” he said.

“The deference of the President to the newly elected deputies”

According to a member of the presidential Council on human rights, Vice Dean of the faculty of applied political science of NIU-VSHE Leonid Poljakov, the next milestone in itself, the visit of the plenary session of the state Duma by the President, his speech to the deputies. We will remind that Vladimir Putin spoke at a meeting of the lower house twice – in January 2000, as acting President and in 2003 (then the President welcomed the beginning of work of the Duma of the fourth convocation).

“This is first and foremost a sign of respect for the head of state to newly elected deputies and a very important signal – said Poles in comments the newspaper VIEW. – Putin hopes that in the system of state authorities of the new state Duma will play a very significant and important role. This is evidenced by the fact that Putin was initially proposed for the post of speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodina”.

In the President’s speech Polyakov the most memorable was the beginning. “He stressed that for the first time in the present state Duma deputies from the Crimea and Sevastopol, a momentous event in our history”, – said the analyst. In addition, in his opinion, it is important that the President emphasized how he understands the interaction of all authorities with civil society.

Three main tasks

The expert also believes it is significant that Putin drew attention of deputies that needs to be heard the voices of the participants in the elections, did not pass in Parliament. “The state Duma, according to the President, should not get hung up on dialogue within himself,” he said. The Poles also noted that Putin assumed the three main tasks of the new Council: concern about how to bring the country to economic growth, social sphere and, of course, the security and defense of our country.

In addition, the expert said, particularly memorable quote Stolypin, given by the President at the end of the speech, and how he commented on this quote.

“It is important that Putin understands the power of Russia not as pseudodelicatissima, but as the concentration with a focus on their own priorities, find strength within yourself. I will remind that the state Duma is starting its work in a very difficult international context,” – says the Poles.

The new Duma will become a place for tough discussions

As for the newly elected speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, in the opinion of the expert, he is in the debate also formulated a number of fundamental principles of their work. “First, from his point of view, we must continue working to improve the quality of laws. Secondly, despite the fact that in the state Duma formed a constitutional majority, all decisions must be reasoned, should not work simple arithmetic, should be heard the voice of everyone. In addition, the most important priority of the state Duma – the strict implementation of the may decrees of the President 2012,” – said the analyst.

Poles finds important, Volodin stressed that the state Duma is not only legislative and representative authority, and requests of voters in each region must be heard.

In General, the expert believes that at this meeting it became clear that the current Parliament will be a place for sharp and not always pleasant discussions. “The candidate on a post of the speaker of the state Duma from Communist party Dmitry Novikov during the debate said that the Duma elections cannot be considered clean and fair. It is said that in the new Duma the representatives of each party, each member will be able to voice their point of view, as it would radically disagree with the position of “United Russia”, – he explained.

Note the maximum number of interests

The General Director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov is convinced that the new state Duma must establish a dialogue not only between the parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties.

He is confident that the economic agenda will become mainstream in the course of the deputies ‘ work. “I assume that the new convocation of deputies in their work should be considered the maximum number of interests to demonstrate competence in handling the documents and to show the absence of pronounced conflicts,” – said Orlov, “the parliamentary newspaper”.

According to him, the response of the opposition parties the government in this election campaign were not adequate. “In particular, pent-up demand for new faces has weakened the position of “Fair Russia” and the Communist party”, – said the analyst.


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