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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded for molecular machines

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm today, October 5, was announced the names of laureates of the Nobel prize in physics 2015. Among them were scientists from three countries: the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Briton Fraser Stoddart and the Dutchman Bernard Feringa. The prize will be awarded to them for the development and creation of molecular machines.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained in the press release on the official website of the award, winning research illustrate how the miniaturisation of technology can lead to a revolution in science. The award, which this year is 8 million Swedish kronor or more than 933 thousand dollars will be awarded to the winners during the awards ceremony, which will take place in Stockholm on 10 December.

It is worth noting that the Nobel prize is increasingly divided between several winners , in particular, clearly this trend since the 80-ies of the last century.

Although predicting who will become a Nobel prize winner is often difficult, every year on the eve of the announcement of the winners, there were a number of predictions. This year, many were expecting the Nobel Committee will assess the performance of the Americans George Church and Feng Zhang from mit, who used increasingly well-known technique for genome editing CRISPR-Саѕ9 in mouse cells and a human in particular, this assumption was expressed by the experts from Thomson Reuters, traditionally publishes a list of potential winners in 2016 in anticipation of their announcement. It is assumed that the CRISPR technology-Саѕ9 potentially represents an unprecedented opportunity to “settings” properties of a living organism.

Last year the prize in chemistry was shared between a specialist from the UK Thomas Lindal’, his American colleagues Paul Modric and Aziz Sinjar. They won the award for his contribution to the study of the mechanisms of DNA repair is an extremely important process, allowing the body to correct accumulating at the cellular level damage.

This is the third Nobel prize, winners of which were announced in the current year. On Monday it was announced that the prize in physiology or medicine for the discovery of mechanisms of autophagy was awarded to Japanese Professor asinari Osumi, and on Tuesday — that the Nobel prize in physics were three American scientists native to the UK: David Towles, Duncan Haldane and John Kosterlitz: them the prestigious prize was awarded “for the theoretical discovery of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter”.

On 7 October, will be named the winners of the peace prize is the only Nobel prize that may be awarded not only to people but also organizations. 10 Oct will be known the names of the winners established by the Bank of Sweden prize in Economics in memory of Alfred Nobel — awards, strictly speaking, are not Nobel prize, but is traditionally equated with her. Finally, on 13 October, the Nobel Committee will announce who this year won the award for literature.


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