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Monday, March 12, 2018

Sergei Kiriyenko returns to politics

On Wednesday, President Putin appointed the former head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko at the place of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration. Kiriyenko will replace on this post of Vyacheslav Volodin, an architect of the current political system of Russia. And the main question now: what changes do you expect this system with the advent of the AP fundamentally new person?

The first period of the biography Kiriyenko is quite standard for the Russian elitist-“Komsomol”. Prosperous enough high-ranking family. Elite school. University where the Department was headed by his father. Service in the Soviet army. Started on the decline of the USSR career in the Komsomol organs (first Secretary of the Gorky regional Committee of Komsomol). Then a smooth transition to arose the business in the country – and right on top positions. In the second half of the 1990s, a new career took off – in the chair the Deputy, and then Minister of fuel and energy of the Russian Federation.

“Under the leadership of Rosatom Kiriyenko has become a world leader in nuclear energy”

The final chord of this era in the biography of Sergei Kiriyenko was quick guide Russian government in the period of the default of 1998, which, in fact, became the reason for sending him into retirement.

As a rule, from such blows of fate are recovering. Usually…

Meanwhile, in an environment of people dedicated to mentioning the name of Sergei Kiriyenko, said he was a decent man, sincerely worried about the fate of Russia, that his Premiership was his personal choice (he knew very well that it will end in national bankruptcy, but shouldered this burden, because someone had to do it). It is also said that he is really a talented Manager, able to establish maximum efficiency in led structures.

Kiriyenko remains an integral part of the Russian elite, engaged in public policy (participated in the elections for Moscow mayor, was the leader of the SPS faction in the Duma), but quite quickly she had left. Worked as presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal district, Chairman of the state Commission on chemical weapons, and then, at the end of 2005, was appointed head of the Federal Agency for atomic energy (later transformed into the state Corporation “Rosatom”).

Under the leadership of Rosatom Kiriyenko has become a world leader in nuclear energy. Its portfolio of foreign orders exceeds $ 100 billion, the Corporation is pursuing an aggressive and successful expansion to foreign markets. India, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Finland – and this is not a complete list of countries where Russia is building its nuclear power plants.

But it’s not just money and profits. Rosatom has become equal to Gazprom and Rosneft the most important instrument of Russian foreign policy. When the country’s leadership says about Russia as an energy superpower, it has meant that we have not only natural resources (behind the scenes sound snide voice about the country-gas station), but also the unique high-tech sector in which we have no equal in the world. And this is not least the merit of Kirienko in person.

Now Kiriyenko Rosatom left to return to far more dangerous and unreliable water Russian domestic politics.

At least one problem – embedding into the system and adaptation Kiriyenko in a new place – obviously will not be for him a serious character. First, because he long ago is part of it. Second, because linked good personal relations with all key players, including his predecessor Vyacheslav Volodin with whom they worked together. We should also mention a long personal acquaintance Kiriyenko, President Vladimir Putin.

Although the last eleven years, Putin decided to basically purely managerial tasks, we should not forget that behind him with substantial political experience – participation in the elections, the leadership of the faction in the State Duma, envoy job that involves direct interaction with the political and social forces. So he knows and understands the space of the Russian policy, which he will now work.

Key factors of the new work of Sergei Kiriyenko is obvious: ahead of the country waiting for the next wave of important regional elections, and most importantly – the election of the President of Russia.

In these circumstances, management experience and efficiency Kiriyenko become critically important.

The main issues in this situation are the following: what should the Russian civil society and Russian politics in the current period? Can Sergei Kiriyenko to meet public demand? And what to expect from him in principle?

Vyacheslav Volodin is the demiurge of the current political system, much more liberal (and in form and substance) than the one that was built in the 2000s. Can with certainty say that Sergey Kirienko will continue this course for inclusion in the political system all more or less significant, and sane forces on growing maturity of the Russian system, to enhance its stability (through dialogue and integration, not crackdown and the administrative strengthening of the power vertical).


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