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Monday, October 24, 2016

Senator Russophobe McCain demanded to create a threat to the Russian air force in Syria

American Senator from Arizona John McCain, known for his anti-Russian statements, demanded to create to the Russian air force in Syria, “the conditions of increased risk”, if that will continue to cause “indiscriminate” attacks by militants, which the US considered “moderate opposition”.

photo: youtube.com

In his newspaper column in The Wall Street Journal, the politician, who heads a Committee of the upper house of Congress for the armed forces, in fact encouraged to do Moscow last warning.

Evaluating the actions of President Bashar al-Assad and his allies, McCain cited the Roman history Tacitus: “They create a desert and call it peace”.

Senator angered that government troops intend to dislodge rebels from Aleppo, along the way, “destroying everything in its path.” According to him, after the victory of Damascus, “will proclaim peace to the bloody Sands of the Syrian desert”.

Republican emphasized that he was not surprised by the failure of U.S.-Russian talks on Syria, saying that Obama’s policies in the middle East has failed. However, he urged Washington to change tactics and go to the “power component”.

Against this background, The Washington Post writes that the White house is considering the option of attacking military targets of the Syrian army, including airfields. Of course, without the sanction of the UN security Council.

One of them use the airplanes of Russian air force. After the deterioration of relations with the U.S. Moscow has deployed to the region air defense system s-300. Previously, there have already deployed the s-400 system.

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