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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Scientists have found that coffee saves from dementia

A group of scientists representing the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee , came to the conclusion that two or three cups of coffee a day to help people — in any case, older women to prevent the development of dementia. According to experts, this is evidenced by the results of a fairly large study.

photo: pixabay.com

Earlier experiments in mice and rats have shown that drinking coffee can be good for the brain. However, according to the scientists, is still not carried out important studies suggests that the findings apply to people. The authors of the new paper have attempted to at least partially fill this gap.

The specialists examined information on more than 6.5 thousand of women older than 65 years, the health of each of which were monitored over the ten-year period. First researchers were interested in how much caffeine consumed daily the participants of the study, and was influenced by whether the number on their cognitive abilities. Summing up, the researchers took into account and made allowances for factors such as the exact age and origin of the study participants, their weight, tendency to depression, bad habits, blood pressure and so on.

As it turned out, women, on average, consumed daily 261 milligrams of caffeine (the amount that contains about two cups of coffee), the vast majority showed no signs of dementia for ten years. According to scientists, the risk of dementia for them was approximately 36 percent lower than for those who are coffee and other caffeinated drinks hardly had any. Reducing the risk and other cognitive abnormalities associated with age, researchers say.

Experts acknowledge that their study, by and large, cannot serve as final proof of the use of coffee for your brain. The fact that people who consume coffee are less likely to suffer from senile dementia does not in itself imply that the first is causing the second. Therefore, in order to prove a causal relationship and understand its nature, according to scientists, more research will be required. However, as a hypothesis, researchers have put forward the idea that caffeine can block the chemical receptors, with age sometimes start to work correctly and can harm the brain.


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