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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Right on Russia’s veto in the UN security Council want to impose the “Syrian limit”

The US is willing by any means to prevent the Syrian government troops liberated Aleppo with the help of Russia. Experts explain the behavior of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, called for restricting the veto right of permanent members of the UN security Council in relation to the situation around Aleppo. But if I can “drag” the proposal?

The Kremlin reacted negatively to the idea of limiting veto power in the UN Security Council. We will remind, earlier it became known that the UN high Commissioner for human rights, Jordanian Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein urged the Council to restrict the right of veto in a particular case – in relation to the situation in Syria, and more specifically, to the fighting around Aleppo.

“Al-Hussein has exceeded his authority. It was not his business”

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, at the moment the Syrian government army, the militia and the allies began storming neighborhoods in the East of Aleppo and sweep several building complexes in the South-Western part of the city where there are still Islamist militants.

“The time for strong leadership and decisive action”

Al-Hussein said: “I firmly believe that the time has come for strong leadership and decisive action and that the UN Security Council should without delay adopt the criterion of limiting the right of members to veto, when there is serious concern that committed war crimes, crimes against humanity or acts of genocide.”

According to the UN high Commissioner, this “critical initiative” will allow us to consider the situation in Syria to the International criminal court.

As mentioned above, Russia reacted negatively to this method of solving “problems of Aleppo”.

It should be noted that the statement of a senior UN official came shortly after news about the break-up of the U.S. bilateral channel of communication with Russia on Syria.

“The veto has always been applied”

Note that the representative of Jordan, occupying the post of the high Commissioner for human rights, not the first who calls for limiting the veto of the permanent members of the UN security Council in certain cases. Note that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking Wednesday before last, in the 71st UN General Assembly in new York, proposed to deprive of the right of veto of States which are parties to the armed conflict.

Such proposals in the past year was expressed by France, and later the representatives of the Netherlands and Mexico, and this year, it was stated by the representative of Latvia.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin meeting with UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon has expressed readiness to discuss changes in the organization, not questioning how it works. During a speech at the UN General Assembly, Putin said that “throughout the 70 years of existence of the organization veto power has always been applied” to all the owners of this right.

“In an effort to please the Americans”

It is clear who the statement was made Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein, says the former Deputy Secretary General of the UN Sergei Ordzhonikidze. “But generally, he (al-Hussein) exceeded their official powers, – said Ordzhonikidze in comments to RIA “Novosti”. – It was not his business to meddle in the procedure of the UN Security Council. He made a political statement, but the UN Charter says that the Secretary General and all his staff, including the high Commissioner for human rights, should refrain from taking any political positions in favor of a state. He went beyond official duties, trying to please the Americans”.

Ordzhonikidze believes that such a change in the UN Charter is impossible. “Veto protects the interests of both Russia and the USA and all the other permanent members of the UN security Council. No one will never give up the veto, of course. It would be funny,” said the former permanent under Secretary of the United Nations.

The Agency believes that al-Hussein “should care more” about the issue of human rights, “than about the procedure in the UN security Council”. USA “I don’t want Syrian troops Aleppo, with our help, because then the terrorists will come to an end, and in various ways, through various people trying to prevent this”, – concluded the expert.

“It was not invented just like that”

Chief editor of the magazine “Russia in global politics”, the scientific Director of MDK “Valdai” Fyodor Lukyanov considers the idea of limiting the veto is practically impossible, but expects that it will rise in the course of discussions more often.

“The veto has long been criticized as an undue privilege of a group of countries, which they themselves have assigned. The UN security Council is again in a situation where decisions are actually not taken, because all the time someone blocks. The attitude of the veto not as an instrument of maintaining peace and security, as once thought, but as a means by which the great powers solve their own problems and promote the interests, is, unfortunately, a pretty common sentiment in the world community”, – said Lukyanov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the statement of the high Commissioner – one of the reflections on the background of what is happening in Syria and in Aleppo in particular. Therefore, these statements have many evoke sympathy. “It’s almost impossible to do! It’s a vicious circle. The unity of the five countries with veto power. As they clearly don’t agree about it, it all comes down to the conversations. To imagine that someone’s veto will be ignored, that is impossible. This creates a completely airtight precedent. It will not accept any Western country, nor, above all, China,” – said the expert.

Statements Lukyanov considers the evidence that the UN system is not in the best position, “but it is impossible to change”.

“The veto should be left. It was not invented just to deal with the arbitrariness and tyranny. This is the replacement or the prevention of war, it is a way to give the great powers the ability to block decisions that they consider absolutely inadmissible, using legal procedures, not military force, as they would otherwise. Another issue is that now the conceptual crumbled the whole system: on the one hand, the growing discontent of the masses, and with another – the elite of the world community clings to its privileges, and all this will erode the credibility of the UN. But it needs to be changed some other way without the abolition of the veto”, – said Fyodor Lukyanov.


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