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Friday, March 16, 2018

Psychologists have found, as the birth of a child affects the intimate life of the spouses

Physiological, hormonal and mental changes faced by the woman after the birth of her first child may affect her sexual needs, while the libido of her husband no changes does not undergo. Sometimes it for some time leads to misunderstanding between the spouses affecting not only the intimate sphere.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained by experts from the University of California, after the birth of the child, especially the first, care has become a priority for women, and that, in particular, leads to the fact that her sexual interest in the spouse often declines. In turn, the man often does not understand what the reason for the seemingly unnecessarily dramatic change in intimate life, and this causes him anxiety. In turn, noticing the anxiety men feels discomfort and his wife — she begins to fear that happening with her changes will be misunderstood and doesn’t know how the man will react to them in the future.

As a result, as shown by the experts of the survey, nine out of ten spouses with newborn children face problems one way or another caused by changes in their intimate life. The specialists claim that changes in “routine” sexual relations are perceived by women as the main source of concern after the child’s birth (in second place was the changes inflicted on their body). Men, however, as it turned out, the changes in the intimate sphere of concern, although significant, but to a lesser degree than the mood swings of his wife.

However, according to scientists, the above-described difficulties should only have to wait — about a year after the birth of a child a woman’s libido comes to normal, and after that in a more normal part of sexual life of the couple. Experts also recommend that young parents can turn to psychologists and those in turn are kindly requested to explain to the couple the likelihood of changes in the intimate sphere, so that they were better prepared.

A study published in the scientific journal Sexual Medicine.


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