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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Military analyst Colonelcassad: “a Ground operation in Syria, the United States already are”

Due to the dramatic conclusion of the dialogue, the US and Russia on Syria is the candidate for us presidents, Donald trump burst into angry accusations against Russia. According to him, the Kremlin is without piety refers to the leaders of the United States and that Russia has violated the agreement on Syria.

Military analyst Boris Rozhin (known online as Colonelcassad) told us how to change the situation in the Arab Republic in response to recent geopolitical events.

– After the failure of the agreements of the United States and Russia on Syria are imminent changes in the strategic landscape, – said Boris Rozhin. – Russia will strengthen its forces in Syria: air defense system, the supply of arms for the Syrian army, the number of ground troops. In the state Duma will consider a question on placing of reinforced groups of the Russian air force. Until the end of autumn part in the operation have to take the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which will be located in the Mediterranean. The changes will affect and exploration, focusing not only on militants, but also on the countries-members of NATO, operating in the region, to ensure the security of Assad in terms of external aggression.

– What will the United States in connection with the building in Syria forces of the Russian Federation?

– Ground operation in the United States are already. On the North side are teams of American special forces. There deployed auxiliary air base, to fly military transport planes, drones. There are attack aircraft USAF A-10. Is the Kurdish militia, which includes the us military, wearing their chevrons. They received from the United States arms, ammunition, including anti-tank systems “javelin”, which has long dreamed of the Ukraine.

Now America is thinking about increasing the troops in Iraq and Syria. Here we are talking about the number of special forces, trainers, advisers. The United States also plan to increase mass delivery of weapons to the Syrian “moderate opposition”: the modern air defense systems MANPADS “stinger” and various anti-tank complexes.

– Where now the weapons of the insurgents?

They get it partly legal, partly not. For example, on a secure line to the CIA. The volume of these transactions amount to millions of dollars. Buying Eastern Europe: the Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria. Through the above-mentioned countries and other member States of NATO, they were ferried to Syria. Fighters get a constant supply of weapons: the old tanks T-55 and T-62, “Grad”, artillery.. Huge reserves even with the post-Soviet era go to Europe, and partially flow away in the middle East.

– What is the size of forces from ISIS (banned in Russia – “MK”)?

– ISIS are “scattered” in Syria and Iraq. Under his gun about 80-90 thousand people, if to speak only about the core of the Caliphate. Really efficient about 50-55 thousand of them are quality units, equipped with all level of personnel of the regular army. What technique during the fighting they managed to capture, and that contains they are armed with tanks “Abrams” BMP “Bradley”.

Now they announced the attack on Iraq Mosul in October-November. Will be attacked and part of the regular U.S. army. It is known that there already flew the French artillery, the Republic came nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, will involve the part of the French special forces operating in Northern Syria. To participate in the fighting there will be other coalition countries: Italy, Australia and a number of States. If we talk about Iraq, there was involved the aircraft of Britain and Denmark.

– The suspension of joint work on Syria, US and Russia will affect the actions of the “moderate” rebels?

– These militants are closed not only on US but also on Turkey. It all depends on where they get supplies. Subordinate to other countries, glances in the direction dzhebhat an-Nusra and are under its operational control. For example, in Aleppo. It turns out that moderate rebels are getting help and weapons from the West, but share them with fighters. Moderate rebels is a gasket, with which al-Qaeda received assistance from Western countries. America has no real levers to separate the conglomerate of the opposition to Assad rebel forces from al-Nusra. So broke the truce on Syria.

– Gap arrangements will change the relations between Turkey, the US and the Kurds?

– USA tried to organize on the territory of Syria, Iraq and Turkey, Great Kurdistan, but after the revised its strategy and began to try to create it in Northern Syria. Assad was against it. Desperately opposed and Turkey, which is fighting with the Kurds in the South-East of the country. The threat of creating such a state in Syria threatens its integrity.

After consultations with Russia, Turkey has driven a wedge between the Kurdish territories, entering the army under the pretext of the fight against the Caliphate. Militants opposed to Assad, the Turks began to use the form tool in the fight against the Kurds. The Americans are trying to sit on two chairs: to not ignore the Kurds, and not to break with Turkey. It will be difficult. Turkey has its own objectives in the region, which are contrary to the objectives of the United States.

– How will the new US administration that will replace the Obama administration’s position of power in Syria?

– Whatever the outcome of the U.S. elections be a further escalation of relations with Russia and strengthening NATO forces in Eastern Europe, spoke about this at the Pentagon. If the President will be Hillary Clinton is a continuation of the cold war, and if trump is a pig in a poke.

– In a recent statement, trump lashed out at Russia. Why the change in his rhetoric?

He’s trying to simultaneously flirt with the part of the democratic electorate, those who voted for Bernie Sanders and no interest in imperialist policy of the Clinton and allegations of Russia are conservative Republicans, who want to see the continuation of the blessed time of Bush when America did what they wanted, and to whom to report. Trump acts as a “technologist”. This can increase his chances in the fight with Clinton. Before the election, it may make a number of statements both in favor of and against.

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