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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the United States have passed debate of candidates for Vice-President: leader partner trump

Hollywood vocabulary is the expression “B Movie” (“Movie category B”). “Category B movie” is a film of the second plan and the class, which is removed and which removed the relevant Directors and actors. The budget of such films is small, and cash income. Sometimes, though very rarely, a film of class “Movie-B” suddenly becomes a sensation and comes to favorites. On October 4 Longwoods University, Farmville, Virginia, hosted the only debate of candidates for Vice-President democratic Senator Tim Kane and Governor-Republican Mike Pence.

photo: youtube.com

The American media prior to the debate, compared them to the “Movie B”. It looked minor, second — rate- and the debate participants, and their audience. It did not help that the debate has commented on the 42nd Vice President United States Walter Mondale. (Republican and also ex-Vice-President dick Cheney refused to participate in commenting on the debate.)

Debates cane Pens was similar to the debate Clinton-ramps. They were a lot less temperamental. Kane was clearly from the “category B” compared to “category a” Clinton, and the more Penny — compared to trump. During the debate we have learned nothing about debatabase, about their political views and their personal inclinations. Kane defended Clinton and attacked the trump. Pence defended trump and attacked Clinton. Pence did it in a softer manner than Kane, who looked sort of cock with a poorly developed beak.

The position of the Pens there seemed to be unenviable. He had to protect and to “humanize” this “monster” as a trump. And, oddly enough, he succeeded. According to estimates by CNN, who conducted the debate, Pence won with a slight advantage, 48% to 42%.

“I just can’t imagine how I will succeed Governor Pence to protect full of insults and vypyachivalis own “I” style of Donald trump,” — said Senator Kane. But somehow Governor Pence did it. He replied: “Senator, you and Hillary Clinton seem to know a lot about campaigns, the motor of which — abuse. Clinton’s campaign-Kane is an avalanche of insults”.

I’m not going to describe these mutual “avalanche of abuse” in the form of a film “category B” have probably already read them in the original version of Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. Why repeat? (Earlier I said “wasting paper”.) I will focus on just one point, with interest not only for the American audience, but also for the Russian.

Kane started to put “the hammer”, according to “the new York times,” trump relations with Russian banks for “forcing to raise the eyebrows” (the same as the New York Times) praise that trump allegedly paid to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This Pence replied that the policy of the Obama administration led to the fact that Russia became dominant in Syria. Kane listened to these words with a sour expression, as if his tongue lies a slice of lemon. (This is me, not the NYT.)

Chewing lemon, Kane began to criticize the “autocratic rule” of the Kremlin, de persecutes gays and journalists instead of having to lift the economy. Penny had tried several times to interrupt his opponent, proving that trump did not say the words attributed to him by Kane.

Kane replied: “Tonight I spoke six times Governor Pence that I just can’t imagine how he can protect the position of his partner. He encouraged all to vote for someone, which he is unable to protect.”

Then followed the attendant exchange of courtesies about using Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state his private email, about what the role of the Supreme commander Ladder “all afraid” (Kane), tax documents trump on crime problems, the Mexicans, the blacks, the supporters of the trump as the “basket outrageous types” etc. etc.

When Penny mentioned Russia, Kane exclaimed, “You guys love Russia!” Penny was taken aback and replied, “I think I touched on your sore nerve.”


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