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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hysteria of s-300VM in Syria is an exhaustive explanation

The defense Ministry transferred to Syria, the defense system s-300VM with a utilitarian purpose – to protect their facilities. But most likely, these actions will have a nice bonus in the form of restriction of activity of the US air force, which act like profits system specifically for their soul. If desired, the Pentagon is easy to understand – Russia really complicates his life.

Systems s-300VM in the Syrian Tartus for the Russian army is purely pragmatic. According to its characteristics s-300VM (in that version) is not much inferior to s-400. Many experts have long been mired in a scholastic dispute about which of the complexes better, that began much like the notorious debates about the number of demons on the tip of the needle. Each of the complexes have specific features, which in theory should overlap each other, creating a perfect circle of defense (there’s another of medium-range missiles of the type “Beech” melee like “Shilka”).

“In the United States today are generally inclined to compare the current situation with the Caribbean crisis, which was passed by some Russian liberal media”

Russian naval base in Tartus needs additional air cover, while placed in Hamim complex With-400 is busy with a specific cover air operations and were taken there after the Turkish attacks on our “drying” of its capabilities for solving tasks of the current day is not enough. Now urgently required to increase the level of air safety Hamim and Tartous, given the proclivity of jihadists to move to terrorist methods after military defeats on the ground.

Previously, the safety of Tartous were provided with the sea through the constant patrolling of the Eastern Mediterranean the big ships of the Russian Navy, equipped with modern air defense systems, for example, “Fort”, created on the basis of the same s-300. But constant patrolling has a number of features that can adversely affect the defenses of the base in Tartus, in particular, the need to regularly rotate the ships. And safety area of Tartous is distributed more to the South and South-East, not West, and therefore potential, for example, missile cruiser “Moskva” is used somewhere halfway. And the sea object must simultaneously defend himself in the event of an uncontrolled development of the situation, it is very difficult. Of course, the jihadists do not have cruise missiles and aircraft, built on technology “Stealth”, but they are quite able to manufacture from readily available materials and apply with a camel standing nearby something small. To intercept such targets and need the benefit of s-300VM and the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus also confirmed the relevance of the concerns. While the s-400 system long range air and missile defense, designed to control the airspace at distances up to 500 kilometers. This is the “tactical model” is necessary to combat point and small targets, and a General air of domination and security.

The American side interpreted the strengthening of the Russian air groups in Syria, according to Freud. From their point of view, accommodation in Tartus s-300VM directed against them, as in LIH* no cruise missiles and aircraft. In this case, the story of the creation of the new US ABM deployment area in Eastern Europe, which was originally directed to “against Iran”, which is so dynebolic missiles also no, do not remember. Her “sparkle” as they say in football. However, if the American side is not going to use cruise missiles against Syrian government forces or, God forbid, against the Russian military bases and facilities, the Pentagon, and there is no need to worry. But – worried. And I understand why.

Recent history with attacks by American and allied planes on the positions of Syrian forces near Deir al-Zor, which led to great casualties and a humanitarian convoy from Aleppo still cause many questions to the U.S. command. And the appearance of additional forces of the Russian air defense can really affect the intensity of the Pro-American coalition in the air. The very presence of s-300VM in Tartus psychologically restricts the ability of U.S. aircraft, if you forget about the theoretically possible use of “Tomahawk”. The Pentagon is pathologically afraid of any loss, especially loss of high-tech. If there is even minimal risk to lose expensive aircraft, they would rather fly than take the risk. Even knowing that Russian air and missile defense is not directed against Western aircraft, the Americans will limit flight activity on the principle of “what if something happens.” Perhaps this is true even drones with the Turkish base of Incirlik.

Based on the presence Hamim s-400 Russian ships in the Eastern Mediterranean, the us aircraft were not hurt and the surge of hysteria at the Pentagon and in the media did not cause. But now – after the failure of the American side from cooperation with Russia in Syria – the situation has changed. The American side did not work well-established military channels – just for the sake of prevention of air incidents. But, apparently, still there is something lurking that has caused such a dramatic release of negativity from Washington.

The visible activity of the United States for the transfer to Turkey or to allied countries in the Persian Gulf for more air contingents yet, but this may not be necessary: there are bases in Italy, Spain and Cyprus, and strategic aviation to attack targets in the middle East can take off even from Montana and Nevada. And touching “care” our American partners about their former creatures (moderate”) may lead to the idea to attack government forces in Syria, once again accusing them of “inhumane actions”. No wonder the broadcasting network CNN not go Syrian girl with pigtails who suffer from the actions of Bashar al-Assad. And this is not a figure of speech – only on Tuesday this channel, only briefly being distracted from the fight against trump, demonstrated three of the plot, which featured a girl with such hair, that is certainly an achievement of propaganda.

There is an opinion that the mere quantitative increase its military presence automatically leads to the escalation of hostilities. This is logical and correct, for example, in the Ukrainian case, when the “injection” on the front line in the Donbass huge by local standards, the land forces indeed leads to a partial loss of control over them and enhancing the role of generals in politics. But in the case of the Russian s-300VM in Tartus is just the opposite. High-tech and purely defensive air defense system working on a decrease in the activity and psychologically reduce the risks. As a negative example, the U.S. side brings the story of the shot down over Cuba by plane on the last day of the Cuban missile crisis, which almost blew up the situation when a political solution was found. In the United States today are generally inclined to compare the current situation with the Caribbean crisis, which was passed by some Russian liberal media that went even for the publication of separate issues with detailed and clear explanations of the events of the autumn of 1962, filled with the apology of the American political system and individuals within it. But this is not 1962 and this is the incomparable situation from political, military and – most importantly – from a technological point of view.

In the end, the issue of security of Russian military bases is the prerogative of Russia. If you don’t want to get you down, just do not fly where none of your business. No need to swim in the Black sea and the Baltic sea, and then to suffer from psychological crises, because you were told that the service in the Navy is an interesting adventure, and then turns out to be Russian, fly over my head. It is necessary to stress once again that the deployment in Tartus s-300VM for Russia – a step justified and motivated, but if as a bonus it reduces the actions of American aviation in the region, it is an extremely nice bonus. And the danger of an arms race in the region and so there, and she initiated was not Moscow.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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