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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gypsies surrounded the estate of Leo Tolstoy

Local authorities once again attended the “Gypsy question”. This time we are talking about houses, illegally built in the vicinity of Yasnaya Polyana – the estate of Leo Tolstoy, a protected monument of history and culture. However, in the situation under Yasnaya Polyana, the fault is not only Gypsies.

Residents of the squatter only a few kilometers from the Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy Gypsy village once again ignored the hearing on their issue, held in Tula. Thus, the solution at 60 samostroi postponed until mid-October, although local authorities are ready to take decisive action, similar to those that were undertaken previously in neighbouring Plekhanovo.

“If law enforcement made contact with citizens, the problem with the emergence of illegal settlements can be solved at the stage of appearance of the first houses”

According to management of judicial Department in the Tula region, the illegal construction of the Roma were identified on the territory of Yasnaya Polyana forestry of the Tula experimental forestry in the course of the audit conducted by the provincial Ministry of natural resources and environment. Just an improvised village of nearly 60 houses occupied the territory of 2.8 hectares of land. Moreover, the NTV with a reference to the Department reported that it is a spontaneous settlement there in the woods almost from the 80-ies of the last century.

“The plaintiff – the Ministry – there is a desire by the court to require the defendants and the Gypsy family is to liberate occupied territories of the forest, – clarified the situation to the newspaper VIEW press Secretary of management of judicial Department in the Tula area Olga Dyachuk. But because they are not in court, it’s very difficult to predict what steps will be taken on the claimant what decision the judge, since this is not a criminal but an administrative offence”.

According to Dyachuk, as defendants to the court by six Romani inhabitants of the village, five of which are the name of Mihai, and one Tamas: “it’s hard to say, relatives or not, if you remember, in the old days we also had the village, all the inhabitants of which, for example, wore one name Ivanov. But their case is a continuation of the story that began in Plekhanovo, many of whose inhabitants moved to a new place.”

Analyzing the current situation to the newspaper VIEW, member of the Public chamber of Russia, Director of Institute of political researches Sergey Markov expressed the belief that the situation could not go so far, that had a court make the decision on the demolition of an entire village if the authorities in the face of law enforcement more worked closely with local residents.

“Unfortunately, our law enforcement agencies are unable to communicate with people, and seeing such an attitude, people are not getting the information to them. If law enforcement made contact with citizens, the problem with the emergence of illegal settlements can be solved at the stage of appearance of the first houses,” – said the expert.

He noted that “many members of today’s Roma community often form criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking, sale of stolen goods, kidnapping of children to beg with them on the streets.”

“Of course, such proximity to the indigenous population may not be pleasant. I think if the power to the ground has always been as tough as in Plekhanovo, it would be able to significantly reduce the level of criminality in our society because Gypsies are less violent than, for example representatives of the Caucasian criminal groups. And those that wouldn’t want to live by the law, simply would leave Russia”, – he said.

In turn, the member of Presidium of party “Rodina”, the political scientist Fedor Biryukov, commenting on the situation to the newspaper VIEW, expressed belief that the demolition of the Gypsy village is not the best way to resolve the issue.

“In fact, we need to punish the officials who failed to see that under them sideways in the woods by an illegal settlement. May have been corruption at the grassroots level, when bribes for such things, simply closed eyes. Unfortunately, I don’t know the particulars of the situation, so I can not judge. But if you think logically, you just imagine – an 80-year illegally built home, and that none of the authorities did not see!” – said Biryukov.

“I also wonder how to cover this event in the media, for some reason all write about the camp, even though it was an established settlement. Now, if all these people kicked out of their homes, then we get angry at the world camp. In the end, if you decide to demolish, it was to be, you need to consider the compensation system, not on the street people throw away! If they are that, unfortunately, often characteristic of the representatives of the Roma community, committed crimes, then they should be judged directly for these crimes, each for a specific offense, and perhaps all, if it all. But not indiscriminately, EN masse,” – says the analyst.

According Biryukova, Russia should move away from the Soviet tradition of the neglect of the principle of private property, including housing: “Yes, in the USSR, entire villages declared “hopeless” and evicted, is it a positive experience?”

Following the hearing on illegally built in the woods at Yasnaya Polyana Roma settlement is scheduled for October 20, but guarantees that it still will be visited by the defendants, no one gives.

Recall that a similar situation in the Tula region was formed in March of this year. Then in the local village of Plekhanovo more than 300 homes were left without gas, and arrived on the scene, the gas company found that it happened due to the fact that living in the village Gypsies made a few dozen cuttings in the pipeline, resulting in water. The authorities subsequently revealed in locality 118 of illegally constructed buildings that the decision was made to carry, and this process by mid-July was completed.


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