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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Experts: the state Duma will fight against careless members of the government

The state Duma held its first plenary meeting in the new convocation, President Vladimir Putin addressed the deputies with a parting word. What will the next Duma: “Honduras” as it is sometimes called first, or a powerful legislature? This “MK” asked the political scientist and Senator.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Alexei MUKHIN, Director of the Center for political information:

“It will be the state Duma of the execution of the may decrees. Note: the President, when he addressed the members at the first plenary session of new convocation, and insisted that their activities should be of a social nature. I’m sure he was referring to the fact that the implementation of his may decrees, at least to 2018, is an urgent necessity, and the Duma as a political tool, should encourage the government and regional authorities, these decrees finally to do. For the President — this question is not just reputation and the election. So he blessed the new composition of the lower house in a social way. This means that the MPs have no choice, they will have to clash with the Russian Government and regions in order to comply with this order of the President to the General satisfaction of society, which for a long time, with bated breath, watching how the branches of government trying to blame the welfare of citizens on each other.

Given the fact that the state Duma under the direction of Vyacheslav Volodina takes on a new meaning, I think, struggle with the Executive power for may orders her forces. This thought is also “weighted” with single-seat districts, which have their personal commitments to their constituents, and many of these commitments — social, and these MPs have a vested interest to meet them. In the end we will see that we have changed the political system: the state Duma may take precedence over the “negligent Ministers” and “governors of the shrew” and force them to follow the path of building a social state, as enshrined in our Constitution and confirmed by the may decrees Putin.”

Valery RYAZANSKY, head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy:

“I think it will be a very strong state Duma. Half of it are people who are not nominated on the list, but personally. For them to give their votes to 46 million people, and 12 million in the primary election. I went through five election campaigns was in the Duma of three convocations and understand how difficult it is: to believe you, and then not cheat on promises. And now we got a very workable composition of the state Duma. And the President gave her a mandate with an emphasis on the social dimension: education, health, housing. I would add to these three tenets have added a fourth: employment, job and salary on the basis of what will shape the welfare state. But I think that the MPs caught it without my advice. And they will fight for the social sector, including with some units of the government. Deputies-odnomandatniki many times will think before to vote for the bills, will carefully sift them through his sieve. They have to think primarily about how a particular initiative will concern their constituents. And if government initiatives will include the increase of taxes, increase in municipal boards, single-seat districts will first come to your region and will ask the voter: to vote for this? Therefore, with the Duma, the government will work harder. Single-seat districts is that such an expert group, through which pass very difficult. I have high hopes on this Council and wish it every success”.


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