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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Administrative extremism— the main threat to Russia

The specifics state that it is bad, imperfect, with costs, but achieves the goals that really (not only in the advocacy rhetoric) puts in front of him.

The anarchists are right that the effectiveness of the state really clearly below the efficiency of private business, but the state was invented because a number of absolutely necessary tasks only companies, without creating a specific public body, to decide was impossible in principle.

Vitally important matter it is better to do badly and late, than not at all.

The Russian state — a striking confirmation of this rule.

Lasting for almost thirty years, weeping on blocking socio-economic development and Homeric in its scale looting of the “Soviet legacy” gives just a misunderstanding performing his intellectuals of the nature of the Russian state. It is highly likely that it was created no more than a machine for the organization of the looting, and, if the hypothesis is correct, the machine was screwed in the bowels of the USSR Soviet-style hammer and securely, converting us to the yacht of Abramovich and cakes Kasyanov so far.

But the security issues any state, regardless of its purpose and nature, is obliged to solve in the first place.

And until recently, they were solved very clearly and effectively, and even to death frightened many, the deflation of the marsh “political couple” looks from the height of past years competent, albeit a natural reaction of the political body.

Largely anti-extremist frankly stupid law that caused righteous indignation, however imperfect and often excessive cruelty seriously restricted extremism. This allowed us not only to avoid the longed-for Western “partners” of the coup, but it’s been 12 years of living without a large-scale terrorist attacks (which, of course, in no way does not guarantee against the return of this nightmare).

But time is running out and the situation changes.

Resounding low turnout for the Duma elections reminded not so much choking in the comfort and indifferent to the fate of Europe, how many of Pushkin’s “the people are silent”. Mass disengagement from elections is a sign of deep, even and not released until the surface changes in the political situation in Russia.

Elected and failed candidates, to be honest met with ordinary citizens, still in shock not only from the monstrously bad realities of life of most people, but very honest and almost unrestrained hostility of the masses to the ruling bureaucracy and the party, embodying the established order.

Everyday behavior is a significant part of the bureaucracy, virtually freed from any control over their activities, even in the most prosperous and rich regions of Russia, including Moscow, causing mass hatred, which may become the detonator of the biggest, most frightening shocks.

This accumulated hatred in the depths of human souls. She barely breaks a cursory communication with outsiders and even in social networks, where users already know how easy it is an expression of dissatisfaction with the government turns criminal prosecution is dissatisfied for the same “extremism”. But in a candid conversation she literally silence is the most prepared and cynical professionals.

Her sudden breakthrough and realization in reality is the main danger for Russia today — however to fix it, or at least “fill in the banks” can only eliminate its cause.

Only by improving the behavior of officials, the critically important part which seems to be genuinely considering his position “servants of the people” as the basis for an open and conspicuous contempt for him and to ignore their formal duties to him, not to mention it’s cynical in its publicity of the robbery.

From the formal legal side of things the behavior of the modern Russian bureaucracy as a ruling, and in many respects Russia owning class can hardly be qualified otherwise than extremism — and the worst kind of extremism, hatred is not stimulating a particular part of society, and its structural element — the state and statehood as such.

We went through this during Gorbachev’s “catastroika”: then all the propaganda power of the state was deployed against the state, to slander, discredit and incite hatred towards him. The result was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of modern times — the destruction of the Soviet Union and the entire Soviet civilization, the monstrous, the consequences of which we cannot overcome so far.

Today the criminal activity of representatives of the state, despite the high-profile arrest of individual corrupt officials, almost encouraged — and the difficulty of investigation, and the softness of the punishment.

So no one was surprised when the punishment is committing crimes of law enforcement officers is to their dismissal. Moreover, this is seen as a success in the fight against crime!

Smuggling is a crime against public policy and therefore against the state itself — decriminalized in Medvedev’s presidency and is the administrative violation — the same as crossing the street on a red light!

Corruption is still considered a crime — but in respect it entered medieval rule of foreclosure. As a result, the corrupt can pay a bribe where it was caught, the penalty due to bribes on which he was caught, and quietly mock the victims of their crimes — and it is officially considered a triumph of justice!

The result is a critically important part of officials to fully enjoy their impunity, by initiating a broad hatred of the government and the state as such.

Strictly speaking, this particular form of extremism — the extremism of the administrative, which in virtue of its prevalence, the main danger to the very existence of Russian statehood.

The society is aware of its destructiveness in full: the need for criminal prosecution administrative extremism indicates 91.5% of participants in Internet surveys (with all their understandable prepresentatives), the intensity of the response shows the relevance of this problem.

It is hoped that the Russian government will find the strength and sanity to hear the society and start the process of self-purification in a peaceful way, without waiting, when it will be implemented by the company itself, as usual in our history — spontaneously, violently and destructively.


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