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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vyacheslav Volodin in the state Duma there was a competitor by the name of Novikov

October 5 at 12:00 will start its work the State Duma of the seventh convocation, elected on 18 September, less than a half of Russian voters. At the first session deputies should select the speaker, but intrigue is no: they will be Vyacheslav Volodin, until recently, held the post of first Deputy head of the presidential Administration.

To begin to work intensively, the deputies will from the first day – the next “plenary” October 7 must be ratified by the agreement on the deployment in Syria of the Russian air group…

photo: Alex geldings

The last days before the launch of the new Duma building on Okhotny Ryad always similar to the last days before the opening of the season in any theater. Workers tweak and podsinivajut all that did not have time to tweak it and screw up before. New members receive the documents and I go on training in the plenary hall, where they are introduced to the workplace and the electronic voting system. Some of them ask the more experienced inhabitants of the Duma puzzling questions like: “where can I obtain the algorithm works on the bill?”

It may take several months and most of the newcomers (those who want to know) will understand that the algorithm works on bills in the Russian system of government cannot be found there. In the first place not here…

Total update parliamentary ranks, which some analysts predicted a few months ago, did not materialize.

Approximately 49% of the deputies of the seventh convocation, 220 people worked in the previous Duma. 140 members of the faction “United Russia” (it had increased to 344 people at the expense of “independent” single-seat districts from the Republic of Adygea, Vladislav Reznik, the 33 Communist, 18 spravorossov, 29 members of the LDPR faction…

The most radical (58%) turned out the update of the faction “United Russia”, but in this case it’s more about the expansion – in the last convocation “party of power” had in its ranks 238 deputies.

To record the second and third Dumas, who was elected in 1999 and 2003, away: then the deputies had been updated with 65% and 64%, respectively.

And the gender revolution of the expected did not happen: in the last Duma in the end of its work, there were 63 ladies, now they will be 69, 16% of the total number of deputies. The lion’s share of them (61) – at a fraction of “ER.”

In other fractions, the “shrunken” after the election, the composition almost without exception male: Communist party – 3 women, “CP”, in the liberal democratic party – 2. By the way, the Committee on family, women and children, who under the quota went to the Communists, still led by Tamara Pletnev, the Deputy of all convocations. And one of her deputies will be TV presenter Oksana Pushkin (“ER”).

The agenda of the first meeting and drafts of all documents that you plan to take, here is the second week discusses temporary working group of representatives of all parties passing the 5% threshold.

Among the guests invited to the solemn event – the outgoing intelligence of the speaker of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Sergei Naryshkin, the speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko, all members of the Central election Commission, headed by Ella Pamfilova, the head of government and his deputies, heads of Supreme and constitutional courts, and other officials. Waiting on Okhotny Ryad and Vladimir Putin.

To open the meeting according to tradition, enshrined in the regulations, must eldest Deputy, and until the election of the speaker to conduct the meeting will be elders from all factions. In last convocation the “age” was the United Russia Vladimir Dolgov (he is now a member of the Federation Council from Moscow). At this time the elder will be 86-year-old Zhores Alferov (Communist party). Next to him place on the podium is Valentina Tereshkova, Galina Khovanskaya and Vladimir Zhirinovsky – the most senior in the fractions of “ER”, “SR” and LDPR.

At the beginning of the work the Council will have to adopt amendments to the regulations, modernizing it to reflect the new system of formation of the chamber: the single-seat districts, izbrauksana from the parties, will be obliged to join the faction of those parties, and odnomandatniki, izbraukuma from parties not overcome the 5% barrier (there are two – Rifat of Shayhutdinov from the “Civic platform” and Alexey Zhuravlev from “homeland”), not allowed to come anywhere. As single – mandate- the independents. In addition, the regulations will make amendments that will allow the Vice to enroll either in one of Duma committees, and consolidate the number of committees (26), and their names.

The main thing that needs to make the deputies on October 5th to elect the Chairman of the Duma. The President asked deputies to support the candidacy of Vyacheslav Volodin, deputies, of course, “support”. But the elections were competitive, the Communist faction offers as an alternative Novikov, Dmitry. This Communist – MP experienced, was elected for the third time, represents the Amur oblast, in the last Duma held a post of the first Deputy head of the Committee on science and high technology…

After the speaker is elected, MPs will vote for the agreed upon during the inter-party consultations, the list of Vice-speakers (8), heads of committees and their deputies.

The plans of the leadership of the new Duma is ambitious: to immediately begin intensive work. On Thursday held the first meeting of the committees, and on Friday – next “plenary”, which deputies will begin to make laws.

One of the first will be a law on ratification of the agreement with Syria about the deployment of Russian air group in the territory of that state” – the President has made it to the state Duma even in the summer. And maybe a bill on the introduction of a point system when assigning penalties for violation of traffic rules – the government has submitted it to the Duma in late may, but before the election ktozh such laws are made? This document is on the agenda of the first meeting of the joint Committee on legislation, headed by Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia).

On the eve of the first meeting it became clear that “United Russia” proposes to change the monthly work procedure of the Council: instead of two weeks at three plenary”, one week under the name “work in committees and commissions and one regional, to work with voters – three weeks two plenary, and one regional. Such was the case with the first to the fifth convocation.

As a result of ordinary business was the holding of Committee meetings in the days and even hours of the plenary meetings, because to collect the deputies in Moscow during the “Committee” weeks was often impossible. While the decision to return to the old system is not accepted because he objected to members of other factions, and postponed until the first meeting of the Duma Council, which is scheduled for 6 October.


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