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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The success of the Syrian army continue to openly delight

While the United States formulated the reason for the collapse of direct talks with Russia on Syria, government forces of the Arab Republic acted as a major stimulus, as achieved several local successes and came close to strategic success. Moreover, it is not only about Aleppo.

After the liberation of quarter Farafra in and around the medieval citadel, the Syrian army, militia and its allies launched an assault on other neighborhoods in the East of Aleppo and sweep several building complexes in the South-Western part of the city where there are still militants. In the South-West – quarter 1070 al-Hamdania government forces with the support of Hizbollah managed to drive the terrorists from grouping “Jaish al-Fatah” of several buildings, but, according to preliminary estimates, the fighting in this area will take a few more days. It is even possible that the first success pin will fail, as has happened repeatedly. The district is controlled by the height of a nearby hill hikmah, and without his grip to keep building in the southern part difficult. A terrorist group is pretty firmly in Hikma, and no end in sight.

“Oddly enough, this simple technique under Verdun in the Syrian desert allows for a very short period of time to capture large areas of open space”

In Central and Eastern Aleppo, the allies, from which stands out the Republican guard and the Palestinian militia”, Liwaa al-Quds, on the eve regained control over the sector of al-Kindi hospital, adjacent to the South of the Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat, which had been released a few days before. This hospital was razed to the ground in the previous two years of the war and for a long time is a scary jumble of concrete and metal. The first attack on the hospital, considered one of the best in Syria, was struck by suicide bombers in 2013, and finished it within street fights. However, the capture of the ruins gave rise to a new wave of accusations by Western human rights activists and so-called “activists” who are pushing that in the East of Aleppo that is under the control of terrorist groups and some “moderate”) there is only one fully functioning hospital, as the government army and the allies allegedly deliberately destroyed medical infrastructure. Although this infrastructure is either not there at all, or it was destroyed by the militants before the Stripping of the Eastern neighborhoods, and to give the pile of twisted concrete for “a fully functioning medical facility,” at least, strange.

The fact is that the ruins of the al-Kindi hospital is the perfect Outpost for an attack by government forces to the South and South-East quarter of UWAGA continue on the road of Gandul, a strategic road leading East out of the city. Thus, the Republican guard and the Palestinians, without stopping, developing a full-scale attack, starting from the Northern areas of the city and the camp Handarat. By Monday morning they managed to capture the Western part of the district of UWAGA, after which they attempted to continue the movement to the South, to protect the industrial zone Sukalp and put the road Gandul under fire control. At the same time began the offensive from Saleif based on an old military base just West and a former youth camp just South.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)Offensive suddenly had a sweeping success, and after a short fight the Fatah al-Halab” ran, which has not happened for a long time (bychno jihadists showed high resistance to melee). Apparently, the start of the fracture not only at the front, but in the psychological state militants. As a result, by the middle of the day, the Republican guard was able to perform the task a maximum: to control the way Canbul, and the insurgents retreated, leaving the battle half a block of Uvaga. If things go on like this, the timing of Stripping in Eastern Aleppo can be reviewed downwards.

This is a short, but extremely successful offensive of the government troops supported by aircraft of the Syrian air force, which also was the reason for the verbal attacks from the “support group” surrounded in Eastern Aleppo of terrorists. The possibility of Syrian aircraft are small, but they were enough to provide such high-speed breakthrough. And if the government in the coming days will be released directly to the road Jambul, then we can talk about a full-fledged disaster for the militants, “Fatah Aleppo in North Aleppo. But to say it in advance should not be. Terrorists have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quickly regroup and to stop the breakouts of the Syrian army. Another thing is that the mood among the fighters slowly but surely began to change, in particular, because no tangible help they are in the last week to get a can not – and do not get. A Syrian government TV at the same time, actively covers successful offensive, beginning with the restoration of control over the ruins of the al-Kindi hospital. To Damascus is an unprecedented openness, testifying to the confidence. In Syrian terms is not always a positive factor, as the government army tend to exaggerate their capabilities in fits of euphoria. They need time to stop, to not work at Palmyra.

Additional resentment on the part of the “London activists” and American propaganda has caused deaths in the district of Deraa in the South mallaha, IIASA – senior field commanders of the Syrian Arab army (SAA), that is, those “moderates” who supported Washington. The agreement on a ceasefire in the province of Deraa was concluded in March after the defeat of the main forces of the jihadists and “moderate”, establishing control over key positions and settlements in southern Syria and “relocation” in the province of Idlib part of the surrendered militants. Car mallaha, IIASA hit a mine on the track Aiib-Jadal, undermining video posted Hezbollah, but the first about the death of the General “moderate” military sources said in Damascus. It is believed that this is the first since March of successful targeted operations of government forces in Deraa and “moderates” through its speakers, London and Qatar, has accused Damascus of violating the cease-fire. However, this agreement does not provide for the termination of operations to destroy the terrorist leaders, which Damascus said rebels and traitors. All such agreements are built on verbal casuistry, and to interpret their provisions if desired may be quite different. Full-scale fighting in Deraa in fact not, and the death of General “moderate” can be explained by chance. Half the country is mined, the ride should be careful, otherwise no American support will not save.

In parallel, in Hama, two suicide bombers tried to organise explosion in the al-HADR at a government building. One was killed on the way, still blown, but injuring only two people. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but not hear words of condemnation of such methods from the “support team” in the West. Now Hama heavy fighting continued – jihadist group continues to hold several villages, but no chance for salvation. From it can expect anything, including such terrorist attacks, but inept their performance also indicates a weakening of the capabilities of jihadists in this area.

In the Northern province of Hama on Monday also began a massive offensive by government forces, among which are the ubiquitous “Tigers”, the 87th brigade of the 11th tank division (this is the most efficient at the moment, the mobile part), supported by the National defense Forces (FDN) – the formation of volunteer local residents. In the open countryside these parts started natural the hunt for the terrorists of Jund al-Aqsa” (a branch of al-Qaeda) in the style of hit-and-run, advancing on the city of Tibat al-ISM. On the day they approached him at the sight and surrounded the village of al-Sha TA.

From Hama a long time ago came news about the successes of the Syrian army. Now, when the ring around Eastern Aleppo have closed and government forces started to sweep, mobile power, sharpened for offensive operations in open terrain, was recovered and was transferred exactly to the North of Hama. It is the choice of the Syrian General staff, the performance of which we shall understand later. Now the Tigers almost completely repeat the tactics they used in the North of Aleppo during the fighting for the farm al-Malah. The “tigers” (light infantry for the most part) as quickly as possible jump on the front line of the enemy, destroy it, or tramping in the trenches and bunkers (if any), and then just as quickly retreat, not secured new positions to avoid losses. They prepare the space for massive attack’s second line, consisting generally of a tank (in the case of Hama is the 11th division).

This is somewhat reminiscent of the First world war, but works successfully. Oddly enough, this simple technique under Verdun in the Syrian desert allows for a very short period of time to capture large areas of open space. Whether it is now – is not clear, but after long sitting in the defense at the front of Hama, government forces EN masse were in motion that cannot fail to draw attention to themselves.


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