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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The rate for large industry

At the International investment forum “Sochi-2016” Rostov region signed agreements totaling $ 20.7 billion. The largest share in the “investment basket” projects were presented by companies that have long established itself in the property development and trading markets.

Implementation of plans of such companies will not only support the weakened positions of the construction sector, but also through a multiplicative effect to pull for him in another 50 industries. Modernization of the same port handling capacity will greatly advance the solution of the tasks of the Russian government to make the country a net exporter of agricultural products. Only at the last forum of the Rostov region was represented by the 114 projects with a total investment of over 690 billion rubles.

“I am glad that the company is going not just to build housing, it is taken to create a comfortable living environment with all necessary infrastructure”

Projects in construction industry recent years has consistently been leading for the don government economic forums in Sochi. For example, last year a large-scale investment projects in the construction sector was not, and the “portfolio” area with 69.7 billion rubles noticeably thinner, compared to the results of the forum-2014 (133 billion), when only two of a development project “VKB Buildings” and “INTECO” together, pulled from 88 billion rubles. Don construction sector tends to approach such well-established industry leaders, as both the capital and the Moscow region and Krasnodar territory. Therefore, investments in this segment particularly welcome the leadership of the region.

This year the main agreement in Sochi were related to construction.

So the company “SU-1 “Yugstroyinvest-don (simultaneously the investor and the developer) plans in the coming years to invest 15 billion rubles in the construction of residential district “Krasny Aksay” in Rostov-on-don. According to the Director of the company Igor Papko, on a plot of 25 hectares will be built 26 apartment buildings, two kindergartens, schools, health facilities and other social infrastructure.

“I am glad that the company is going not just to build housing, it is taken to create a comfortable living environment with all necessary infrastructure. Thanks to this project, as well as the construction of the neighborhood “the Aviator” don capital will grow and square meters, and new landscaped areas”, – said the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

Another large-scale integrated development planning in Rostov GK “kortros is a management holding” (close to “Renove”). According to group President Veniamin Golubitsky, she plans buildings inside the old Rostov airport (3.9 million square meters), which will invest about 200 billion rubles. It is expected that 750 thousand square meters will be reserved for social facilities, a 350 thousand square meters for commercial real estate.

By the way, the development of the construction sector is pushing to strengthen its position in the region and major retail. At the forum the agreement between the government of the region and the company “the Tape” on the construction of three hypermarkets with a total value of 3 billion rubles.

Such injections in the regional construction sector the smallest in Russia of the metropolis should spur the development of another fifty related industries (energy, metallurgy, building materials, road construction, gas industry, etc.).

Including transport workers, who in Sochi was also their investment achievements. First of all we are talking about global modernization of the port of Azov, which is gradually becoming the main “grain gate” in Rostov region.

The company “promekspeditsiya” signed the agreement on building by 2019 capacity storage and handling of grain on its “Azov Grain Terminal Complex” from the current 2.5 million tonnes (2015), at 2-3. The President of the company Petr Khodykin (he was close and the main partner of Promexpeditziya” the leader of Ukrainian grain trading company TD “RIF”) is going to invest about 2.5 billion rubles.

Another 700 million rubles Singapore grain trader Olam International limited (one of the four companies for which Egypt recently lifted a ban on the supply to the Russian grain) is investing in capacity development of the Azov grain terminal. Today, they amount to 790 thousand tons in a year, but to end – 2017, according to senior Vice President of Olam International limited Raj Vardhan, is expected to increase to 1.5 million tons. Will also be increased capacity for simultaneous storage of grain from 48 to 100 thousand tons.
Rostov oblast last years yields record grain harvest (10.6 million tons this year), but the region remains open the problem of maintaining these crops is due to the lack of the required number of elevators. Therefore, the export development and could contribute to the resolution of the problem. For own needs enough of 2.6-2.7 million tons of grain, and the rest – an export potential.

In fact, the formula “to build, produce and export in recent years has become the leitmotif of economic development of the Rostov region. Due to her increased not only traditional Southern agro-industrial complex and emerged in the domestic leaders in the major industry, but also in the eyes of dawn becomes visible in the world market net exporter. What in recent months has increasingly spoken in the Kremlin and the White house.

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