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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The possible deployment of Russian s-300 in Syria due to the “American fever”

Russia deploys Syrian air defense systems s-300V4 “Antey-2500” (NATO classification — SA-23 Gladiator) is such a sensational news was spread by the Fox News channel, citing its sources in the US administration who are the true motives for this decision is supposedly unknown.

However, they emphasize that the militants “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (the old name — “Dzhabhat EN Nusra”) and “IG” (not the groups) no its aircraft or cruise missiles. Against whom, then, can be drawn that weapon?

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

For starters, to clarify: information on the air defense systems s-300V4 came from American sources, the Russian military does not comment on it. Yet. But the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the sources of the United States “ephemeral”.

According to Fox News, in recent weeks, US intelligence allegedly followed by sending Russian air defense systems to Syria – last weekend of the components of the system s-300V4 arrived in the Syrian Tartus, where there are in the containers. As emphasized by Fox News, this is the first deployment of the system s-300V4 outside of Russia.

In this regard, I would like to mention that the Russian military group is in Syria at the request of the government of this country, that is absolutely legitimate that even recognizes the Washington. In addition, on ratification in the state Duma of the Russian Federation is a document about the location of our base Hamim in the province of Latakia, royalty free, perpetual basis, about what Syria and Russia agreed in January. This means that Russia has every reason to deliver to their base any needed weapons (especially weapons of defense — not offensive, but defensive), except that nuclear, which is regulated by international agreements.

But why air defense systems are going to Syria right now, if you really going? But appropriate here a number of assumptions.

First, if our base remains in Syria on a permanent basis, for its protection should be a full-fledged air defense system. Many say: is a little complex s-400? Experts say: one battalion of s-400 is certainly not enough. This complex though, and has unique combat characteristics, covering the sky a little further than just over the base Hamim, but for full protection you want to deploy air defense grouping.

The C-400, for example, as any air defense systems, there are limitations on ammunition. That is his launcher at the same time can be charged only a certain number of missiles. After use they must be recharged. It takes time. To ensure continuous protection of air space should work in other systems.

Each type of the complexes is designed to work on specific goals. We should not forget about the economy — to measure the cost of missiles with the goal that it will destroy. In particular, the s-300V — they once stood on the protection of Moscow, in the area of Labor and the White Church, one type of missile is able to work on ballistic targets, and the second for all other, flying at high speeds at altitudes from 0 to 30 km.

All this is only a small part of the factors justifying the creation of a comprehensive air defense system in Syria is composed of different types of weapons, including existing zrpk “Carapace”, designed to cover direct base Hamim, and the far air defense systems around it.

Secondly, to the question, why now extend the capabilities of Russian air defense in Syria, is no doubt explainable recent bitter disagreements of Russia and the USA on Syria. And here it should be recognized that reflections of the experts Fox News (they claim that the groups no aircraft or cruise missiles, which can withstand s-300V4, but they are in the USA) moving in the right direction.

After 3 October, the state Department announced the termination of bilateral relations with Russia on Syria, masks are finally dropped. The only thing I would like to keep Washington’s military contacts with Moscow in order to avoid incidents in the skies over Syria.

But if we assume that in the sky, including with the help of additionally deployed the s-300V will create a complete air defense system, such contacts may not be necessary. It is difficult to imagine that the Syrian government army will go on the offensive against the militants (as it was recently in the area of Deir ez-Zor), and aviation Pro-American coalition at the same time with this “mistake” will make it a massive blow.

A no-fly zone — the brand name of “peacekeepers” of NATO — in this case will be established unilaterally: Damascus and Moscow. And it is unlikely in this area there is a place for US jets and their coalition, as it was in Libya, when in their discretion they ironed this country.


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