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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Kremlin and the senators explained the background of the plutonium conflict with the United States

The Federation Council is ready to approve the presidential bill suspending the agreement with the United States on the processing of weapons-grade plutonium. According to experts, this measure, adopted in response to hostile American actions, from sanctions to the “Magnitsky act” – will be effective. In addition, the us already actually sabotaged the destruction of stockpiles of plutonium.

The Federation Council is ready to support the suspension of the agreement on the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium, said the speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko. “As soon as the state Duma will consider the law on the suspension agreement on reprocessing plutonium, the Federation Council will consider the document in priority. There is the whole argument that the law was adopted,” she said.

“The potential of unfriendly steps against Russia tends to increase,”

Earlier Tuesday, a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov said that the Federation Council may consider the bill at the meeting on 12 October that the state Duma will have time by the time make that “very likely”.

We will remind, on Monday the US announced the termination of participation in the bilateral channels of communication with Russia on Syria. Later, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on the suspension by Russia of the agreement with the U.S. on plutonium disposition. The document spelled out the conditions of return to the agreement.

First, Washington set the condition to reduce the military infrastructure and the number of troops, deployed on the territories of NATO countries that joined the Alliance after September 1, 2000.

Second, the US must abandon the “unfriendly policy against Russia”, which implies the abolition of the “Magnitsky act”, the abolition of all sanctions imposed by the US, and damages incurred by Russia as a result of the imposition of sanctions. Also, the United States must present a clear plan of irreversible plutonium disposition.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the mentioned measure, a signal to Washington about the inadmissibility of the communication with Russia in the language of ultimatums.

We will add that in Rosatom said that Russia remains committed to its obligations to dispose of 34 tons of plutonium, recognized as excess to defense needs.

“Hostile manifestations in our address”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov explained in the context of suspension agreements with the U.S. on plutonium, we are talking about a statement of fact, not of compensation.

“The wording “demand” in this case is considered inappropriate, – said Peskov. – We are talking about definitions of what we consider to be unfriendly manifestations. Or is it rather a detailed justification for the reasons which formed the basis of this decision of the President”, – said Peskov on the question of the amount of compensation that the United States should provide Russia.

As mentioned above, among the conditions imposed on US is the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Furthermore, the compensation of the damage incurred as a result of their introduction.

Peskov refused to answer the question of how much Moscow estimated compensation. According to him, to say that Russia put US demands for the renewal of the agreement impossible.

“Alone to spend money in terms of sanctions is unreasonable”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia has reminded that some experts had previously said that the United States cannot afford measures weapons-grade plutonium.

Which countries own, have owned, or are trying to master the technology of nuclear weapons (click to enlarge)”However, Russia spends the money spent these funds in order to fulfil its obligations. At the moment, as I understand, alone to waste in the context of the sanctions would be unwise, that’s about it and it goes,” concluded Sands.

Also Peskov, answering the question about the possibility of the suspension by Russia of any agreements with the United States, said that he would not do far-reaching plans.

“If we are talking about a hostile manifestation, we should clarify what we mean. But in General, of course, the potential for unfriendly steps, the non-constructive steps towards Russia, unfortunately, has a tendency to rise and we have repeatedly said and continue to say that all this does not help, unfortunately, the normalization of our bilateral relations”, – said Peskov.

“Why does the Russian unilateral needs to implement the agreement?”

The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, earlier, commenting on Moscow’s position, said: the United States changed the very concept of the agreement by changing its disposal to landfill. “The decision to suspend the bilateral agreement is absolutely justified, why does the Russian unilateral needs to implement the agreement? We don’t want to lose our potential and our partners saved it”, she explained.

Matvienko noted that the emerging tensions between Russia and the USA are not the elements of the cold war. “Today there is a struggle for economic, geopolitical interests, the US is trying to preserve the dominant role in a unipolar world they are trying to build. But the situation in the world is another, Russia defends its national interests and will continue to do so. So goes the deterioration of relations with America”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

“Then the Americans are talking about a reboot”

As explained in conversation with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov: “When we gave the Americans to conclude the contract, then they are actively talking about a reboot of our relations and stressed the need for a policy of rapprochement with Russia. There was one vibe”.

Today, the Americans every day come up with sanctions against us, and with them became very difficult to negotiate,” he added.

“It is clear that in such a situation to continue to fulfill the agreements on such sensitive topics as nuclear safety, is very difficult. We are not talking about the fact that we are all broken. We are talking about that we suspend all of that. I think it’s logical,” – said the Senator.

The Americans decided not to “burn” plutonium”

We will remind, the agreement between Moscow and Washington included, starting in 2018, the conversion of the plutonium into forms unusable for nuclear warheads, by “burning” in nuclear reactors. Each side was planned to dispose of 34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium.

Russia has created the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of the agreements, the U.S. did not. Washington plans to not “burn” the plutonium and mix it with other materials and placed in a radioactive waste repository.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that thanks to this option, States would retain return potential, that is, plutonium can be extracted, processed and again converted into material suitable for nuclear warheads.

“All the same what to heat the oven, expensive furniture”

“I welcome the fact that Russia came back to revise this agreement”, – said the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy Leonid Kalashnikov, in the last Duma, the sixth convocation of the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs. The source recalled that at the time of ratification of this agreement and opposed its conclusion “on those grounds”, which are now indicated President Vladimir Putin.

According to Kalashnikov, Russia was quite profitable to create a special nuclear reactor, which would be “burned” weapons-grade plutonium – “it’s like the stove to heat with expensive furniture”. “The Americans have decided not to process weapons-grade plutonium, and “osteklenii and disposal. Thus, the plutonium can be withdrawn and re-allocated,” – said Kalashnikov.


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