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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists said the “divine origin” half of the Chinese

Researchers from Central South University of China came to the conclusion that the genus of a considerable part of all the current inhabitants of the country dates back to any ancient rulers, which, in turn, the legends ascribe divine origin.”

photo: pixabay.com

Three of the ruler, also known as the Three August, considered the first legendary ruler in China’s history. In myths they are the first leaders and a kind of demigods, giving mankind all the necessary skills. The first of them, TEDA, according to legend, taught the people to fish, hunt and raise cattle, the second Yang Di — was the first classic Zemledelie invented the plow, and the third, Huang Di, the author’s writing, music, arithmetic and medicine, and also inventor of the wheel.

Only Huang Di is almost certainly known that he, at least, charged with a real “prototype”, who lived in China in ancient times, while the other two rulers were probably exclusively fictional characters. However, in the new study, the researchers proceeded from the fact that some historical figure had to meet and Yan Di.

In 2014 he published a scientific paper, which the authors suggested that about 40 percent of today’s Chinese are descendants of one of the Three August. It is their heritage, scientists have found three common haplotypes in the Y chromosome: O3a1c, O3a2c1a and O3a2c1. Intrigued by this study, the experts decided to check whether this assumption is at least partly accurate.

After analyzing the DNA of some 2,500 men, researchers found that galloti O3a1c often met people whose names are related to Yang Di, and O3a2c1a — those whose name was akin to the name of Huang di. According to the researchers, it is with considerable probability means that nearly half of modern Chinese are the distant descendants of the ancient chiefs, or their prototypes.


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