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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Preparing for nuclear war may be a way to prevent it

The US carried out your threat and stop contacts with Russia on Syria. Earlier, Russia broke the agreement with the USA about the utilization of plutonium, putting the Americans the conditions close to impracticable. Against this background, sounded again talk about the possibility of global nuclear war, a possibility which is discussed more often. Is the risk so great?

The theme of the great war occurs and in the media and in comments by officials, and in conversations of ordinary citizens more often. And under the “big war” means not just global conflict and global conflict involving nuclear weapons.

“It seems that the option of a global nuclear war is not excluded, but the country’s leadership is doing everything possible to it to avoid”

In the rhetoric of the United States and Russia in recent months, it is regularly mentioned. This resulted in a recent strong statement by the Russian foreign Ministry that the US strategy involves balancing on the brink of nuclear war. It’s about placing missile interceptors in Romania despite the INF Treaty, and about the development of the nuclear triad. While the events of real life, leave no doubt that Moscow sees what is happening seriously.

Thunder from a clear sky on 29 September a statement was made by the Moscow emergency, as a result of the introduction of new approaches of conducting civil defence in Moscow conducted an inventory of the underground space of the city, allowing you to plan cover 100% of the population of the city.

Suddenly in a whole new light appeared in the recent Moscow events with the demolition of illegal buildings near metro stations. A few months there were numerous heated arguments about architectural form and style of the city, about the philosophical relationship of the appearance of the capital and the political regime in the country, on law and lawlessness in Russia. And then suddenly there was a realization: maybe it’s just that the Moscow metro – the biggest air-RAID shelter, and the authorities have bothered bringing it into compliance with the requirements of civil defence, in particular to access it were not difficult?

October 3, brought in another wave of news on the subject. First, MOE will conduct a nationwide training for civil defense, which will cover more than 40 million people.

Secondly, Russia is in a very severe form of the suspended agreement with the US on weapons-grade plutonium. The conditions for renewal is so hard that it is, in fact, is about the elimination of the contract.

When the announcement came, the U.S. was the middle of the night. By noon Washington time was followed by “asymmetric response”: the state Department has carried out his threat and announced the release of two-way channels of communication with Russia on Syria.

All these events make people nervous and wonder: is the case really goes to the global nuclear Apocalypse? But it is inevitable in the case of a direct military clash between Russia and the United States (NATO).

Seems that the option of a global nuclear war is not excluded, but the country’s leadership is doing everything possible to avoid.

Right now the world is in full process of transformation and restructuring of the whole global system – both political and economic. Processes have become so obvious that they can be observed with the naked eye. The biggest loss during this transformation will have to incur to the United States, simply because they were the main beneficiary of the passing into oblivion of the system.

Here arises the main question: what is ready to go to the United States to prevent or reduce your loss?

This question is especially relevant because States are still the most powerful and influential country in the world with enormous resources at its disposal. Yes, and with a keen sense of his own Messiahship and superpower. In this situation, the likelihood that the global hegemon in the form of its establishment dares to take the most radical steps from the “do not get you to anybody”, increase. In addition, there is another important fact in the absence of the fear of nuclear weapons.

The most important feature of the cold war was that the opposing superpowers led by people who on my skin experienced a world war (and sometimes both). For the rest of their days, they carried the fear of a repetition of world slaughter, and that was the main factor that allowed them to negotiate with each other. Even in such a dangerous moment, as the Cuban missile crisis.

For the current generation of rulers war akin to computer games, where different parts of the world die at your command tens of thousands of nameless, faceless units, but most can be saved and reboot. In doing so, they never knew hunger, cold, lack of medical care, not seen in reality as they look destroyed in the bombing of the city, as the stink of mountains of human corpses.

Such “inexperience” of public actors in the current transformation period makes the risk of use of nuclear weapons even higher. All that remains to do in this situation is to prepare for such a scenario and to work towards its prevention.

The Kremlin has chosen a strategy of action that combines both factors.

In the interactive computer world, Russia has blatantly and openly to the whole world preparing for the worst. Prepared in reality. Continuous and large-scale illuminated military exercises have become commonplace, but even here stand the teachings of the strategic missile forces. Now is the turn of civilians – prepared asylum-conducted training. All emphasized public – the world public – activity sends “overseas partners” two messages.

First: we are ready, and you? Second, if you dare, do not expect to survive – you’ll take with you.

I want to believe that it would be enough to sober judgment and restraint American elites when making crucial decisions.


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