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Friday, March 23, 2018

Animators lifted sanctions

In the capital House of cinema started the XXIII international festival “KROK” is one of the largest and most prestigious animation festivals in Russia. This year the festival there are reasons for joy and for sadness. Planned vigorous, in spite of its 80 years of age, the celebration of the anniversary of “Soyuzmultfilm”. And then – bitter and sudden, like thunder from a clear sky, the evening in memory of the Director Eduard Nazarov, one of the permanent presidents of KROK, who passed away less than a month ago.

Scene from the cartoon “Ivan and the wolf”

The festival brought together over a thousand young filmmakers from 52 countries – 1082 film was sent for selection “crock”. At the festival it is customary to alternate the work of the masters and aspiring filmmakers, so this year “the CROC” invites” to his student, diploma and debut films. And if venerable professionals have long managed to establish itself, waiting for a strong and confident movie, young Directors is to hope for discoveries, surprises, and fresh view of the world. To discover new names in animation have incredible “star” of the jury – filmmakers, winners of numerous awards Igor Kovalev (Russia) and Isabella Plucinska (Poland-Germany), film critic and organizer of a number of European festivals, Otto Alder (Switzerland), producers from around the world Biranu Ghose (India) and Pascal. (Canada).

As you know, “KROK” – festival of waterfowl. Ship “Konstantin Simonov” with entertainers on Board will proceed on the route Moscow-Yaroslavl, with stops in Uglich, Myshkin, Cherepovets, Kostroma and Plyos. During this time, will be shown 139 entries, plus a few informational and retrospective programmes, will host the “debriefing” of young Directors, each of whom will be able to get advice from a recognized animation pros led by President “crock” Yuri Norstein. By the way, on the anniversary of the oldest Studio of the country Yuri will share their memories of creating his cartoons, recognized as the best in the world – “Hedgehog in the fog” and “tale of Tales”. A connoisseur of poetry, Director Andrey Hrzhanovsky will present the poetic side of “Soyuzmultfilm”, and the artists Marina Kurchevskaya and Nina Vinogradova will tell about the secrets of puppet animation.

In the first days of the festival in the “young” contest of student works – stood out some very cute and uplifting cartoons. In the children’s movie “AAA” (dir. Andreas Hummel, Switzerland) little dragon sneezed and set fire to your house. Who to call to help him? Maybe the wolf who blows the houses of the three little pigs trying to destroy them? It is better he puts out the fire, what scares kids! In the German cartoon “Ivan and the wolf” Anna Levinson wolf also found a new role. According to the village custom, the boy Vanya to kill a wolf to become a real man. But the wolf is so pathetic and harmless that Ivan comes up with a plan of rescue: drags him into the house under the guise of skinning the dead animal. Now the “skin” is warm, satisfying and not boring.

Scene from the cartoon “Ivan and the wolf”

French Edward De Kohl and Antoine Annion took the tragedy of “the Staircase (He and she)”. All drama, romance and irony of the picture compactly kept within two minutes. A young man stands under the balcony of the girl and begs me to let him get away the ladder, vowing beauty of eternal love. However, the ladder he’s climbing on a completely different balcony where you can watch a football match on TV.

It is not surprising that the relationship between the sexes is one of the most popular themes in cinema, especially cinema student. Why are there only! And the love story of an ardent young man to the girl telephone addiction (“В2ЕМ”, dir.Adrian Cuwi, France), and the gap between the parents and the eyes of a child – mother turned into a cat, and my dad a big dog (“Tailwind”, ERI Kinoshita, Japan), and even the passion between banknotes (Banknote novel, Czecho Xue, USA). In the “Walk” Tatyana Kuznetsova (Russia) the Princess was unable to choose between two adoring knights. And they fought and crumbled. Then the Princess was collected from the “details” of the new knight and went with him.

In a good movie isolation often unexpected. As, for example, jørn Leuverink in “the same coin” (the Netherlands). The charlatan come patients: one with no arms, the second – the bald, the third – in a wheelchair. All of them the healer promises to help, but the cure is not happening. Then patients take the initiative in their hands and it immediately goes on the amendment. However, his health deteriorated – gone some limbs and hair… In another cartoon – Astronaut-K (Daniel Horisberger, Switzerland) loser-Koala astronaut in distress on a strange desert planet. His clumsiness brings him misfortune to misfortune: a spaceship flying, first aid kit falling off a cliff, clothes torn. In desperation, the hero looks around and discovers that not everything is so bad: on the planet are trees with succulent leaves, and an astronaut Koala can be an ordinary Koala, and enjoy life.

At the beginning of the voyage on the ship is a traditional evening Dating. Anyone can present themselves from the scene to the extent of his imagination and abilities. This time, the most “active reader” have become Russian-speaking participants of the festival. Actress Larisa Brokhman informed the audience that grew up in Chelyabinsk at the factory entrance, and sang a rowdy song about a maniac, which was immediately impromptu in the background is hilarious portrayed the Belarusian film Director and composer Igor Volchek. Directed by Eugene Zhirkov, anticipating the pathetic song, told everyone about her great-grandmother – a devout old woman, regularly prosidevshy Eugene little about Lenin and Stalin – so hard that on the first of September Jack decided to give the teacher a picture of the leaders with a halo over his head. Director Filippova Katya touched room with a poem by Yunna Moritz “the Ship”: and how can you not get emotional when you’re floating, swaying on the waves, on the same ship, under the starlit sky with good company of artists and the harsh captain who loves cartoons.

At some point, leading Dating party playwright Vadim Zhuk decided to ask hall why not speak foreign participants: it is not whether the sanctions because they affected? And foreign guests did not disappoint, clearly proving that in the world of art policy can not be. Member of the jury Byrne Ghosh, the Director of a famous Indian animation Studio and visual effects proved to be good singer: in the audience was even a rumor that Byrne personally voiced romance “Slumdog Millionaire”.

A great entertainer, Ukrainian artist Valeriy chiglyaev asked to go on stage representatives of the French delegation who know the native language. The French have recruited fifteen people. “Did you know that the French word “Joue”?” – asked them to Valery. The way the Directors were surprised, but just in case, nodded. “Then sing along in my sign: I was lying in the sun! And at the sun stare!” – “All lie, and look…” – pulled up foreigners with a good French accent to the laughter of the hall. After the number of the participants tried to learn from Russian friends, the value of the mysterious “Mrs.” and, appreciating the joke, laughed. Leave the stage by young French Directors already failed and the choir sang the signature “Les Champs-Élysées”, which caused the applause of colleagues, universal fraternization and dancing on deck until morning.


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