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Friday, February 23, 2018

What former press Secretary of President Nazarbayev was imprisoned for six years

Six years in a General regime colony with confiscation of property — it is the sentence that a court in Astana sentenced the head of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan, a former press Secretary of President Nazarbayev, Seitkazy Mataev. Son Mataeva asset received “humane” — of the colony he needs to get out a year earlier than his father. The official reason for the misadventures of these two prominent people in the country — committed economic crimes. But in the political circles of Kazakhstan are sure that the real background of the incident is of a different nature.

photo: youtube.com

Seitkazy Mataev, the head of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan.

It is not even about trying to send a black mark to the journalistic community of the Republic. We are talking about the political struggle in the higher echelons of power in Kazakhstan is the desire of certain political players in advance to secure a place in the sun in a period when the Republic replaced the head of state.

Someone collects stamps, someone- coins. But among senior Kazakh politicians decided to collect the media. From an economic point of view, it is quite senseless. Due to the small size of the market, very few Kazakh media can bring to their owners is really a significant income. But in the country, whose economy is built on mining, it is not very important for the highest political players. Media interest to them as a channel of political influence, as an opportunity at the right time to establish an information agenda to throw dirt on the opponent, to praise his own person.

The vast majority of prominent non-state mass media in Kazakhstan do not advertise their owners. But at the same time their owners known: the members of the most influential families of the Republic. Controlled, Seitkazy by Mataeva Agency KazTAG was in this respect one of the very few exceptions. He, apparently, paid. 61-year-old Seitkazy Mataev — it’s kind of a legend of Kazakhstani journalism. After working for 11 years in various national media, he in 1991 became the press Secretary of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. In the corridors of power, Seitkazy Mataev, however, is not particularly lingered: the role played by his hot temper and some inherent in the whole Soviet and post-Soviet journalistic community habits and preferences.

But, ceasing to be an officer, Mataev was not lost in life. He had become the unofficial mediator between the government and journalists of Kazakhstan. Seitkazy Mataev headed the national Union of journalists, was the founder of the national press club. Mataev took thrown in the trash the old Soviet brand KazTAG (as in the Soviet era was called the Republican branch of TASS) and created on its basis one of the most influential media in the country.

Version Matayev, then the following happened: a prominent Republican officials who had previously worked in government and now in Parliament, asked him to give KazTAG. Mataev in a very rude manner refused. And insulted to the core officials decided to complete the program to punish the offender. Then the stakes went up even more. Preserve a good attitude to Mataeva President Nazarbayev has put forward his persecutors ultimatum: either you prove that the charges in his address accusations are unfounded, you yourself will be punished to the fullest extent. The conviction of Seitkazy Mataev turned to a large group of Kazakh officials in the matter of personal survival.

Of course, I do not guarantee that this version of events is 100% fair. I can vouch for another: it is this version of events, Seitkazy by Mataeva it is believed in political circles of Kazakhstan the most likely. And it creates in Astana and Alma-ATA very strong nervous tension: if it happened with such a respected brand and loyal human power, as a Matai, who can feel secure? The court’s decision — a decision of the court. It should be respected even if you disagree with him. But I have a feeling that in the case of Seytkazy Matayev still early to finish.

I hope that this point will put Nursultan Nazarbayev is a leader with a very well developed political instincts and a large stock of common sense. In a country such as Kazakhstan, should be only one “master” — its legitimate President.


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