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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The West did not accept Russia’s proposal to resolve the conflict in Syria

Six member countries of the UN security Council, including the US, Britain and France rejected Russia’s draft resolution in which you want an end to attacks on Syria to respect its sovereignty and stop intrusions. Anti-Russian solidarity of the West unleashes the chief place of resolution – Turkey. Yes, and the West acts in Syria without regard to the opinion of Damascus, experts remind.

The members of the UN Security Council during the discussion of Russia’s draft resolution on Syria is not agreed and took a break until Monday. On Saturday said the Chairman of the security Council, the Venezuelan Minister Rafael Ramirez.

“The provision on non-infringement of Syria’s borders hardly had a chance to support, considering that the us coalition is acting this way”

We will remind, Russia has proposed a draft resolution (which requires all States to stop the shelling of Syria, to respect its sovereignty and “leave all attempts or plans,” the military invasion of the territory of the country) rejected by the permanent representatives of the United States and France.

The representatives of these countries, Samantha Power, and françois Delattre unanimously said that the Russian project “no future”. According to diplomats, the meeting of the UN security Council voted against 6 members of the security Council, including the same United States, France and Britain.

“Here in this case I can only Express my regret that the draft resolution was not supported,” – said in comments to journalists the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov. “Russia, of course, continues his consistent, transparent and clear policy aimed at ensuring stability, combating terrorism, preserving the territorial integrity of the States of the region”, – quoted Peskov RIA “Novosti”.

France has “forgotten” about the risk of war

Thus, the West has carried out cover the actions of Turkey, it is obvious that the call to respect the sovereignty of Syria relates primarily to this country.

Turkish troops for several days are artillery fire on the positions of the Kurds in the border area in Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will continue to attack.

On Thursday it was also reported that the Turkish military penetrated 200 meters into Syrian territory West of the city of Afrin, the soldiers escorted bulldozers and construction equipment digging trenches near the village of Maidan-Ikbis. In addition, through the Turkish border in the border town of Azaz in Northern Syria in the night of Thursday, was deployed reinforcements – at least 500 militants “dzhebhat an-Nusra and Pro-Turkish group “Ahrar al-sham”.

The Kurds, who continued the attack on the positions of terrorists “Islamic state” in Northern Syria, vowed not to allow Turkey to come close to the Syrian town of Azaz and said there was evidence of support for Islamist Turkey. It is significant that the United States has called on Kurdish self-defense forces “not to take additional territory in the North of Syria, in order not to antagonize Turkey.


Washington continues to put forward claims in cooperation with Ankara: US President Barack Obama and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan appealed to Russia and the army chief of Bashar al-Assad to stop the alleged attacks on the moderate Syrian opposition, as reported by the White house after a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

In this light it looks rather ambiguous behaviour of the French. French President Francois Hollande logically linked Turkey’s presence in Syria and the potential risk of a military clash between Turkey and Russia. “Turkey is involved in Syria… There exists a risk of war”, – quotes the President of the Republic of the radio station Europe1. “That’s why going to the UN Security Council,” – said Hollande.

However, in the security Council France has joined the ranks of those who did not move a resolution designed to stop the aggressive intentions of Erdogan and his entourage.

“To draw Russia into war with Turkey”

The rejection of the Russian draft resolution is “a bad sign. This means that the allies of Turkey refuse to bind her hands in a possible aggression against Syria,” said the newspaper VIEW Dean of the faculty of world politics and Economics, HSE, member of the Council on foreign and defense policy Sergey Karaganov.

He did not rule out that “our Western friends” want “to draw Russia into war with Turkey, or Vice versa. In fact, they push Turkey to “entered” in the Syrian conflict, “or, at least, had the opportunity to sign and there collided with Russia,” says the source.

Perhaps this step the West is trying to limit Russia’s capabilities, “although I don’t really see how they are limited”, said the analyst.

There is also the possibility that these countries are annoyed by the activities of Russia and vote against any resolution that it offers,” said psaki, noting that it would be the best option, but even he does not exclude the presence of the first variant of collision of Russia and Turkey.

The interviewee said that the West definitely do not want to end the Syrian conflict in Moscow, that is the victory of Bashar al-Assad and partial recovery of the Syrian state, again, on terms favorable to our country. “The victory of Russia would mean the next, twenty-fifth, defeat of the Western coalition, after Afghanistan, Iraq… Wherever they intervene everywhere lose,” the expert concluded.

“Turkey will be sufficient room for maneuver”

“The contradictions between the West and Russia on Syria deepen”, stated in conversation with the newspaper VIEW political analyst, President of the national strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov. Offensive by Syrian government forces with Russian air support “more and more annoying not only regional opponents of Assad and the Western countries”, he said.

However, such a draft resolution would be rejected even at the minimum contradictions, and the reasons for this are quite clear, added the analyst. “The provision on non-infringement of Syria’s borders of foreign States without invitation of Damascus hardly had a chance to support, given that the us coalition is acting without such a mandate and it does not imply because they do not recognize the Assad regime as legitimate,” – said the expert.

However, to put the question about the shelling of the Kurds, the inadmissibility ground operation against them by Turkey “you need at least because the American position on this issue is ambiguous,” said the source.

As for Turkey, the “rejection of the resolution may be perceived by Ankara as a positive signal,” the expert added. He did not rule out that Turkey may start a “proceed at your own risk”.

“The West at the same time, may not be directly to support Turkey, not only because of the risk of a military conflict with Russia, but also due to the fact that their strategy included some support for the Kurds – said Remizov. – But yet the impression that the West would supply Turkey any barriers from the point of view of the invasion”. According to the expert, “Turkey will be enough freedom for maneuver.


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