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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The wedding of Vladimir Kekhman celebrated theatrical

On Sunday, the artistic Director of two major Opera theatres of the country Vladimir Kekhman, whose name has long been synonymous with flooding, lack of control and the disturbance of peace, was crowned. Was expecting something appropriate reputation, but even those who gathered in Saint Petersburg on the invitation, was amazed by the action. In fact, it was a theatrical feast in two acts and two intermissions, which was preceded by a solemn ceremony of wedding. The witnesses of which were only observers of the “MK”.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater

Prologue. Wedding

It takes place in the temple Holy and righteous Simeon the God-receiver and Anna the Prophetess, on the corner of Mokhovaya and Belinsky, close to the Mikhailovsky theatre. The venue for the wedding was not chosen randomly: it turns out that twenty years ago, in this temple Kekhman was baptized, and it is fully renovated with his money. Here is his Confessor, father Oleg, he baptized Vladimir Abramovich, and he also conducts the wedding ceremony.

No wedding convoy of limousines, no crowds of photographers at the entrance. The temple is closed to outsiders: there is not more than 30 guests, children Kekhman — the eldest son mark (22 years), Junior — teen Michael (14 years old) and daughter Anna (17 years old). Mark arrived at the wedding with his wife from Los Angeles, where he lives and is studying to be a filmmaker. Chorus of the Mikhailovsky theatre performs the Canon, and his professional solemn sound makes a strong impression.

The servant of God Vladimir servant of God Anastasia…

Although the new wife of Vladimir Kekhman’s name is IDA, but the name of Anastasia she received at baptism. Baptized also her father Oleg. Bridesmaid dress modest long white neckline, three quarter sleeve, veil. No lipstick, false eyelashes and full lips. It seems that IDA is not much makeup has a very natural look. After the wedding, during the evening she twice changed dress. And her husband will remain in classic black suit, white shirt with a tie.

The instruction of a father, Oleg though designed in the spirit of the canonical (“the wife must obey her husband” and so on), but it was a place such non-standard concepts like synergy.

After an hour of the ceremony, all go to the Mikhailovsky theatre. Here is deployed the second action personal kaimanovich performance.


The Mikhailovsky theatre. Guests, and many come with children, going to guest, outside the office of artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky. Again, surprise — there is no secular or polyviscose character who likes to be an eyesore to secular reporters. No glamorous outfits, vulgarity, typically accompanying major events notable persons. Elegant dresses on women, suits for men — no more. All drinking champagne and eating caviar. What will happen at the reception, nobody knows. But the reception is still ballet.

The act first. Chipollino

Ballet tonight give children “Chipollino”. Despite the childishness in the room people are standing literally on the walls, and the staff no one seated — ever, tickets sold out long ago. Because this “Chipollino”, though it was nine years in the repertoire of the Mikhailovsky, but unique and will probably be played only once. In classical dance (tracing from the setting of Heinrich Mayorov 1972) this evening come the real stars: Ivan Vasiliev — Signor Tomato, Denis Matvienko debuts as Prince Lemon (entered in the show with two rehearsals). Cipollino, as it was, and Leonid Sarafanov — all dancing brilliantly. Kekhman with IDA in the Director’s box, although all expect he’s going to come out of Prince Lemon, as it was once on the morning show, arranged for children sponsors. But Vladimir Abramovich did not set foot on the stage even on the bows will remain for wife.

But in the second the bows (and they are made specially) on the main musical theme, the artists start to leave one by one and at the Lodge doing the PA and throw rose petals. And just… No speeches, transforming the celebration into a mourning event.

Act two. Dinner party

The hall is empty. All go out to dinner, but no one knows where it is and how to pass. The mystery is sustained till the end. Guests, including us, is in the backstage area, that is, in its very depth. And here with fabulous decoration — ten round a table, each with a name from a ballet that only played out to the public. We got the table “Pumpkin” and next to “Magnolia” (in the tale of Gianni Rodari no Magnolia no, she only appears in the ballet’s libretto), tables, “cherry”, “Prince Lemon”, “Tomato”. Hall “captured” from the guests a translucent mesh, and it attaches to the empty room theatre mystery which adds a luxurious chandelier of St. Michael, which changes color in the gloom of the hall.

Wow! Kekhman gave!

However, the newly divorced wife on the table: Kekhman, of course, at the table, “Prince Lemon”, IDA with her mother, who came from Novosibirsk, children, spouse and friends as a happy family, occupied the table “Magnolia.”

What do we know about the IDA, now the name Kekhman? She’s from Novosibirsk, now lives in Moscow. Start to earn a living since I was 18. Was married to film producer Lolo. Not afraid to become the wife of a man officially declared bankrupt.

Here on the eve of the wedding with her told “MK” Vladimir Kekhman:

IDA was the name of my mother. And I when we met she said. So, IDA believes that I’ll be fine. Maybe she’s the only new people (well, except for my father-Confessor, he had no doubt in me), who absolutely believes in me. And this, of course, allows me to relate to it is not something that with love, and with incredible gratitude. And it is higher than love. For me.

— Maybe your IDA — desperate pretty bad ass. And for her, I’m sorry, this adventure — to marry a bankrupt.

— Yeah, well, desperate, if windsurfs. I can only say that it is unique, if you are in such a difficult period for me to change. Changes with it for this year, there have been fundamental: IT-girl she turned into is astonishing in its perception, decency and seriousness personality. A change of person can only be God.

The children took it?

— Children — two of them, because Mark’s own family will live with me and IDA.

And as their relationship? They call it mother?

— No, just IDA. While all of them well.

It is seen that the right people and wedding generals no dinner. In communication between people, the atmosphere — friends, theatre, okoloteatralnyh, out of business, but Kekhman infected with the virus of socialism. The world of ballet presents artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet by Mahar by Vasilevym, his predecessor Sergei Filin, the ballet company of the Mikhailovsky. Of Opera soprano Veronica Dzhioeva, tenor Sergei Kuzmin, editor of the magazine “Forbes” — he is personal friends with Vladimir Kekhman, who very ably leads the evening with respect to everyone, giving everyone to make a toast. If, summarize, bring all of the toast common denominator, most of them boil down to a Kekhman as a person that changes the world and provokes action. The person who is not rushing in this life and has a firm understanding of the nature of things. In the toast a lot of irony, of humor.

Jazz team led by singer Theon, Kontridze. Sing Dzhioeva, Kuzmin. In the final Dzhioeva Ossetian and Georgian, Kontridze perform “Tbilisi” Bravo, virtuoso improvisation. The time approaching 3 am. The last word — for IDA. At dinner she in a dress from Yudashkin (cream, long, with lace insert), and the ballet she was in tight-fitting dress that accentuates a slender figure. She says about any wedding and the wedding would not be out of the question, if the children of Vladimir it is not supported. For her this is a fundamental point.

All agree that this dinner on the occasion of the wedding — a sample taste, style and intelligence. It remains to add that all this evening on stage and backstage, worked for free. The largest hotel Peter gave Kekhman rooms for its guests, a well-known restaurant company covered the tables.

Watch the video on “the Artistic Director of two major Opera theatres of the country Vladimir Kekhman married”


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