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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The new President of Estonia was suspected of sympathy for neo-Nazism

In Estonia, the third attempt was elected the new head of state. The first in Estonian history woman President Kersti Kaljulaid is considered a compromise figure. However, opposition activists confuses political biography of the President, and how she became head of the state.

The President of Estonia for the first time in the history of the country was a woman. Kirsty Kaljulaid previously worked as a representative of a country in the European accounts chamber.

“The elections were uncontested and the procedure is closed”

The new head of state could only select the third attempt. Estonia has a two-tier system of indirect election of the President: first the President is trying to elect a Parliament, but if none of the candidates will not be able to get the necessary number of votes, the election continues in the electoral College.

During three rounds of voting held in the Parliament on 29 and 30 August, the deputies failed to elect the head of Estonia, since none of the candidates received the required winning number of votes. Thus, the election was continued in the Board, which included 101 members of Parliament and representative of the 234 local municipalities, only 335.

The electors have not chosen

One of the three candidates – the opposition Mailis reps, advocating good-neighborly relations with Russia, just hoping that in the event of failure of a vote in Parliament, the head of Estonia will select a panel of electors, consisting of representatives of counties. Party reps noted that it was the Board she has a good chance to win.

The electoral College after the restoration of independence Estonia has been elected President in 1996, 2001 and 2006, and twice in 1992 and 2011 – these functions handled by the Parliament. However, this time the electoral College on 24 September also failed to choose the President of Estonia in the second round of voting because no candidate received the needed to win number of votes. Then the elections began again in Parliament.

2 Oct Celluloid was registered as the sole presidential candidate of the country. Candidate at the registration stage was supported by 90 deputies of the Parliament, including all members of the ruling coalition, as well as 23 members of the largest opposition Centrist party and all members of the opposition Free party. Only faction of the Conservative people’s party, with seven MPs, has become the only, all members of which refused Celluloid support.

To win she needed to get at least 68 votes (two-thirds of the 101-seat Parliament). As a result, for Kaljulaid voted 81 people’s choice of the 101. “Thank you for your trust and given their voices for me,” said the new President of deputies, reports TASS.

We will remind, powers of the present President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to expire in October. He has held this post for the second time and, under the Constitution, cannot be elected for a third term.

The husband of the President doing housework

Kaljulaid was born in 1969. He graduated from Tartu University with a degree in biology in 2001 she defended her master’s degree in business management. Held a number of senior positions in banking and business structures, was an adviser on economic issues to the Prime Minister March Laare. Since 2004 is the representative of Estonia in the European accounts chamber.

Kaljulaid engaged in public work: since 2011 she is the President of the Council of the University of Tartu, 2016 heads the Council on monitoring development of the office of Parliament. A member of the party.

In the family Kaljulaid four children – one daughter and three sons. Husband George Rene Maksimovskaya engineer, worked in the Institute of Cybernetics of the University of Tartu. At the present time in connection with the work of the spouse bringing up children and housework.

“Got the post through internal agreements”

The leader of the Estonian movement “Night watch”, a human rights activist Dmitry Linter said the newspaper VIEW, on Monday held in Tallinn picket for freedom of speech and the right of citizens to choose the President. He stressed that Celluloid chose the so-called Committee of the wise, composed of only six people, after which this resolution was approved by the Parliament. “The elections were uncontested. The procedure itself was closed”, – he said.

Speaking of Celluloid, Linter said that “she was not present in the media and was a member of the Russophobic party “Isamaaliit” (“Fatherland Union”)”. According to the interlocutor, the party is “promoting neo-Nazi ideas.”

Also Kaljulaid negotiated about the fate of the Narva power plants – the largest industrial asset of the North-East of Estonia, says Linter. Once the Americans wanted to privatize this object, and Celluloid was one of the members of the negotiating team.

“Her figure is not known to anyone. She received a political post by the enclosed agreement, with violation of all democratic norms and procedures. There is no legitimacy to the Estonian President here and does not smell,” he said.

Without the involvement of the American Ambassador

Linter stressed that the President of Estonia has neither the influence nor the weight, but because of the political kitchen can affect some processes, for example, to approve certain laws. This opportunity was actively used by President Toomas Ilves, who in addition to Estonian and had American citizenship.

When the ruling Centrist party in the last parliamentary elections received almost twice the votes of his nearest competitor, she never got the chance to form a government. That’s right – without the involvement of Ilves – was transferred to the other party, which was a violation of democratic procedures”.

Linter sure Kaljulaid President convenient for the United States as U.S. Ambassador to Estonia participated in the consultation process on the figure of the new President and gave their comments on this subject. “This is a shadow theater in the country is absurd. The more absurd the situation is impossible to imagine… This is a disgrace to talk about the legitimacy of the President makes no sense”, – said Dmitry Linter.

In turn, head of the Centre for post-Soviet studies of the Institute of Economics Leonid Vardomsky notes that the Estonian President selected from the members of the elite and this system has long been formed. “Estonia has its own system of election of the President. This is the face of the country, and, consequently, it can influence foreign policy. It doesn’t handle quickly, do not sign the current orders and decrees, but it forms this policy. Random people can not get into the presidential chair. Estonia was the inter-party bargaining, and Celluloid became a compromise figure,” said vardomskiy the newspaper VIEW.


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