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Friday, March 16, 2018

The battle of Hungary with Brussels won Merkel

Monday was supposed to be a day of triumph for the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and other opponents of the admission of refugees in the EU. Having failed to convince Brussels and Berlin, Orban actually incited them the population of the country, calling to Express attitude to migrants in a referendum. The referendum was held – and its suspicious results surprised many.

The question posed to the Hungarian referendum was: “do you Want to allow the EU to take a decision on the relocation to Hungary without the consent of Parliament?” Meant offer of Brussels on “quotas” to illegal migrants. The General idea is to help Italy and Greece can not cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees and “spread” the displaced persons in all EU countries in proportion to their population.

“Feminists, homosexuals, Jews, atheists – all they have to understand that if the country comes to Islam, it is finished with them”

According to this mathematics, Hungary needs to adopt 1294 refugee. Seemingly insignificant figure for almost 10-million country. However, the Hungarians were worried about the principle, according to which the bureaucracy in Brussels can redirect the flow of migrants to any country, no matter its leadership, nor with the population. The polls claimed: about 53% of the citizens of the country “definitely” going to participate in the plebiscite of October 2, 23% “likely”, with a high probability. While the initiator of the referendum made personally by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. His party, Fidesz successfully intercepted the topic of fight against illegal migration from a right-wing party “Jobbik”, regained its popularity among the electorate ahead of parliamentary elections in 2018 plans to develop success in this area. Now “fides” more than two thirds of seats in Parliament, so the constitutional majority for the realization of the outcome of the referendum was secured from the beginning.

The preparations for the plebiscite was at the highest level. His advertising was allowed on TV in the breaks between broadcasts of the world Cup. The whole country was plastered with posters PPE series with the question “did you Know?” (for example, “did you Know that the Paris attacks were committed by migrants?”) The liberal media of the United States, Britain and Germany gave strip under materials condemning the rampant Hungarian “nationalism”. Fake “Party dog with two tails” parodied the government’s campaign Rackley posters with questions: “do you Know that your head may fall off a tree?” The Hungarians, this did not appreciate the humor: according to the same survey, more than 80% of people who want to participate in the referendum was going to vote against quotas for migrants.

As many refugees moved to Europalace way, the people and the ruling party was United in its desire to preserve national identity. The plots were tazalis not only those voters, who usually gives voice to the conservative “Fidesz” – Orban has tried to combine traditional most non-traditional minorities. His assistant, historian lászló Tomecki shortly before the referendum came on TV and said, “Feminists, homosexuals, Jews, atheists – all they have to understand that if the country comes to Islam, it is finished with them”. In the end, against the referendum were only a small opposition party, uniting left-wing and green. However, outside of the country the Hungarian initiative has met growing irritation.

Orban has long played the role of “bad guy” in the background politcorrectness European leaders. His initiatives to change the Constitution, which now States that the people of Hungary unite God and Christianity”, was perceived in Brussels as “the mutiny, and his struggle of migrants is regarded as a dangerous encroachment on the unity of the whole European Union. After 2015 Orban to curb the flow of migrants ordered to erect a wall on the border of Hungary and Serbia, the media branded him a “neuropace”. And when he opposed the quotas for migrant workers, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg demanded to exclude Hungary from the European Union

It’s not even the overt traditionalism and conservatism of the political agenda “fides”. Much more dangerous for the European Union is the fact that the Hungarian leadership openly opposes himself to a single political line of Brussels, the “bad guy” sets an example to those countries where the decisions in Brussels and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel on the issue of refugees are, to put it mildly, critical. The fact is Hungary is headed by countries of the “Visegrad four” (plus the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) in their revolt against illegal migration. It is the Orban proposed an alternative plan for the settlement of the migration crisis, which is to send all the refugees from Europe to Libya, where you need to build one huge camp. From there, the refugees can send letters with the request to accept them in the EU, and the bureaucracy of the European Union will answer them with a polite refusal.

You need to understand that Fronda Orban is quite risky. For poor Hungary is vitally important and a good business relationship with Germany, and the opportunity for Hungarians to look for work across Europe, and EU grants. However, on the question of migrants, the country’s leadership strives to Brussels with the same unwavering stubbornness, with which in his time were arguing with the Central Committee of the Communist party Janos Kadar.

In response, the Budapest European Parliament President Martin Schulz has proposed to cut funding for Hungary and other countries that are not willing to show solidarity in the issue of refugees”. At the same time, Amnesty International released a report about how bad attitude in Hungary towards migrants. On Friday, human rights activists even held a small rally in Budapest, and the opposition party “Together” and “Dialogue for Hungary” has tried to reduce voter turnout, encourage citizens to “stay home, to stay in Europe.” And just a few hours before the vote there was a strange stuffing information: several Austrian and German websites have published information about some “secret talks” that held Angela Merkel and Viktor Orban. Allegedly, the German Chancellor promised the Prime Minister of Hungary investment and assistance in disputes concerning the construction of NPP “Paks-2” with Russia’s participation, in exchange for the “right the results of the referendum”.

It is not clear how Orban in this case could for one night to convince millions of his countrymen. However, there was a loophole in the calculation of voter turnout. The results of the referendum in principle are not legally binding for the European Union, but shall be taken into account. However, only in the case if the referendum does take place, it will take part not less than 50% of voters (4,137 million votes). As if in defiance of stuffing Orban took part in the referendum, one of the first and, as soon as they left the polling station, reminded the journalists that Hungary is the only country in Europe where the vital issue of migration openly brought up for discussion people. This opposition of the Hungarians with the European Union he likened to the Budapest uprising of 1956 and the breakthrough of barriers on the border with Austria in 1989, which became a symbol of the late socialist Hungary.

On the night of 3 October on the voting results, no one argued, – it was obvious that the Hungarians will say migration “no.” But the final turnout caused a flurry of comments – about 40%, so the referendum shall be declared invalid. It is a blow to Orban, who spent nearly $ 100 million on campaigning in the media, and his party, and for all enemies of the migration policy of Brussels. Angela Merkel – she met with Orban or not – will be able to breathe freely. On the referendum in Hungary was won by the bureaucracy of the European Union.

Another issue is that this is a temporary victory. The immigration crisis will not go away. Hundreds of thousands of refugees – real and samonazvanie – continue to storm and irreversibly to change the old Europe. Not disappeared and the opponents of this policy sabistina trying to defend their national and cultural identity facing a new migration of peoples. But Viktor Orban and Polish “grey cardinal” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, declared “cultural counter-revolution” against Brussels will still try to implement it.

In any case, against the immigration policy of the Brussels voted about three million people in the ten-country. About 95% of the Hungarians who came to the polls, denied the EU the right to resettle refugees without consulting their government. For the EU these figures will be a reminder of how dangerous to its very existence may be the policy of uncontrolled admission of migrants. And Orban is a reason to continue their trade with the EU leadership.


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