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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Scientists named the most cynical beauty secret

A group of researchers under the leadership of Nicolas Ferla from the University of London proved scientifically that a person looks more beautiful in the eyes of others, if he is accompanied by his obviously more ugly friends. This is evidenced by the results of the experiment conducted by scientists.

The opinion about the existence of “ugly friend effect” and the “ugly friend effect” has existed for quite some time, however, so far, psychologists too have sought seriously to check its availability in the course of the experiment.

The experts showed the volunteers photos of persons of those or other people, and were asked to rate their beauty in points. As the experiment showed, if participants in the study saw the same person on one photo and then on another, and the second was a group, “rating” individuals have varied depending on the environment in which it appeared. In particular, study participants did begin to perceive them as more likeable, if next to him was someone who, compared to him having a repulsive appearance.

The scientists also found that if the photos were presented with two almost equally attractive person, they should receive similar “scores”, but if the frame got the third, the notoriously ugly man, the difference between the first two also began to be seen as more significant, and the one who was perceived by participants as the most beautiful of the three, was estimated to be even higher.

Researchers are inclined to believe that the observed effect is a psychological effect that causes a person to consider the context when evaluating a particular phenomenon of reality, and do the appropriate “amendment” in its assessment of this phenomenon.

The obtained results of the experts published in the journal Psychological Science


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