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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scientists have found recovery from diabetes in bikes

A group of scientists representing the University of southern Denmark, found that people often ride a bike, with age, less likely to begin to suffer from type 2 diabetes. To get bike habit to ride a bike, according to experts, it’s never too late.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved more than 52 thousand people, including 24 623 27 men and 890 women. The first time, scientists have referred to them, the age of participants ranged from 50 to 65 years. The volunteers were asked to answer the question whether they have the habit of regular Cycling and, if so, how much time they devote to this.

As it turned out, people who reported addiction to Cycling, and less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, and the more hours per week they devoted such time, the lower was the risk. However, by itself, this result could be considered not too explicit. The fact that he had not shown a causal link between Cycling and protection against diabetes: it is possible that with better health people are simply less likely to suffer from diabetes and feel more cheerful, and love to ride a bike, and such a scenario is itself a two-wheeled transport an additional health benefit may not produce.

However, the second part of the study allowed us to make more confident conclusions. After five years, the researchers re-interviewed the same people as before, and, first and foremost, drew attention to people who ride a bike during this period. As it turned out, even if not acquired in early age, this habit reduces the risk of diabetes by 20 percent, and in this case, the causal link was more obvious.

The researchers also made allowances for various extraneous factors, such as bad habits, addiction to other types of physical activity and body mass index of the participants. As a result, according to experts, were able to confirm that human health has been found useful is the Bicycle.

The work, compiled by the research, the scientists published in the scientific journal PLOS Medicine Journal


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