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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin fed Przewalski’s horses from the old bucket

The love of Vladimir Putin to the horses is no secret. This time the President went to the Orenburg steppe reserve where bred Przewalski’s horses. Their specially “trained” to not frightened of a stranger — and even cooked for GDP is usual for horses old bucket. Part of the way through the reserve, the President has done a Quad.

photo: Elena Egorova

In 2009, the better half of humanity, looking at the photo of the President with a naked torso in the saddle (riding he went on vacation in Tuva), a secret from the husbands sighed, “Oh God, what a man!” It is also known that GDP has kept stable, the inhabitants of which, from time to time become members of the prestigious race, and he gladly gives horses valued guests. A recent example – the king of Bahrain, who left the Sochi residence “Bocharov stream” chalkline noble blood.

Ten years ago, with the participation of the President opened a children’s equestrian school in the suburbs. Then he gave the young riders of the Arab horse four-year Albatross of the pupil of the Tersk stud farm. A couple of years ago, Putin expressed a desire to expand the list of projects for the conservation of rare species, which he actively supported, listed in the Red book of the Przewalski horse.

photo: Elena Egorova

A fatal role in the fate of these animals played a drought that occurred in the years of the great Patriotic war. Wild horses themselves left without feed, became the object of hunting for the starving people. To survive in the end managed only 12 “ancestors”, from which originated the entire modern population of Przewalski’s horses – now it has a population of 2.7 thousand heads. The majority of animals contains not in zoos, where they are difficult to create suitable conditions, and in special centers for the breeding and reintroduction, i.e. the return to the wild. Such centres have been working in Hungary, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and France. In the 2015th year, with the support of Putin, were joined by Russia.

To breed Przewalski’s horses decided in the Orenburg steppes, which 250 years ago was part of the natural habitat of this species. “Previously, this land was the training ground of the defense Ministry. But nothing dangerous here, a hundred times verified,” assured “MK”, the Director of Kafil Bakirova.

The first specimens appeared near Orenburg, about a year ago. “Harem”, consisting of 10-year-old stallion Avena, mares Lavender, Sangria, Olive, Selena and colt Pepper (the son of one of them), brought from France. First, the horses were quarantined and then passed the acclimatization and adaptation on special pastures. And now it is time to release them “a great life” – with this purpose in reserve invited Vladimir Putin. According to the Bakirova, after the release of “harem” will continue to be under the supervision of experts, but habitat will be expanded from the current 45 Hectares to 16.5 thousand Hectares. “This is the world’s largest enclosure for Przewalski’s horses,” the proud in the reserve.

photo: Elena Egorova

Preparing for the visit of the GDP started here a few months ago. The main task was to teach wild animals not afraid of people, and to teach them to treat (in this “role” is the usual oats), so you can use it at the right moment to lure him out of the corral.

The President will have to go to them with the old bucket. New they would be scared,” said Bakirov.

Putin himself at a meeting with the “harem” better not to say anything, worried scientists. Unlike the millions of Russians the timbre of his voice to the Przewalski’s horse is not familiar.

photo: Elena Egorova

To entice them to the gate was the project curator Tatiana Garih. All hopes pinned on the young Mare — Lavender, young, the curious and the brave. “But if someone sneezes, will magnet nose, or God forbid, the phone rings, then all that work down the drain. Horses run away, and the issue will break down” – worried, waiting for the President, the staff of the reserve. According to them, in the last days of the horses and so was just stress. First seven cars with test was raided by the Governor of the Orenburg region Yury Berg. Then, the Protocol service decided to fit closer to the corral helicopter.

However, the staff of the reserve did not take into account the main factor – time. When Vladimir Putin appeared in the Orenburg steppe, the sun was already setting, and the horse was going to sleep. Their plan clearly was not to break away from the usual place and go into the unknown dark steppe. However, before Putin’s charisma and a bucket of oats for anyone to resist failed. At first the Mare, and behind them, and more cautious of the stallions began to leave the paddock.

They recognized you came very close, simply amazing, ” said Rafail GDP of Bakirova.

– Vladimir Vladimirovich, they opened the way to freedom. This is important – echoed Tatiana Garih.

The President his role in the project is estimated more modestly: “I just put the oats”. (By the way, the press asked for a moment to “communicate” with horses not to photograph in order not to disturb).

Putin admitted that the Przewalski’s horse made an indelible impression on him. “This is a very beautiful animals, graceful and powerful! Very big difference with domestic horses, I did not expect!” he told reporters that the inhabitants of the reserve was only able to see at a distance of 200 meters.

photo: Elena Egorova

Soon near Orenburg there will arrive a new batch of “tenants” – this time from Hungary. By 2030, according to the local steppes will run a herd of Przewalski’s horses – not less than 60 stallions and mares.


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