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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Oksana Dmitriev has demanded a vote recount on elections in Petersburg

Economist and politician Oksana Dmitriyeva not pereyzbyralas to the state Duma in single-mandate district in St. Petersburg bypassed United Russia. Dmitrieva got a seat in the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. But the presentation of the mandate even refused to shake hands with the representative of municipal electoral Committee.

Read more about the reasons for the defeat in the elections, and plans for the future of Oksana Dmitrieva told to “MK”.

Oksana Dmitrieva. Photo: dmitrieva.org

90-ies Oksana Dmitrieva ran for the lower house of Parliament from “the Apple”, in the 2000s — from “Fair Russia”. But she has always remained an independent politician, which proves at least that twice she was elected in single-mandate constituency in his native St. Petersburg.

This year Dmitrieva were planning to go to the state Duma on the same district with the support of the “party of Growth”. But policies at the Federal level, the Deputy of the state Duma of all convocations had received only chair in the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly (the local elections were held simultaneously with the Federal).

The election campaign in the Northern capital raises many questions. Since participation in elections of candidates — “doubles” Oksana Genrihovna with the same names, and ending with the emergency visit of the representative of the Central election Commission in St. Petersburg

– After your request to the CEC for violations of the election in St. Petersburg has been dismissed the Chairman of the territorial election Commission (TEC), the General Prosecutor’s office began checking. Are you satisfied with the reaction of the CEC?

– CEC did everything I could. Earlier, the CEC was an accomplice to the fraud. And now under the leadership of Ella Pamfilova, he poses a fundamentally different challenge: to prevent fraud and to punish them. But some things he does for the first time. Therefore, there is not yet in place a standard mechanism for responding to complaints, the procedures for the cancellation of the election and recount.

As to Shokhin (the President fired the TEC — ed). We insisted on removing him from office, because he had before the election had some serious violations. His TEC was responsible even for single-member district, where our candidate in the legislative Assembly — Natalia Petukhova were detected by signatures. TEAK completely unmotivated refused to register, Petukhov has registered already, the municipal electoral Committee.

In addition, for one of the candidates got personal data of voter signature sheets for Petukhov. People who signed up for ” Petukhov, began to offer or to waive signature, or to notify the police that they did not sign.

Our voters called us and told about it. Data leak clearly came from the Commission. For such things generally put criminal penalties. And the whole campaign, including the creation of my “twins”, which was supposed to take votes, was funded by my competitor — Michael Romanov and was conducted under his leadership.

Another thing that made Shohin – obviously in cahoots with my competitor. On the website of the municipal electoral Committee has placed information about real estate, my husband, increasing them 15 times. House with an area of 99 square meters, turned into a Villa with an area of 1500 square meters. They pretended it was a mistake. But the “mistake” was premeditated. Because almost the day before it is published on the website of the municipal electoral Committee there are commercials online and in black Newspapers, which were produced by my “twins”, with information about the alleged Villa.

We were warned that if concluded will not removed, it will be election fraud that actually happened. But the municipal electoral Committee in our treatment did not respond, and CEC just not got around.

– And about the “doubles” why not CEC? After all, before the election, it was clear that they would take away your vote.

– To formally withdraw their registration was not possible. We offered at each polling station to give information: “attention, there’s namesakes”. The proposal was not implemented, the posters on the state Duma Vice versa posted somewhere in the distance, they still needed to search.

Some people do wrong and the “twins” took votes away. But it had no basic value. The most important is fraud in the counting.

We have a “Party of Growth” were not members of the Commission with deliberative vote. Our Commission members with consultative vote and observers were not counting. They did not admit to the table and showed them the sheets. This is evident on the record with Webcams. Therefore, the Committee members cast ballots that were for me, Dmitrieva Oksana Vladimirovna Dmitrieva or Olesya.

The ballots marked for me and found in packs of other candidates, especially the candidate from “Fair Russia” and “Apple” and other women candidates. Scheme fraud during the counting of votes, apparently, was prescribed by spin doctors so that they could explain the victory of an unknown candidate from “United Russia” the fact that my voice carried off the “twins”, female candidates and candidates that are close on the political spectrum.

The first time it revealed the Commission member with a decisive vote from “Apple”, he found the night our staff and told. And another time noticed our female observers, who still managed to count a handful of ballots for me and my “twins” .

But Romanov was credited or transferred votes of the candidate from the Communist party – Svyatoslav Sokol. He managed to get in 2 times less votes than the Communist party. Falcon has become a victim of fraud because his name is in the newsletter alphabetically next to Mikhail Romanov and the visual presentation of the ballot (if it had to do) from a distance to distinguish, against some names checked, is extremely difficult. In addition, the packs for the Romanov’s were found and invalid ballots.

You may read the data from one fraudulent site. I have 35%, the first double — 5%, the second “double” — 0%, Japanese — 16%. These data show the General trend.

– You say that the mechanism of cancellation of the elections in the CEC is not established. But canceled elections in Barvikha, and 9 stations after voting in the state Duma.

– The law was the possibility of the adoption of the final Protocol of the Central election Commission not to approve the results of the voting in 217 district. This question was raised at a video conference, but the CEC members said it was impossible that they never did.

Indeed, the CEC never cancelled the election results of the Duma at large district. Still, it’s one thing to cancel them on separate sites and the other for a district. As I understand it, the CEC did not go, because it was not collected extensive evidence of violations, checked and confirmed. But it can’t be in such a short time: to the election results across the country is given 7 days.

It was possible to act differently and to recount the votes to the tabulation to the County Commission. We had to file a complaint, the CEC immediately sent to St. Petersburg a representative. And he managed to come to the district election Commission before approval of the results of voting. But the CEC can only recommend to count the votes, the final decision is made by the district Commission. And she, in spite of persistent recommendation of the CEC, still adopted the outcome of the vote, not by a recount. If he was timely, would have already had the other vote.

Now, a recount can only be by court order. We filed a lawsuit demanding a recount. Foundation — mass violations during the counting of votes recorded by cameras.

You can see how the Chairman of the Commission throws the papers into bags and runs away from the site, not by counting. In another case, after the counting of votes without being announced, received a significant majority of votes in my favor, the Chairperson of the Commission runs to the other room along with the ballot and doing something in there, and then went to the district administration, where he fills in the protocols.

When counting votes, the ballots must be made, the results must be announced, they need to write in a larger form. Ballots must be considered a rearrangement, and not in a bundle, bending the corners. These statutory rules have been violated in almost all areas, and it shows in the footage.

– CEC is the possibility to appeal to court with a demand to cancel the election after verification of the General Prosecutor’s office, of course, if she finds a violation. How, in your opinion, that is a possible scenario?

– I think possible. But we believe that in this situation the simplest solution is the recount by the court. The falsifications were by County in the legislative Assembly, and the lists in the legislative Assembly, and on the list to the state Duma. My district is just a demonstration model. And if it was not trials, you can say goodbye not only fair elections but also any semblance of election.

– Do you regret that you parted with the “Fair Russia”?

– No, absolutely not. “Fair Russia” has degenerated and turned into a party prop. This is evident by the faction.

But she could pass in the state Duma.

– I was going to win the election in single-mandate constituency, and I won with a large margin from my competitor. But then if the protocols are rewritten, and scattered my votes for the other candidates, whatever the gap was, and whatever the turnout, you can draw anything.

– And that went to the polls from the “Party of growth” do you regret it? After all, you were ready to invite the Communists, at least Zyuganov spoke on the subject.

– Peter was a very good list of the “party of Growth” in which the candidates were really strong. And voted for us, even after the fraud we received 11%, surpassing “Apple” and “Fair Russia”. As the data show “unadulterated” plots in St. Petersburg “Party of Growth” held steady in second place after “an United Russia” on elections to the State Duma, and in Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. And most importantly, now St. Petersburg tell me you fight for our voices.

A Communist party is not my party. They have a right to their ideology and position. Sometimes they coincide with our own, and we are United on some issues. But it’s not mine.

– The election results are in General sad for the opposition. What, in your opinion, should the opposition do now?

“We competed, but in the electoral commissions is still opposition to each other helped. This time was full of disunity. The only person who commissions sometimes helped us is Apple.

The system of the opposition party in my district and other fundamental to the Growth districts participated in cahoots with the counterfeiters, in some areas the results were falsified in their favor. It is a fact, absolutely wild.

The opposition should draw conclusions. Some things should be taboo. Never, never to be complicit in the fraud. As for the democratic opposition, you have to think about the interaction. In this sense, St Petersburg is a polygon, because the Parliament passed the “Party of Growth”, and “Apple”. We need to work out the relationship procedure. To start at least to ensure fair elections.

Is an amazing situation. You were the Deputy of the state Duma of all convocations, well-known Federal politician. And now you have the only place in the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly. How are you in this regard feel?

– The St. Petersburg Parliament have a lot to do. There are a lot of legislative virgin, even more than at the Federal level.

In the St. Petersburg Parliament passed the faction “Party of Growth” is a big responsibility to the voters, they have big expectations from the party and faction. Some say, “Well, you’ll now be in St. Petersburg, here with us (laughs).

– I had heard that Boris Nemtsov was struggling with severe depression, because they believed that the status of the Deputy of the Yaroslavl regional Duma does not correspond to his level, but to realize themselves in the scale of the country, he had no chance. Do you experience something similar?

– No, no more depression. In the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, I spent faction team, I’m not alone. Then, I’m 20 years was a Deputy from St. Petersburg, and has always divided his time between the Federal problems of the city. Especially actively we worked in the last years, when he began to develop a team that was on the list of “Party of growth”. We made an alternative budget for St. Petersburg, a large amount of bills, which, as I understand it, there hands, no one came.

Already the first session of the legislative Assembly showed that, for example , rules of procedure of the legislative Assembly will need to be updated. And then there are archaic since the days of the Leningrad city Council of the 90th years, when no Internet, no electronic documents did not exist.

As for my fight for a recount in the parliamentary constituency. This does not mean that I personally have little work in St. Petersburg and be sure to come back to the Federal level.

Although it should be aware that the current composition of the State Duma no Deputy, which, first, will be able to understand the complex pension, budget and other issues, and secondly, will have the courage and the political opportunity to say from the parliamentary rostrum. As a result, we will soon see. But my struggle for a recount of the voting results is of independent value. . If this situation does not understand, the elections turn into voter fraud. A policy will lose its meaning, because without elections is not a policy.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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