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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Manturov: “In civil aviation, we face serious challenges”

Recently in Gelendzhik took place the XI international aviation exhibition Gidroaviasalon-2016″, which was attended by over 100 foreign and domestic companies. Special interest was aroused by civil and military equipment of the Russian airlines. After the exhibition, the Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov gave a short interview to “MK”, which was told that is done to this technique, our country could not only piece to demonstrate at air shows, but also to sell worldwide.

Photo: Anton Tushin / press service of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

— Denis Valentinovich, don’t you think that now there is an odd situation: the government is investing huge sums in support of the aircraft manufacturers of the Russian equipment, and the economic impact of this is not. What, in your opinion, why?

— Why do you think that there is no return? In the past year to soften the impact of the economic crisis for our aircraft manufacturers, the government has developed a range of targeted measures designed to support. In particular, for financial restructuring of one of the leading manufacturers of passenger aircraft company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” state as the main shareholder of the KLA, has been allocated 100 billion rubles. In addition, there was a recapitalization of the STLC 30 billion rubles in order to purchase not less than 32 ships Sukhoi Superjet 100. This and other measures of the state support significantly mitigated the negative effect of recession in 2015 in the market of civil air transport. As a result of the measures taken — delivery SSJ amounted to 25 aircraft, not only in domestic market but also for export. The government also adopted the decision to launch the mechanism of guarantees of the residual value that will bring our market position in line with foreign.

— What is the mechanism? Can we talk about this in more detail?

Program residual value guarantee is designed to minimize the risks of lessors in the secondary sale of domestic aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft and MS-21 and thus to increase the demand for these vessels. The risks of the lessors in this case related to the fact that the residual value of new types of Russian aircraft is unknown, it will become clear after at least one of the leasing contract — 12 years, with first deliveries of SSJ100 aircraft took place only 5 years ago.

The mechanism works as follows: the price of the aircraft after 12 years of operation (the traditional term of the contract of leasing aircraft) according to the calculations of the aircraft manufacturer will be approximately not less than 40% of the original. If the market price of the aircraft is lower, a subsidiary organization of JSC “UAC” company “oak capital” will assume part of the risk and compensate the owner (lessor) to one-third of the estimated residual value. Guarantee of the residual value aligns market conditions for domestic and foreign players in the aviation market. In the presence of a residual value guarantee, the lessor can offer the lessee a lower rate, equal to that offered foreign leasing company. Company oak capital was created last year, its capitalization budget was allocated 1.2 billion rubles in the program of the residual value guarantee designed for 100 SSJ-100 aircraft and 100 aircraft MS-21.

In the West the use of such a mechanism have some effect?

— This mechanism is actively used by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers at the market of aircraft of a new type. This measure is aimed at formation of a civilized secondary market of aircraft, earlier in Russia did not exist. Are a guarantee of the residual value at the end of the lease term, and is on average about 12 years. In order to properly assess the effect of this and other support measures, it will take time.

Photo: Anton Tushin / press service of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

You need to add that on the global stage now, competing not just specific products — airplanes or helicopters, and the whole infrastructure of the system security lifecycle and supporting sales. The aviation industry has a strategic nature, different countries pay special attention to it, in one way or another providing support at the stages associated with the greatest risk, such as R & d or market launch of a new product.

Now, because of some political reasons, a lot is being done in the field of import substitution. Why the presence here of ready-made solutions for import substitution in the aircraft industry is slow? Is there any leverage over manufacturers, and bring it to some effect?

The process of import substitution is the rate that we expected in the development plan. In the aircraft industry to replace some parts on the other often leads to the need for changes in certificate type, and this requires time and additional costs.

In addition, it is very important to separate the import substitution in military and civil aviation. In the civil sphere we have set a goal of complete import substitution. Because the most important is the safety and reliability of aircraft, as well as economic efficiency, that is why we work in cooperation with the best producers in the world. But in military aviation we are already almost there.

And because we do not consider it necessary to influence manufacturers.

— Recently a lot of noise has done the statement of the head of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar made at the Congress of the party “United Russia”, when he said that the Russian civilian aircraft useless, as there is Boeing and Airbus. According to him, any transaction for the promotion of Russian aircraft to obtain government support, as always is politically motivated. Do you share this opinion?

— How do you imagine that the manufacturer of the equipment said that its products are useless? This is a case of misinterpretation of what was said. In the promotion of the international market for our civilian products, we are facing serious challenges. In the global market competition is the strongest. And it’s not just the competition of the products, and overall promotion system. This support for development and export support, and after-sales service…

So without such expanded and effective system of support and promotion of high-tech export product from the state is indispensable, and our Russian producers find it difficult to compete. Therefore, we are actively engaged in this.

At the same time, I want to say that our military equipment has stable demand on the world market and Russia is one of the world leaders in the supply of combat aircraft. To more effectively achieve the objectives of the United aircraft Corporation continues the process of consolidation, ahead of global changes — the transition to a single share, the creation of a single system design, development and adoption of common standards. I believe that the future of the Russian aviation industry depends on how well we work. Here and now we have to do maximum for successful development of aviation.


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