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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Iron gifts Brezhnev and Reagan showed in Kolomenskoye

Khokhloma, Gzhel as a calling card Russia all hearsay, but still have the cast iron, which hails from the Ural district. The only exhibition of this phenomenon, the domestic industry took place 75 years ago, it has no permanent exhibit in any Museum – among connoisseurs it is considered rare. So many anxiously waited in reserve “Kolomenskoye” will present more than 1,500 pieces of cast iron.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

A feature of this arts and crafts that in the hands of the Ural masters -casters simple and cheap building material transformed into art. It started under Peter I, and more than in the III century, the production has not lost necessary.

During this time accumulated not a few exceptional pieces of cast iron. Something is in museums, antique shops, private collections, acting the Ural enterprises. For the exhibition the artifacts collected from more than 30 meetings.

The earliest exhibit is from the collection of the State historical Museum – floor slab from the tomb of princes Gagarin, cast in the early nineteenth century. There are items from the world famous Paris 1900: the model of Baumgarten from the collection of the Russian Museum, the Apotheosis of Alexander” which is an allegory of the Russian victory over Napoleon.

A lot of icons – they are also famous pre-revolutionary Urals. But still they are few: in Soviet times, the image was allowed into the facility. The more valuable the remaining instances: a plaque with images of saints, sculptures. From the large feet of Jesus and angel stops breathing

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum


Special attention deserve the gifts to Royal persons and political figures for Example, the tables for books, cast Urals personally to Brezhnev, genre sculptures on the theme of “world Peace”, made for the arrival in Moscow of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1988.

Do not forget about modern casting before us the peaceful labor of citizens, objects with Soviet symbols, themes, sports, ballet, literature…

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

War, the exhibition deserves a separate discussion: the Fatherland in 1812 year, the 1st world war, Great Patriotic war, Afghanistan… These themes are reflected in the works “the Return from the front,” the defense of Sevastopol. Here frozen the memory in the metal is reminiscent of what the price was produced a great victory.


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