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Monday, February 19, 2018

Don Juan escapades of bill Clinton and the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton campaigned for the election of her husband in January 1992, when all the American media reported: Jennifer flowers has just published a recording of telephone conversations with bill Clinton to back up his allegations about an affair with him.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Hillary Clinton

Other presidential candidates who were overtaken by such a punishment, as a rule, descended from the political scene. However, in this cold dark day in the airport in South Dakota Mrs. Clinton have done differently. She began to ring up all of Clinton’s aides, telling them he was going to fight for her husband.

“Who is exploration in relation to Jennifer?” “she asked for the testimony of one of the journalists that accompanied her then.

This was followed by the speech of Mrs. Clinton on the television program “60 minutes” in which she said “the city and the world” that she blindly defends her husband. “I’m sitting here, not in order that some little woman trampled my husband,” — said Hillary.

But she in fact did exactly that. Of course, she was really hurt, but nevertheless, she continued to defend her husband, and therefore his political goals remained achievable.

Last week the Republican candidate for US President, Donald trump has been criticizing Mrs. Clinton for sexual antics of her husband and her reaction to them. He threatened that he would be talking about it more to the final election, or rather a few weeks before them.

Read the story “the shadow of the Monica Lewinsky once again hangs over Hillary Clinton

Generally speaking, this strategy is quite dangerous, it is like a double-edged sword. It is necessary to remind the reader that the tramp in the past also was distinguished for infidelity to their spouses and rather ambivalent attitude to other women.

Nevertheless, many voters, especially women, can see in these charges of Mrs. Clinton, her role as litter for the career of her husband. In addition, trump’s attempts to revive don Juan the adventures of Clinton can remind the American voters about that period in US history that is not in the best light shows the couple Clintons. Generally speaking, any betrayal of a spouse and in all circumstances very painful. And for Mrs. Clinton, especially, that any don Juan antics of her husband has developed in the news cycle 24/7, and one of them ended with the impeachment, which caused, as it was written then media, “convulsions across the nation.

Externally Hillary looked stoic and defiant, protecting his wife, even though conservative groups had condemned Clinton’s behavior, not worthy of Litera the free world.

In the private plan Hillary Clinton behaved during this campaign with an aggressive stance and preferred to counterattack. Women who declared that they had sexual relations with Clinton, became the goal of all investigations and discredit. Such tactics, of course, caused outrage and criticism from various women’s organizations.

The campaign of the Clintons hired a private investigator known as “the boxer without gloves”. And this boxer without gloves bungled Memorandum in which he criticized and questioned the “character” of Mrs. flowers, and she was presented to full recognition.

So did the Clintons with those women who claimed sexual relations with bill Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas and after that is when he was already in the White house. These women gathered negative reviews of their Boyfriends, their owners, and others. They all claimed to have known Ms. flowers as a woman of easy virtue.

By the time when bill Clinton finally admitted to “sexual relations” with Ms. flowers, aides to Clinton have used all gathered at her lampoons, and began to refer to her only as “a pathological liar”. What role was played by Mrs. Clinton in all these efforts to discredit the women who had affair with her husband, still debating to this day. But many documents claim that she gave the green light and as it had been the “motivating force”.

All of this suggests that Mrs. Clinton was then in a very difficult situation. She knew that her husband is cheating on her, but believed him when he refused the accusations made by Mrs. flowers.

Mickey Kantor, the company’s Chairman bill Clinton in 1992, said that Mrs. Clinton wanted to divide the facts from the fictions. And she wanted a frontal attack on those women who gave revelations of his sexual relations with Clinton.

“Let’s just say, the woman in the past behaved inappropriately. Whether you want to learn about it and evaluate it?” — said Kantor.

At the same time increased the footage of conservative groups and the media, who began to focus on this issue. Mrs. Clinton, as he said close to her people, was considered an attack on her political Crusades, which required sharp and also political resistance. “She’s like a firefighter who runs to where the fire burns. She fire escapes”, said Kantor. Now, in 2016, and Lord Clinton, and her husband refuse to interviewsa on the theme that they had in the past. Its representatives say that the answers to such requests are to undermine the position of women in American society. “The country has closed the book on these things already 20 years ago, and there is nothing new in this,” says her spouksmen Brian Fallon.

Additionally, the campaign, Hillary Clinton released a statement on behalf of James Carville, chief strategist at the headquarters of Mrs. Clinton. This statement was also supported by the two lawyers who worked for bill Clinton. This statement said that Mrs. Clinton did not control the attack on a women against her husband. “Those who took part in the attacks, saying that Hillary Clinton had no direct relation to this action,” says Fallon.

4 years ago Gary HART out of the presidential race in connection with speculations about his links. That is why any accusation of a Conjoint were considered deadly and for the campaign of bill Clinton.

Stanley Greenberg, pollster campaign, who worked with the Clintons in the fall of 1991, and was involved in how to respond to rumors about the infidelity of Clinton, recalls: Mrs. Clinton confessed that her husband went to the left. “It was a very uncomfortable meeting,” recalls Greenberg, ” in the history of the Clinton presidency, which was recorded by the Miller Center of the University of Virginia. I remember Hillary, who said: of course, if I say no for this question, we all say no, but will create a very unpleasant situation.”

A few weeks later came the first sign of danger and difficulties. The magazine “Penthouse” published the story of the maiden Connie Hamzy, which claimed that Clinton invited her to meet at a hotel in the capital of Arkansas is little rock. Mrs. Clinton denied the story, calling Hemsi the culprit of sexual harassment to her husband. And George Stephanopoulos, communications Director of Clinton’s campaign in 1992, recalled this episode in his book “all Too human”. But Mrs. Clinton demanded action. “We must defeat this story,” she said, according to the memories of Her.

And here was a post of the assistant to Clinton and two individuals who at this time were with Clinton in the hotel. According to them, the story told by the girl Hamzi was false. However, recently, Mrs. Hamze said that her story is true.

When the episode ended with Hamsi, Clinton called Her and said that they thank him.

The story of Jennifer flowers had the effect of a bombshell, because it has become the universal heritage before prajmeriz in new Hampshire. Mrs. flowers, who was a singer and also worked in the state of Arkansas, sold his story to the magazine “Star”. In this story it was said that she had a relationship with Clinton, which lasted more than 10 years. During the discussion of the charges flowers assistants Mrs. Clinton, it was decided that she will perform in I mentioned before a TV interview, “60 minutes.” With permission from Hillary Clinton, her husband said on television that he was really hurt in their conjugal relations with Hillary, however, refused the accusations of ties with Mrs. flowers. Mrs. Clinton in turn kind of sympathize with flowers, saying she was a victim of rumors. However, at a press conference held the next day, Mrs. flowers again repeated his allegations and again lost the records of their conversations on the phone with Clinton. Clinton and flowers discussed the impact of the rumors about their meetings to the public. And besides, joking about his “sexual talents”. That’s what says journalist Gail Petry, who traveled with Hillary. “It was a reaction, but without any surprise, full of anger and desire to act,” said Mrs. Petry. Their observations she then was described in the article by Vanity Fair magazine. “She snapped not at bill, and flowers, on the press and the Republicans,” says Petry. That night, back at the plane, Clinton said the journalist: “If I were opposed to flowers in front of the jury, I would have crucified”.

Years later, Mrs. Clinton claimed that her husband “won their weaknesses at the end of 1980-ies”. It was said, for example, in an interview with “Talk” in 1999. Thus the approval of Hillary become public after the scandal with Monica Lewinsky, which had nearly deprived him of the presidency. In an interview with “Current”, as well as in conversations on this topic, a friend of Hillary Diane Blair said, Clinton said her husband “went to the left. But the reason is completely implausible facts. Have you seen, in his childhood he was attacking two women: mother and grandmother. And he was under a lot of stress. Clinton herself supposedly this sort of stress is not subjected to. “She thinks she was not astute to understand the difficulties endured her husband being in the crossfire, mothers and grandmothers,” wrote Ms. Blair in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton, his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was “not sex in the real sense of the word,” Hillary said Mrs. Blair.

Here the story of the Clintons is intertwined with the history of the private investigator Palladino, who did not want to give an interview. However, we know that Palladino suggested starting pressure on the flowers “across the field”. “Any friend, any owner, any former lover of needs were identified and subjected to an interview, for the post — Palladino. Now it seems to be like a blazing icon. But she tells a lie, getting only the benefits and not paying anything in return.” Soon Mrs. flowers started calling her ex-boyfriend, telling that they will contact private investigators. Mrs. flowers now recalls: “My ex-boyfriend saying that they wanted to be manipulated, forced them to say that I have engaged in sexual activity.”

As he fished out of that filthy swamp, Mr. Palladino, it turns out that in an interview with “Penthouse” in which she posed naked, she got at least 500 thousand dollars for their “love story” with Clinton.

Mrs. flowers has denied all the accusations against her, among which was the story that supposedly she wanted to commit suicide. Flowers said that this story is “false and cruel”.

But Mr. Clinton later when another woman — Paula Jones — began to accuse him of molestation, admitted that he had sex with flowers, but only once.

According to Cantor, Hillary Clinton tried hard to protect her husband and his political career. She accused women who claimed to have had sexual relations with her husband. But according to Cantor, she knew more than talking about it. All of these stories, which do for many years, thrown at the media by trump and his assistants, excite the public, who want to “learn more” about the role played in those years, Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton made the statement that she was not involved in hiring the private investigator. Not directed the operations for the rehabilitation of her husband. The story of a certain Mrs. Jones is also in this sense, very revealing. It was settled after the Clintons paid her 850 thousand dollars. Recall that Ms. Jones directed the actions of Monica Lewinsky, when she began openly to declare his relationship with President Clinton.

“Monikageyt” was regarded as the point where the marriage Clinton can “take the bullet”. However, this did not happen. Mrs. Clinton believed that “monikageyt” this “personal mistake” of her husband.

Saying that Mrs. Clinton, summing up monicagate” and other sexual adventures of his wife, said: “Most people in Washington don’t have any “weak limit”, and the campaign of trump, who in despair that it is inferior to Hillary Clinton, trying again to bring old cases about the infidelity of her husband and her give to him.” Actually this is to be expected. But, as we see, trump has chosen to leave this incident in the end, apparently making sure that he has exhausted other means in the fight against Hillary Clinton.


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