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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cottage — the only sensible choice

In today’s world, literally everyone of us car and small truck tasks, cases, plans. Someone they domestic, everyday, others, the global and the real impact on the environment. But somehow we all make choices, big or small. Every day. After all, just not enough. You have to prioritize: important things (priority, of course, everyone has his own) to do so immediately, others — to postpone. Especially the question of choice is exacerbated when you have to tighten their belts. If earlier people, the bulk of would not worrying, allow yourself to freely dispose of the time of work and rest, it is now necessary every time to look at their financial capabilities.

So this September during the “election season” everyone had to make his own personal choice (and it is not about the candidates for whom to vote): to go to the polls or engage in some other works. Most were adherents of the second variant: 52% of the population to the polls did not go. What’s outweighed, mass selfishness there to blame? Distrust of the institutions of state power (as if it ever in recent history was high…)? Laziness, in the end, and unwillingness to participate in public life?

Global challenges abound in the world: starving children in Africa to excessive debt load of the Chinese economy. Yes, it is possible to observe global developments through the TV screen and other talk with a blue screen do not disdain… But people still draw for yourself the range of the most pressing problems worth caring about in the first place. Politics comes and goes, but always want to eat. Of course, in the foreground a drop in his own income. It all started with the reduction of the informal part of the salary, which is connected with almost every second in Russia, then joined inflation and rising payments. And now we come to the fact that nominal wages began to decline.

What people need bread and circuses has long been known. So we are organized, it is a given, you just need to take into account. The sight of people in full received during the election campaign. Not only, by the way, the Russian broadcasts of the vicissitudes in the American political arena, too, it was with interest, when each candidate tried to show his best side, pouring mud competitor. Such a rat race always attract a lot of attention to yourself. But whether the bread from the fact that people spend their time (especially a lot of the time it will take, if weekends are out of town at the cottage) and go to the polling station? For most it is not obvious. But the cottage with greenhouses and raised beds that give tomatoes, raspberries and a bit of a break from everyday work, just myself in the winter not more. Only on private land and there is hope, when all the money is not enough.

In the first half of 2016, according to Rosstat, average salary in our country — 35 707 roubles, or about $ 555 at the average exchange rate over the same period. It is less than very poor Poland (already 2 times), and even lower than in China. Now does not clear up. Study the prices of basic vegetables has become commonplace for many people. A decline in their rates of 4.5% -5%, not so much an occasion for joy as an excuse to make stocks for the winter. Because we have food prices grow less rapidly than the fall in the season of harvest. And the main problem of our agriculture is not a bad harvests, and the inability to store products for a long time. We just don’t have modern vegetable stores. And it greatly affects the spending. As, for example, the potatoes may be cheap if to fly on the shelves in stores for about 30% of the potatoes imported from abroad?

Anyone who has the opportunity tries to use any free time to earn and save some money. Maybe even spend it all… on the same vacation. Especially good for this September. And speech here not only about the last warm days in the country, but also about trips to warmer climes. Long and persistent savings still allows, if not all, but enough many to get out at least a week to rest. And in September, tours in many areas be 25%-35% less than in July-August. To miss this opportunity — a luxury. That summer domestic tourism for the first time surpassed away, does not mean that people are all well and happily romp across the expanses of the vast country. Just drastically reduced the volume of outbound tourism in the first half of the year abroad to rest just left of 13.23 million people. And that 11.6% of holidaymakers chose to close and the least expensive Abkhazia.

Savings — here’s the basic idea, which is now inhabited. Growing until recently nominal wages does not guarantee a decent standard of living. Taxes, inflation, social security contributions — all of this eats up a large part of income. In the end, the real disposable income (this is the amount that remains at the free disposal of the people after all the mandatory payments) within 8 months of 2016 declined by 5.3% compared to the same period last year. Worse still, the rate of decline only intensified: in August 2016 the real disposable income of the population were less than 8.3%. You can talk about the growth of nominal wages, it does not change the fact that people are becoming poorer. Now change the structure of food consumption: people prefer cereals and pasta, that is cheaper, potatoes (in most regions, a person has about 80 kg of potatoes a year), but the consumption of beef even in the past, 2015 decreased by 9%.

People will not be fooled: all learned long ago that the rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning, that to rely only on their strength. And no member of the television will not help solve pressing problems. Okay to solve… at least give hope! Before the candidates before the election at least gave promise to solve the most pressing problems, increase revenue, and improve the quality of life. This time we have not heard, not to mention concrete proposals for the country, or at least separate the region from the crisis. The election campaign was reduced to a vague bickering, parasitism on behalf of the President and absolutely ridiculous debate, which, in fact, was not affected by any socially meaningful, truly emotional people problems. Thus, people Willy-nilly considered a secret signal from the government: if you want to live, then help yourself, socialism is definitively over. Although the political players had the opportunity to show their best side. Any, even the most mediocre program of socio-economic development would give people hope, and candidates a significant advantage in the election. Those who had tried some attempts in this way to do, unfortunately, entangled in their own pursuit. Remaining aloof from the electoral competition the eyes and Kudrin with their proposals on economic reforms and suffered no thought to the people, saying that they need to reflect on their concepts, there is something to modify… and had picked up a number of ideas glazewski Boris Titov was not able to make into something intelligible collected from various expert communities thoughts.

Our economy is falling off a cliff faster than expected, and she urgently needs surgery. The time for light cosmetic changes missed. No matter how officials are trying to disguise the impending “shock therapy”, it is inevitably waiting for us. This, by the way, opened in Sochi, said German Gref, the most successful Bank Manager in the country, with the Bank superliquidity and profit, but without providing this liquidity and money to the real sector.

So is it any wonder that people have made very specific findings, did not go to the polls and doing their own thing: who cared about the future of food growing on their six acres of vegetables (by the way, in Russia in General is not a hobby, on plots cultivated about 880 thousand tons of potatoes, that’s almost 10% of the market), someone tried to relax, still have the opportunity… the people’s Choice was predetermined long ago, before the start of the race. Every man for himself and one for all. That’s the slogan we have to live the next few years.

And the longer the system will follow the path of us short stories about the turn in the economy, the more it detaches itself from reality, which is observed by people who ignored these elections. It’s time to stop fooling ourselves and start the reform with responsible people. But that’s not the Gref and Kudrin, not Titov and his eyes — the society does not trust them. And certainly it is not the responsibility of the failed politicians election 2016. It should make itself the “United Russia” together with the opposing them new people that will balance her desire to go with a Patriotic agenda.


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