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Monday, March 19, 2018

Children who sleep badly are likely to become alcoholics and drug addicts

Healthy sleep reduces the likelihood that people from an early age addicted to alcohol or marijuana use. To such conclusion the group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists have collected data on 186 boys from families with low family income participating in the larger and long term study. When they were 11 years old, their mothers filled out questionnaires in which they reported whether enough amount of time their children sleep, and how high it is possible to consider the quality of their sleep. Since when mothers filled out a questionnaire, much time has passed, and at the moment, the age of their sons is more than 20 years. Experts have appealed to these young men with a number of questions. In particular, adolescent participants in the study said that they tried alcohol and marijuana, and if so, when it happened for the first time and how often repeated later.

As it turned out, that 11-year old gave sleep not enough time, on average, most started drinking alcohol and using marijuana at an early age. Also, those who slept little, more cases have formed dependency and are more often abused alcohol. About the same influence on people had low quality of sleep, that is, trying to sleep in not the most favorable conditions for this. The relationship was observed and after scientists have made an “amendment” to other factors, such as the crime situation in the area of residence of participants and their socio-economic status.

According to scientists, the results of the study allow more certainty about the lack of sleep as a significant risk factor that should be taken into account when discussing programs for the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The results the researchers presented on the pages of the scientific journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.


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