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Friday, March 23, 2018

Wound strife

The next State Duma begins its work in the anniversary events, without which it would not exist.

October 4, 1993, when burned and blackened Parliament building with a stopped clock in that fire was born the reality that it lasts as long and the echoes of a tank volley.

A small civil war in the center of Moscow — huge for all our new stories and somewhat taboo topic.

93rd year is still bleeding.

Wound strife.

I think one way to heal her is to call all the victims by name, regardless of whose side they were (the majority of random civilians), and how he died: crushed by a tank or shot by a sniper, and to help their families.

…Think of myself, 13-year-old, ran away from home to the barricades. The white building in the gray drizzle hung like a huge helpless Ghost. Penetrate through the cover cordon. A lot of the poor ordinary people. Smiling Cossack frost with a Golden beard and silver epaulettes (his then sew machine gun). Frowning men from Transnistria warming ourselves by the fire. The procession with the singing. Kitten among yellow leaves played with his ponytail while someone yells into the microphone. Start screaming with everyone. “Don’t catch cold,” the worry of the unfamiliar library kind old lady. And all this is a Ghost print of the death, improbable and implausible, but true. Some of the faces I later learned the photos of the dead. Some flash memory and then pasted in the novel “1993” — about how a husband and wife put each other mad whirlwind of time.

Probably due to the age the image of the then “rebels” will forever remain for me a teenage romantic, but at the same time, I want to confess, the views and principles determined by the impressions and sensations.

The tragedy of ‘ 93 there are several aspects.

There are ideological perception, weak then, and now, according to opinion polls, close to the majority.

At that time the word “patriot” was a dirty word and losing. Quite a few could call the 1990s dashing not from a safe distance, but inside the era. I knew of a calling line of the Parliament: to stop predatory privatization and shock therapy, to support compatriots outside the country (“take Back the Crimea, Sevastopol — our”, — formulated by the Supreme Council). On one side of the TV, the power structure and the global West, which sought to integrate post-Soviet “elite” on the other side — the Russian “geezer” from Yegor Letov to Valentin Rasputin.

There is another view, perhaps more important, legal. Whatever the Parliament, his acceleration meant the violation of the Basic law that established the constitutional court. Zero option (simultaneous elections) was preferable to a bullet. For all subsequent life of the country. And her country, made it clear: perestroika words about democracy and the rule of law weigh nothing wins law of the strongest. Then this is clearly and sadly said the recent dissident exiles, the writers Vladimir Maksimov and Andrey Sinyavsky.

Further — bloodbath of the first Chechen war and up to the varied lawlessness of our day — caused a significant part of those who considered it expedient to defeat the “wrong of the Parliament to rethink its position.

Yeah, about those events, arguing and arguing, but bitter about their turning values for Russia converge absolute opponents.

Among the current intolerance and hatred as it would be important to try at least something to reconcile, to show grace and mercy until he covered us with his head a vague wave.

Day-to-day left and right sound magic spells — the unity of society, about morality, about the softening of manners, respect for the law, on the strengthening of the legitimacy of state institutions…

All this is correct. And wishing that all of these comments started a little bit true, as the Deputy of 7-th of the State Duma on the first day of her work in the anniversary of the tragedy of 1993 I made my first bill.

Through the idea is simple: how many were orphaned and widowed, was all his life shattered! Why the state does not treat them as victims and relatives of victims of a natural disaster or terrorist attack?

Someone will reproach document primernosti, but the point is not passionate declarations, but rather to help real people, condemned to long-term poverty and disability, and hence symbolically, to worship the memory of all those who will not return.

I make a draft Federal law “On compensation of the harm caused and measures of social rehabilitation of citizens affected during the civil conflict that took place from 21 September to 5 October 1993 in Moscow” to defend the rights and legitimate interests of everyone without exception who then scorched with fire. I hope that I will be supported by deputies of all Duma factions. You know, this law is a pain really. The attitude now is a test for civilization and humanity.

I quote: “to be Affected during the civil conflict that took place from 21 September to 5 October 1993 in Moscow, recognized the wounded during the civil conflict, as well as children, spouse, parents, other persons dependent on the deceased or the deceased’s injuries, injuries. The state makes payments in monetary terms to the citizens on the basis of judicial acts under claims about compensation of harm, regardless of the presence of the causer of the damage and of his guilt. The claims of citizens are presented and discussed in civil proceedings. The bill will not require additional allocations from the Federal budget.”

Money on a national scale is tiny (the amount appointed by the court based on the circumstances and precedents) is an important historical justice. Let there be no more in Russia fratricidal fire.

Three defenders of the White house, who died in 1991, were the last Heroes of the Soviet Union. Two years later, under the new confrontation around the same buildings of the same Parliament, was killed, according to official data 158 (348 people were injured, many seriously).

Who knows their names and destinies other than family and friends?

From relatives of those killed I got sad list. Here are just a few stories. Read.

Alexander Solokha, 54. From Makeyevka in Donetsk region. Candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor. He has published 96 scientific and methodological works. On 29 September there were leaflets in support of the Constitution, was detained, beaten during interrogation. From the received beating he died on October 7 in the hospital №15.

Andrew Vuraki, 21. Student of the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute. The son of a cosmonaut Yegorov. Killed October 3, 1993 at the television station “Ostankino”. After the start of the execution of the provided medical assistance to the wounded with friends Eugene Markov (died) and Pavel Roschin (injured). Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen and forearms. Survived by his mother and sister.

Evgeny Krayushkin, 50 years. The Deputy of regional Council. Killed at Ostankino. Multiple gunshot wounds to the right shoulder, chest, left side and leg.

Sergei Kuz’min, 17 years old. He worked as a cook in the dining room. Very loved and well know Moscow, gathered about her books. Cared for homeless cats and dogs. In September of ‘ 93 in the evenings after work, he went to the besieged White house. Killed 3 October at the “Ostankino”. Multiple wounds from heavy machine gun of the APC throughout the body. The only child in the family.

And it’s a pair. Natasha Petukhova, 19, and Alex Shumsky, 26.

Natasha is the author of over 200 poems and 50 songs about the homeland, about the faith, sad and cheerful, including written long before the events of ‘ 93, but prophetically accurate. With a group of students under the guidance of her fiance Alexei went to the caves. These speleologists headed by Sumskim under the earth was delivered to the White house medicines, food, candles, the patients were taken out of a locked building. October 3 at the television station “Ostankino” was in the group with journalists. Multiple gunshot wounds in the leg, chest, neck.

Alex not interested in politics. The Parliament as a lifeguard. 3 October at the “Ostankino” has received multiple bullet wounds in the neck, chest, abdomen, thigh and arm. Died on the operating table. Left father and mother.

Konstantin Dmitrievich Chizhikov, 75 years. A veteran of the great Patriotic war. Several times he was wounded, suffered shell shock, partial hearing loss. Awarded the order of Patriotic war 1st degree, medals “For courage” and “For victory over Germany”. According to relatives, had a keen sense of justice. I read a lot, loved the works of Leo Tolstoy. 3 October at the “Ostankino” has received numerous bullet wounds and died at the Sklifosovsky Institute.

Alexander Shabalin, 31. Graduated from the philological Department of Moscow state University. 3 October at the “Ostankino” shot point-blank. Survived by his mother-a disabled group I, the widow and the orphan-child.

Marina Kuryshev, 16. October 4, my friend went to the house on the street in 1905, where his grandmother lived girlfriend. I looked out the window and saw the sniper, lodged in the roof of the house on the opposite side of the street. He also saw Marina and fired. She was mortally wounded in the neck. The only daughter of her parents.

Sergey Ilenkov, 18 years. Student. Killed 4 Oct in the area of the White house. Wound in the back from a heavy machine gun armored personnel carriers.

Roman Verevkin, 16. College student. 4 Oct there was shot in the back: multiple bullet wounds in the head, back, neck, arm.

Roman Denisov, 15 years. Student. A member of the school Board. Visited archaeological and local history societies at the State historical Museum. Wanted to enter the St. Tikhon theological Institute. I strive to be a witness and chronicler of contemporary history of Russia. In the role of an observer and historian attended all the meetings and confrontation. Left on the morning of 4 October to the White house, taking the notebook and pen, “I have to see everything myself!”. Killed in Karanovska lane: a bullet wound in the side with a displaced center of gravity (sniper shot), a broken spine.

Vladimir Ermakov, 44. Military pilot, then the pilot of civil aviation. 4 Oct with my wife, a doctor to help the wounded. Was wounded in the thigh, beaten in the frontal and zygomatic parts of the head has bruises from blows with a blunt object. Finished off with a shot to the head from behind.

Igor Livshits, 60 years. Killed on the barricades: gunshot wounds of the head and thigh.

Pavel Alferov, 24 years old. He graduated from the Radio engineering Institute. Worked on my PhD. In the years of perestroika became interested in politics, attended all the democratic rallies. In August 1991, defended the White house. Allegedly burned alive on the 13th floor of the Parliament. There was a sister.

Igor Ostapenko, 27. A graduate of the Kiev naval Academy. He served in the suburbs. Lieutenant, Deputy commander for work with personnel. On the night of 4 October, led volunteers part went to Moscow. Ambushed. Left a widow and daughter.

Names and destinies — in a myriad of…

Often say that are considered not all killed, the bodies of some were destroyed. Like it or not — going to find out. To clarify the sinister mysteries of the autumn of ‘ 93 I’m going to create a open public Commission of writers, journalists, lawyers, priests. Who knows something about a missing without a trace then, come to me, in my email box shargunov@list.ru.

Remember …awakened by the roar of guns, from which finely shook the glass of the apartment. Then, in gostevskikh dusk, our empty yard was crossed by a drunk. I looked out the window as it shakes in all directions, but he didn’t fall. He moved, clutching the carousel, swings and half-naked trees, like a drowning man. Somehow, this man became for me the embodiment of all that trouble.

Remember sorokovyi, memorial service at the stadium of tanks dispersed near the black building, which was already knocking like hammers deathly Turkish maintenance workers, and a mourning woman with a memorial pancake in his fist, swallowing his words turned to the wind… was Left with two sons and without her beloved breadwinner…

Scary sounded: supporter favorite.

“Woe is building a city by blood” is from the Bible.

A bill to clarify the details and nuances of proper procedure from him angrily dismiss, but I would like to remind you that without bringing precarious state than usual why-then pull and what not to defer never.

The wisdom of mercy.


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