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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The wisdom of the idiot, or encyclopedia Edward Sagalaev

The time has come for me to knock out the balance, count the debit with the credit. It is time to understand how he lived — Eduard Mikhailovich Sagalaev. Who today turns 70. Exactly.

Sagalaev — of those who said Gorbachev: “they approached the rebuilding.” No, apparently everything was decent: the service of the party and the state. In 1977, even received the state prize of the USSR for the cycle of documentary films “Our biography.” But then, it was “Junior”! The same Youth edition of CT, where it all began. Where brewed this incredible compote, which gave such a modernist results for just our TV. So, for the country, because these words and concepts at that time were practically synonymous.

Of the “Junior” came out Anatoly Lysenko, came the whole “Look”. By the way, the name coined by Sagalaev. Perhaps even absolutely not anticipating that all of this happens.

The country first saw Edward M., a young, trendy, impressive, in the “12th floor”. A man stood, sat the children… And sat officials. Yes, the same Soviet, unavailable, imposing officials, up to Ministers. Suddenly overnight they became available, and the law is the latest of the genre was unthinkable to answer children’s questions. That’s when the entire country saw for the first time, what is the nomenclature of the CPSU. Perhaps this started with her split. And Sagalaev, then assisted…

He seemed to have prospered in modern times. Was the CEO, that is the main, almost all the major TV channels. He was Chairman of the Union of journalists in the last year of the USSR). He combined the resulting freedom from administrative responsibility, knows only the Sagalaev. Was never a dictator, was registered as a Democrat (loyal).

In the end, having gone from a big TV policy on a fun channel “TV-6”, started doing TV entertainment. On a couple of Boris Berezovsky, really. Few simple manipulations — and the controlling oligarch. Eduard Sagalaev sells him her shares, and he remains… in the money, but without her beloved TV.

Pause. He finally decided to leave these sky-high, where it takes decisions. Yes, been there, but he did not like. It was uncomfortable, at times humiliating… More — management of the National Association of broadcasters (NAT). Almost virtual education, standing at a distance from power struggles, intrigues, a lot of other bells and whistles of the recent past. Sagalaev all this has passed, enough.

And now he is the head of a very small channel “Psychology 21”, where the program is “the wisdom of the idiot, or encyclopedia Edward Sagalaev”.

Better not say! To the 70-something years.


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