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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The man who will replace Medvedev in the Duma “successor” the Prime Minister shared his plans

The question of who will take the Deputy chair of Dmitry Medvedev, who headed the election list of “United Russia”, was perhaps one of the most interesting post-election intrigue. And here it was resolved: the mandate of the leader of “United Russia” transferred to the publisher “MK in Buryatia” Nicholas Bugueva. We asked our colleagues how he took the news and what it plans to do in the status of Federal policy.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin and Nikolai Budaev listening to Dmitry Medvedev.
Meeting with the deputies from “United Russia”. 6 Sep 2016.

Buduev was third in the interregional party list of “United Russia” No. 4, United Buryatia, the Irkutsk region and Transbaikalia. For the party in the region voted about 500 thousand voters. For representation in the state Duma the candidate should have about 200 thousand votes, so the voting results, the mandates received only two candidates from the region — Bugueva lacked half. By law, the mandate of the leader of the Federal list moves on to the regional group with the largest remainder. After the tricky mathematical calculations showed that the greatest the rest of the group No. 4. And mandate Medvedev received Nikolay Buduev.

Our colleague is not new in politics: Buduev is a member of the Buryat regional headquarters of the popular front, two years ago was elected the Deputy of Ulan-Ude city Council. But now the regional politician have a much broader perspective.

— We congratulate you, Nikolai Robertovich! Tell me what you got Medvedev’s mandate, it is a surprise for you?

— Of course. I understand that it’s a big responsibility. I am grateful for getting the mandate of voters, the leadership of “United Russia” and the Chairman of the Russian Government.

— How do you think that this is the result of your service to the party or what is called chance?

Is a coincidence. Just statistics. Just our party won more votes.

Commenting on the mandate, you said that it was “very obliging”. Could you explain what kind of commitments we have in mind?

— To work honestly in the interests of society and voters.

— Do you see among other things the obligation to follow, so to say, lines drawn by the leader of the party and head of government, not deviating from the course? Can you imagine voting against any initiatives of the government and/or head of government?

— Probably, on my part, it would be wrong. In any case, I must act in the interests of the party, as the party nominated me and made a Deputy.

— What you intend to do in the Duma?

— For Buryatia actual three questions. First — control over the rates: it is unclear how they are formed, the system is opaque. The second is the environment, especially the lake. The Buryat side is not normally operating sewage treatment plants, in Ulan-Ude, they are worn by more than 90 percent, it kills the lake. The third issue is corruption, which manifests itself, in particular, resettlement of people from dilapidated housing in an emergency.

— Well, the press get in your face lobbyist of its interests?

— If it would not be contrary, say, to morality. Of course, I understand journalists, I am a journalist myself. The fact that I became a member, actually does not change anything. I want to emphasize that I went to the polls not for the mandate and for the opportunity to work in the interests of the Republic.

— Judging by your words, you are not completely satisfied with how the current government operates. Why, then, joined the ranks of its supporters and not the opposition?

Yeah, not at all. But the power I went, because it is more efficient to solve problems. The system exists. Good or bad, but it exists. And to work better in this system than to undermine it. You need to move forward.

But now, it turns out, you have to not only ask for the state of Affairs in the country, but also to be responsible for this condition: you now also have the power, and the power of the Federal. Are you ready for this?

— Morally, of course, ready.


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