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Friday, March 23, 2018

Syrian disappointment the changer will force Obama to begin a ground operation

Another attempt to establish a truce in Syria taken by France, which made for consideration in the UN Security Council peace resolution involving a “silent mode”. The initiative extends to the background of deadlock, when the Russian-American agreement thwarted, and the United States are not sure how to proceed. About the confusion of Washington evidenced by the audio recording of a confidential conversation between the US Secretary of state John Kerry and the Syrian opposition.

photo: pixabay.com

A private conversation between the head of the American diplomacy and the Syrians employed as teachers, doctors and rescue workers in rebel-occupied areas took place during the UN General Assembly in new York. About this newspaper The New York Times, which published the audio recording of the meeting. It follows from this that Kerry is trying to justify us policy in Syria, but at the same time tactfully demonstrates the disappointment of its ineffectiveness and acknowledges that Russian diplomacy has cost us.

“His frustration and disagreement with the Obama administration were hardly a secret, but in the recorded conversation, Mr. Kerry complains that he was outsmarted by the Russians, expresses disagreement with some political decisions of Obama and said that the Congress will never agree to use force,” writes the American edition.

In a conversation with the Syrians, Kerry expresses doubt about the use of ground forces in Syria, which the US has no legal basis. “According to our lawyers, we have no rights,” Kerry said, talking about a ground invasion. — For this we would need to obtain the approval of the UN security Council, which can veto both the Russians and the Chinese. We would have more opportunities if our country were attacked or if we were officially invited to Syria. Russia acts in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate regime… that is, from our point of view, it is not legitimate, but they act according to his request.”

Also, the head of American diplomacy said that the supply of arms to the opposition will only worsen the situation. “The thing is that when you get assistance, then each party UPS the ante: Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Nusra (a group banned in Russia. — “MK”)… Saudi Arabia and Turkey will spend a lot of money, but in the end will kill you,” Kerry said. The Secretary of state said that the only way out — the peace process, not exclude, to the amazement of the Syrians that the next election will involve President Bashar al-Assad. “You have elections and let the Syrian people decide whom he wants”, — said the head of the state Department. “We’re trying to promote a diplomatic solution, and I understand how frustrating that is, but no one more disappointed than us,” said Kerry.

Guests of the meeting were skeptical in regards to the words Kerry, the NYT admits. Several participants later said he left the meeting, being absolutely demoralized and convinced that further assistance from the Obama administration should not wait. One of them, engineer Mustafa al-Soufi, formulated the main message of the speech Kerry: “You have to fight for us, but we won’t fight for you.”

“I don’t think the state Department or Kerry will suffer from the negative consequences of these statements — said “MK” former us Ambassador to Syria and Saudi Arabia Richard MURPHY. American foreign policy is the policy of the President of the United States. What to do with the Syrian tragedy remains a contentious issue for Washington, but the answer can be given only by the President. In addition to sending limited special forces advisers to Syria or the use of the air force for the bombing of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia. — “MK”), the US may have ideas about other military action in Syria. The so-called “plan B” is still unknown. The situation remains extremely tense, and Washington is clearly unhappy with the ongoing strikes by the Moscow and Damascus to Aleppo and obstacles to humanitarian convoys of the UN.”

“Military action is completely dependent on the President — said “MK” Professor Daniel SERVER of the school of advanced international studies. Johns Hopkins. — The United States is already fighting against ISIS (banned in Russia. — “MK”) in Syria. President Obama has consistently refused military action against the Syrian government, Iran, Russia and other Shiite forces in Syria. He believes that he has no congressional authorization for these steps. It is difficult to predict the behavior of the individual, but judging by his work, Obama will expand the U.S. military campaign. But judging by the behavior of past American leaders, he could do it… If I were in Syria, I would avoid the helicopters, throwing barrel bombs on civilians.”

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