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Friday, March 23, 2018

In the theater “modern” staged “Funeral in California”

In the theater “modern” under the direction of Svetlana Vragova the third time put Rustam ibrahimbayov. He became a kind of Chekhov of this theater. But interpret his work so that viewers on the website entry: new show – just not Ibragimbekov, and Shakespeare interspersed with Brecht.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Rustam Ibragimbekov is a well – known playwright and the Director, together with Nikita Mikhalkov, he has carried out such projects as “Urga, territory of love”, “Burnt by the sun”, “the Barber of Siberia”. In Baku he has his own theatre “Ibrus”. He lives between Moscow and Los Angeles, and once and Baku, where after participating in the presidential campaign it became increasingly difficult to come by. Since 2001, the theatre’s repertoire includes “modern” retains its “Loop”, and put them together with Svetlana Vragova. Oleg Tsarev played there officers involved in the murder of Rasputin, and then emigrated to Paris. In 2008, Ibragimbekov put in “Modern” performance “My dear man,” and now here came the Western-Comedy “canyon of Gold” directed by Svetlana Vragova and Oleg Tsarev on his play “Funeral in California”.

It’s downright incorruptible play. She is now very much alive, although written long ago. Ibragimbekov put it in Baku, and then she was, and now – on the topic of the day with all its conditionality. In the play “the Golden canyon” there is no town with portraits of women in black and the slogan “Glory to the Widow, “We all, like the Widow!”, “Long live the patron Gold canyon!”. It was replaced by a wooden platform, reminiscent of the universal sets for plays in the style of the country. The theatre has chosen a more gentle version, no sedition goes, decided to have some fun, sing, dance. But this is still not enough to play Ibragimbekov.

The characters have almost no names. The traveler, the Host, the Undertaker – this is enough. Like in the parable. The events take place in the small town of gold canyon of Gold. In the “Modern” Wild, Wild West as a caricature, but it is not clear, sought to parody the authors of the play. This is almost too much the case – you have to be Tarantino. Although it is pure theater shooting, shooting, cowboys in hats. A host of characters bursts into a much more familiar character – Vdvshnik in the blue beret, vest, with homegrown poster in his hands. He is against prostitutes and would bring the blood of babies, defiantly defecate on something that offends his feelings.

And the rest is abstract zero city – a mysterious, closed off to outsiders. No one knows the road here, and if you were on his territory with a blindfold, then open out. Manages all powerful Master. He is shouting something from the balcony behind the audience, but so long that turned in to him, head will not stay. Next to him is a beautiful woman is Eleanor, the Black Widow is claimed, by the way, cinematic character. It plays like lady Macbeth and Gertrude, Maria Orlova. The limits of her blurred. The pantsuit with inverted back, so the buttons of the jacket are closer to the buttocks, the Widow walks on the wooden platform, as the podium – the cold beauty, capable of anything.

An established routine will break the appearance of a man, which no one expected. He was considered dead and was going to celebrate his departure. And he came from the abyss almost like a Ghost, a shadow. His unfaithful wife has found solace in the arms of another.

Capable young actors who have the desire to work, bring beneficial energy into aggressively towards the viewer with a spectacle. Prostitute kitty plays of Alexander Bogdanov. With its output it starts. She is dressed and moves like Marilyn Monroe. I think, when will start to blow white dress, like the famous frames, where Monroe is standing on the ventilation of the subway. In the theater, we decided this scene is ingenious. No fan, no, the men surround the latter-day Monroe, hands wave her hem. In the final of the kitty with the young chosen one is sent somewhere far away. Actors deployed, the platform, so that it will gain the contours of an airplane. What’s next, life or death, we can only guess. But hope only for the young. Behind them, it’s black.


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