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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In Donetsk held primaries with songs and dances

In Donetsk and Lugansk were held nationwide primaries. We write about it with certainty is to count the votes and publish the official figures of the turnout, as this is not so important. Then it was just a rehearsal election.

photo: youtube.com

“You can only vote at the place of residence. There is no initiative will not be strictly said to me by the Secretary of the precinct election Commission number 39 of the city of Donetsk. My attempt to check out the ad at the entrance – “open to all residents of Donetsk passport, military card, or the address help” – did not succeed. In the primaries, in the Donetsk vote was organized as it should – with the lists of voters at each site, trained the election Commission, the buffet at the station, a concert in front of him, and other attributes of the election. But without much excitement among the voters, which is understandable.

Primaries in the breakaway republics of thing is pretty specific though, because not assume the inevitable consequences in the form of mandatory elections. This is a demonstration of the ability to organize independent republics elections at any time. The mechanism for nomination of candidates. A negotiating position for talks in Minsk, finally. But not elections. Though, because the election is impossible under the Minsk agreements. Elections should be held according to the planning law adopted by the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada that is not yet visible in the short term. But the action in the form of “primaries” in the text of the Minsk agreements is not prohibited.

“Ukraine, in principle, constantly raises the noise read the interview of the representative of the LC in the Contact group Vladislav Danego on the primaries and the reaction of Kiev

Looking at what was happening this Sunday in the same Donetsk from Moscow need to understand a few things. First, well-organized voting took place in Donetsk, and a couple of nearby councils, but did not go to large cities such as Makiivka, yenakiieve, or Khartsyzk. Why “money to burn” demonstration?

Second, was declared a “national primary” that meant avoiding socio-political organizations in the nomination of candidates for future candidates in mayors, deputies of the Donetsk city Council and the village head. As you know one of the requirements of the republics to the future Ukrainian law on elections to the Minsk – no parties and flags, only the majority system. It and practiced. At the same time, weed out all the undesirables and the “newcomers”:for candidates determined the limit – stay on this territory for at least 5 years. This is another local requirement to the law on the election – no candidates from the former regions and departures of immigrants.

Third, the Donetsk “worked” in full – with abundant outdoor advertising, the obligatory posters of the primaries on each legal point in the city and mandatory propaganda “candidates to candidates” on the porches and in mailboxes. Even the “day of silence” was provided and a very strict system of accreditation.

However, just in the day of silence was the loudest. The city drove cars with loudspeakers , urging everyone to come to the primaries and to identify leaders who are able to take responsibility for the future of their countrymen.” The system of voting for “leaders”, then when it will be possible to go to these elections, a very complex building information for the average citizen. And in the last days, realizing that the turnout may not be.

However, on voting day, a trickle of pensioners and state employees on conscious areas still went and started to vote.

10-30 on the site to vote came the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. Before this was spread his message to the citizens that the primaries are called to work out a system of the electoral process “for fair, transparent and democratic local elections in the future.” But the main paragraph in the appeal clearly stood out: “We will ensure compliance with all democratic procedures: media freedom, equal access for candidates, the opportunity to vote to all internally displaced persons and people with disabilities. The safety of all participants in the process and international observers, I will guarantee”

In these words – answers for requirements of Ukraine on the international police mission to ensure the security of the vote on the disarmament of armed groups and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from “certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” preferably on the territory of Russia, on the admission of the Ukrainian media on the territory, not to mention the candidates from all legitimate political parties of the country.

The farther a process is, nedostigenii is the implementation of the Minsk agreements in terms of returns in any of these territories to Ukraine. In any case, in the present circumstances and in the coming year.

Longer in these parts, no one thinks of.


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