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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

13 dinners in real-time showed at the festival “Message to Man”

26-th International film festival “Message to Man” held in Saint-Petersburg, participated 205 documentary, and animated films. They evaluated six of the jury. Not so long ago, suffocating from lack of money, the festival is headed by film Director Alexey Uchitel. Under his leadership, “Message to Man” turned into a big festival not only documentaries and short films as it was before, but and game.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

In St. Petersburg have long dreamed about such a monster, attempted to organize a festival commensurate with the Moscow IFF. Mark Rudinshtein with Andrei Konchalovsky started the film festival on Palace square, but then the wall stood up Mikhail Piotrovsky, contributed Nikita Mikhalkov, to prevent its occurrence. Later, in St. Petersburg a large-scale international festival, but the power of it was changed, and he sunk into oblivion. A “dying” Message to Man ” survived.

It was opened on Palace square. Great immediately people contributed to the concert by Yuri Shevchuk, whose fans were still chanting, preventing the screening of the documentary “On the Internet: dreams of the digital world” by Werner Herzog (classics of world cinema in the evening, was awarded for his contribution to cinema). The idea of holding shows at the Palace square is good, but we must take into account the peculiarities of the St. Petersburg weather, to prevent the audience in the rain. Distribution of blankets and umbrellas will not solve the problem.

On the closing day of “Message to Man” an honorary prize from the hands of honorary President Michael Litvjakov, who founded the festival, presented to the St. Petersburg documentary filmmaker Pavel Medvedev for “Land of Joseph” on the Brodsky Museum, which existed for one day.

International competition jury, led by Belgian Director Thick van den Berg looked 42 paintings, said the Grand Prix of documentary of the Franco-Serbian film “Depth two” ognena of Glavinica. This is the debut feature-length picture, telling about how in the suburbs of Belgrade have discovered a mass grave of 17-year-old, the result of the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces. The best full-length feature film, the jury found the Iranian the Dreams without stars” of Mehrdad, Oskouei about juvenile girls in detention.

A little easier were the jury of the national competition under the leadership of the Polish Director and the graduate of operator faculty of VGIK (workshop of Vadim Yusov) Hanna Polak. Its share fell to only 17 works. “Centaur” for the best documentary in this section is awarded once two pictures – “My friend Boris Nemtsov, Zosia, Rodkevich and “Fire” Nadia Zakharova. “Someone else’s work”, Denis Shabaev noted for the best debut.

Zosya, Radkevich was 22 when she met with Boris Nemtsov. Having a training task, over three years I followed him with the camera. In the end, took a very lively picture, already participated in several festivals and recently won the main prize at the Krakow festival. Skeptics believe that it is not known how she was perceived, whether the Germans alive. The fact that he murdered and the crime is still not solved, of course, changes a lot, but the picture regardless of the tragic circumstances of strong and sincere, and her character is sincere and cheerful person. “My friend Boris Nemtsov,” also marked by the prize named after Pavel Kogan for the continuation of the traditions of the Leningrad documentary film Studio, although the school of Marina Razbezhkina, from which emerged and Zosia, Radkevich is based on other principles.

Two of the jury of FIPRESCI and of the press – said diplomas “In the sun” by Vitaly Mansky. But the main jury, the film was ignored. He triumphantly walks around the world, just won the main prize at the festival in Budapest, the award for “Eurasia” in Alma-ATA. Because of him, the Russian officials had problems with the North Korean side, as Vitaly Mansky, who worked in Pyongyang under strict control, has mounted a quite different movie, which had been counted North Korean comrades. He showed behind the scenes of filming, the artificial creation of a model of a happy life. Many feared that eight-year-old Zin Mi and her parents – will suffer, as those who didn’t know during filming. But we are assured that the head of the DPRK, the girl cares and nurtures, and that became almost a symbol of the country. In the corridors there was talk that the jury was advised not to award “the sun”. But it is strange to imagine that at Gust van den Berg someone was pushing.

Student jury said the Czech picture “Mallory” Helena Trestikova. For 13 years she rented a former drug addict, living in the car and dreaming of his home. The film recalled the previous work of Helena “the Rink” and is perceived as a replay.

Prize of the Directorate of the festival named after Victor Astafyev, and they noted the work from the national competition for the reflection of the themes of kindness, charity, love and respect to the world, went to “Gatherer sea grass” by Maria Murashova. A graduate of St. Petersburg University of film and television made a film with the participation of French partners on seasonal workers, gathering in the village Rebolda on the Solovki sea Kale. In the past, “Message to Man” already showed a picture of “Rebelde” on the same subject. But Maria Murashova found new images, poetically approached the most mundane things and did a very different kind.

The operator of the film “the fire and the stars” Ruslan Fedotov, who directed the journey of a musician Moa Pillar (Fedor Pereverzev) in Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygea Republic, awarded the prize in memory of Dani Gurevich. It was established on the initiative of parents and friends of the operator, who was killed in 2002 in Karmadon gorge in a part of the crew “Coherent” Sergey Bodrov. The awards were presented by the mother of Dani — Elena Gurevich.

The presence of an impressive program full-length feature films, the organizers explained that the boundaries between documentary and fiction are erased. For example, in the movie “Tanna” (Australia-Vanuatu) Bentley Dean and Martin Butler themselves was played by the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands. A year ago, they came practically naked at the Venice film festival, first appeared in the civilized world, but adapted quickly.

In the competition program participated, perhaps the most unusual picture “Another year” Sense Zhu. The debut of young Chinese Director has awarded the Grand prize of the biggest documentary film festival in Nyon. Sense shot 13 dinners one working family for 14 months. Her characters for a long time eating, talking, raising children, just look at one point as the mother of the main character — not that old woman. The use of it. It’s annoying sister-in-law, which revolves the whole day with the kids. The camera captures the slow motion of the mother, long eating rice. It would seem that this interesting? But three hours how much is the film, the viewer is watching in real time the daily life of strangers and do not leave the room, but someone does.

In the archival program “Soviet kulturfilm 1920-ies-1930-ies: “new life” to the “new people” included awareness ribbon on actual now a subject of abortion (and the drafters could not imagine that he was in point), on the treatment of syphilis, rejuvenation, harm bacteria. 40-minute film “do Not spit on the floor!” Vladimir Shirokov, made in 1929, is a fun scene at your spit boxes. A 10-minute Georgian health education “Fighting flies” was considered lost for over 70 years, and only in 2016 it is presented to the General public.


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