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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Netherlands chose the safest mode of inquiry of the disaster Boeing

Russia’s reaction to the report led by the Netherlands Commission on the crash of the “Boeing” over Ukraine sparked an unexpectedly high response of Amsterdam. The Netherlands has caused “on a carpet” to the Russian Ambassador, where was given to understand that “such unfounded criticism is unacceptable.” Such behaviour of Amsterdam has its logical explanation.

In foreign policy, in addition to the informative part of the process no less interest are the outer, it would seem, the formal details: as someone who watched someone put when photographing, what words expressed his position, spread out whether red carpet at the meeting… the Interpretation of these moments is often no less important and often the most exciting part of Analytics and forecasts about what is happening.

“The Dutch have chosen the safest mode of endless investigations, a completely reasonable considering that in the end you will die “or the Emir, or a donkey”

This fully applies to continuing for the third year of the epic investigation into the crash of a civil airliner over the Donbass in the summer of 2014.

As you know, on 28 September, the international investigation team to investigate the crash of MH17 said that to hit the “Boeing” over the Donbas “Buk” was delivered from Russia.

Nothing sensational has happened. No doubts that the Commission will adhere to this version, was not. The expected became the next extension of the investigation, this time until 2018. Also no surprise, and the position of Russia, which categorically rejected the accusations and pointed out a number of glaring inconsistencies in the investigation.

However, a sudden revival of the subject was given a painful reaction of official Netherlands, which unexpectedly caused “on a carpet” to your Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Ambassador, where was given to understand that “such unfounded criticism is unacceptable,” and accused Russia that it puts “into question the integrity, professionalism and independence of the investigators.

Moscow, of course, did not miss the chance to stab suddenly broken on my nerves “sparring partner” and sharpen his wits. As a result, the Kremlin praised the call to the Ambassador, calling it “good news” because “dialogue is always good.” Such harsh Dutch really looks weird.

All are watching the development of events long ago became clear what was happening.

The collapse of the liner (regardless of who did it) and the death of three hundred people – a factor of discrediting Russia, which is used in the information campaign against her. Obviously initially it was assumed that this would be fatal a blow to Russia. But it did not happen. As a result, this theme was translated into a slow mode.

The reasons for this situation at least three.

The most important is that the investigators apparently have no real and conclusive evidence against Russia. There is anecdotal evidence, informal comments, social media posts and speculation. To go with this as the basis for the final indictment is to become a laughingstock.

As Russia continues to attack, and every attack in his address gives the results of reproducing the catastrophe of the experiment, the data of another radar station, still some technical details of the incident. And one can only guess what other tricks she be on hand.

In this situation, the Dutch chose the safe mode is an endless mode of investigation, quite reasonable considering that in the end you will die “or the Emir, or a donkey”. This will allow – depending on who will prevail in the current geopolitical confrontation is to take the side of the winner. Or still unproven to hang the incident on Russia, or on the basis of “new data received” to blame in the crash of someone else (who said “Ukraine”?).

Plus, this situation leaves ample opportunities for use of this topic still against Russia in the information space, even in Smeaton mode with periodic exacerbations.

That’s why a few strange looks nervous reaction of the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs in quite the usual comments from Russia. Perhaps the fact that there is an understanding that the persistent delay in the investigation effort and the reputation of the investigation.

That’s another mini-scandal, when the announcement of urgent briefing by the representative of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which was to disclose the negotiations of dispatchers with the crew of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 turned out to be a hacking of the website of the national security Council (NSDC) of Ukraine and the fake (who said “Russian hackers”?).

Ukraine continues to refuse to provide this key to the investigation information, and the investigators (and the official Netherlands) once again, we have to do a good mine at bad game. There is no wonder and get nervous.

The problem of death or the donkey, or the Emir is that in this choice there is an option that the first die Nasreddin Hodja.


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