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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The economist about the idea of freezing public sector wages: this is a “personal wishlist” Kudrin

The head of the Centre for strategic research and former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said about the need to postpone to 2020 the implementation “may” decrees. He thinks that in a crisis, the budgets of the Russian regions cannot afford higher salaries for public sector employees. How the proposal Kudrin and how big is the probability that they will be implemented? To the questions “MK” replies the economist Nikita Krichevsky.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Alexei Kudrin.

– Nikita, in proposals Kudrin rational?

– Suggestions for proposals. They do not carry any implication. This is a personal opinion of Alexey Kudrin. It, as said earlier, wishlist. He’s one of those who believes that raising public sector wages to their employer, the state, in the present circumstances do not have. But there are other opinions. For example, the opinion of the President, who many times clearly said that the may decrees must be implemented in time.

Read the material: the Kremlin said Kudrin on the proposal to postpone the increase in public sector wages

– What point of view you adhere to?

– I believe that the government exists to increase the level and quality of life for all people, but primarily the public sector. If we raise wages, the public sector is to do not catching up, and faster pace. As it happens in all developed countries. Take the United States to Canada, take the countries of Western Europe – everywhere the average salary of employees (e.g., law enforcement, educators, health care is much higher than the average patch in the economy. It is considered normal. Because the service state and the service state is service to the community, must attract at least a high content.

These people very often get much more serious labour, and often physical exertion in comparison, for example, with simple clerks. Speaking pompously, these men are keepers of national identity. They should the country – teachers, doctors, law enforcement, military, scientists, and cultural workers. And if you cut them, you will get a lower level of national identification. To a shimmering state. If we want to go this route, then we must listen to Kudrin. If we believe that the future of Russia is paramount, then a priority need to identify the budget sector.

And today we have the state cut social benefits – in the form of, for example, early retirement, and parallel decrease in the level of their income compared to srednerynochnyh. The upshot was that people will change profession and leave the budget. Where any gingerbread we will lure those who should perform those functions which need not Kudrin and not the government. We all need them.

– It turns out, the current policy is not so very different from Kudrino suggestions?

– Largely corresponds to them. This is, unfortunately, a fact. The Ministry of Finance, for example, works on Kudrinsky patterns. Ulyukayev, Minister of economic development, is the man who has long worked with Gaidar. Easy Fronde of them is the social block of the government, but he wanders in the dark, not knowing by and large what is demanded of him.


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