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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pushkov besieged McFaul on Putin

TV presenter Alexei Pushkov commented on the words of former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul about the undiplomatic sharp statements of President Putin about America. According to Pushkov, the world is already “fed up” American arrogance.

Alexei Pushkov. Photos Of Vlad Jarmishko.

Correspondence ex-the head of the Duma international Committee Alexei Pushkov has led to an American politician on Twitter in English.

First day on Friday on the website of Michael McFaul in social networks there appeared a statement in the form of a question, why the sharp speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the us are a manifestation of force, and harsh criticism from the Americans about Russia called “undiplomatic”.

Why is it that when Putin talks tough about America, he is “strong,” but when Americans talk tough about Russia, they are “undiplomatic”?

— Michael McFaul (@McFaul) 30 September 2016.

This Alexei Pushkov on Saturday said that the United States consistently demonstrate “the arrogance of power” and the world “sick of it”. Pushkov added that used the term Senator Fulbright.

Because the USA are continuously displaying “the arrogance of power”, using Senator Fulbright definition. And the world is fed up with it.

— Alexei Pushkov (@Alexey_Pushkov) October 1, 2016.

After some time, Pushkov wrote in Russian: “I hope that Boris Johnson will have enough sense and courage not to repeat the folly of his predecessor in Russia. Alas.”


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